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    Hey guys, so there’s this new game coming out called Escape From Tarkov that centers around survival and realistic, hardcore PvP combat. The game looked really appetizing and soon enough the idea popped into my head to start up a clan where I’d use LRRP inspired tactics and SOPs to play in the game, making EFT into sort of a first person MnB Recon with me and four or five other guys conducting listening halts, setting up ambushes, assigning roles like Pointman, Medic, Navigator, RTO, and generally utilizing good teamwork in order to survive instead of just going solo and being undisciplined. I thought maybe this would appeal to some of you guys and was wondering if any of you would like to join in.

    FYI I have a preorder of the game that only allows me access to the Closed Beta, right the game is in Alpha so all we could do now is lay the foundation of the clan, assigning roles, discussing tactics, maybe figuring out the economy system so we would have a steady supply of ammo and spare parts for our weapons, etc. Let me know if you guys want to join and I’ll send you a discord link.

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