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    Continued with an unknown save. Unknown star date. Victory Class Star Destroyer Slithering (yes, bad reference) is anchoring near Corusant as his captain decides on the next mission.
    Interestingly the Death Star is far away and therefore I can not view what possible module upgrades I actually have.
    I finally decide to start with something seemingly easy, seemingly I mind you.
    As I see the Mission Name again in the objective briefing box a sudden chill runs down my spine.
    This take takes a while to get going but then … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. *takes a deep breath* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………..


    What’s worse than being taken out by rebels? Being taken out by your very own!

    A valiant effort nonetheless, Sayyed Lance


    Thanks for the “effort” fellow Moderator and friend Tyrud.
    However there is no friendly fire in this game.
    I was simply a good Imperial Captain that rather goes down with his ship then face Lord Vader’s wrath by running away.
    Was apparently a starting profile with no special upgrades anyways so no real loss there.
    The Empire has thousands of star destroyers to spare and millions of overly eager captains to go with them.


    man great video and cool logbook you should more of these


    In the recent spree of testing Flash I made an interesting find in this game.
    Hyperspace jumped (failed) into an asteroid field.
    I hit the Ion Drive and see there passed right through all asteroids along the way.
    Quickly hit the hyper-drive while still coasting fast (still flying right through the asteroids without taking any damage) and thereby got out of this mess in record time.

    Nicholas Andersen

    PSA: You escape the gravitational field of a star when you’re about half a minimap away from it.

    Also, the 82nd Airborne Marine SEAL Brigade is doing fine. I’ve recently destroyed a supply depot 😀


    As not to forget that this gem is here.
    Had a good run on a Planetary Assault Mission. Tough like mnb3 when many days ahead.
    This is the second mission on this profile so I am basically on basic here.


    Dude what a fight.. I thought it was over when the rebel fled initially.


    OMG…I had one hella first playthrough of the star destroyer (I named mine, the Scharnhorst. BESTEST SHIP NAME EVAR!!!). Other than the usual X-wings, B-wings, and CR-90 corvette, I SAW other EXOTIC spacecraft. The first 10 min into the, I was fighting against a Nebulon B frigate (sadly I wasn’t able to destroy it 🙁 ). The next 20 minutes was very noteworthy. You know how you can send a distress beacon to call for help? Well apparently I send the distress call twice…and a ship jumped in with the name “SSD”. At that point I was like…OMG…is that what I think it is? And sure enough when I zoomed the camera to it…IT WAS A GODDAMN SSSSUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SSSSTTTTAAARRR DEEEESSSTTTRRROOOYYYER!!!!!!! I was laughing a bit when this happened, especially because I call in help like a literal wuss (B-wings & Y-wings scare the shet outta me)

    IDK how to post a picture that I have of the Super Star Destroyer in the game, but I will post it up in my Cover image (not my profile photo…the big main cover image) in my profile, so that you guys can see it in its glory


    Does anybody know how to post pictures/videos in this forum?


    Oh yeah, the super star destroyer appeared for an insignificantly(small)-sized threat, because I was a hiding behind meh bijillon TIE fighter screen like a little **cough** **girl** **cough**, man…Lord Vader will not be pleased 😛


    *Sign* I wish I can drive a super star destroyer. smh


    I assume that EDITING your first post here did not work cause otherwise it be appreciated that people do not make chain posts.
    On the other side I am heap glad that someone is posting into the forums at all since most seem to have dumped this entire site in favor of chit-chatting bits and gribbles over at the Discord Channel.
    What is really sad is that there is that occasional great content being placed there just to get washed down wild ranting line.


    That SSD looks good in your profile page.

    To post images here you need to upload them on an image-hosting-site first.
    Most here use imgur.
    create an account = load up the image = copy the Direct Link = click the img tag top-of-posting-field = enter the Direct Link.


    Keeping the Galaxy clean once again. Feel like a boarder patrol ship here.
    Usually I go for upgrades that increase fighting capability but the excellent sensor boost item is really helpful for most missions.


    Last upload of this for now. Hope it gets appreciated since it took me 9 hours to upload just this vid.
    Something screwy is going on with my upload speed, like on you-tube, but since I have only a basic internet line contract I get no service to help me with that.
    Enjoy the old grand space opera for the imperial side.


    why didn’t you redirect power to your shields?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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