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Star Destroyer Suggestions

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    I could not find anything here for star destroyer specifically so I thought I’d start up a thread and suggest just a few things that could be added to the game.

    Pilot Profiles, experience and rank: We already see this in all the mud and blood games and they generally never live long enough to retire. With profiles we could also keep track of individual kills, that way a pilot could become an ace after getting 5 or 6 kills increasing his reaction and accuracy. Perhaps for every 6 ties there is a squadron leader who increases the reaction time of all others, there could also be an assistant squadron leader for the fighters since there are 12 fighters to a squadron.

    Star Destroyer Crew Members: We could have crew members such as a navigator and gunnery officer. They might have a skill level and traits that help or hinder the destroyers effectiveness such as the navigator having the trait: incompetent (increased risk of running into asteroid fields and stars). I for one have had games where it felt like my navigator was such. Perhaps they could have a chance to loose the trait for every jump without incident (1% for the first jump 2% for the second ex.) but you could have a uncommon event pop up where Lord Vader could remove the problem for you for some renown.

    Medals and Commendations: I’d like to see some medals and commendations for a job well done. They would also be automatically allocated to pilots who meet the requirements for such commendations. There is a list here of imperial awards that could be used.

    Ship and Fighter Options: When we gain a large amount of renown it can build up, these could be used under specific circumstances. Every now and again a commander with sufficient renown could get a chance to become captain of a ship fresh out of the shipyards such as an imperial star destroyer. You could spend some extra renown to take your current crew with you, or less since the new captain wants you to take that incompetent navigator with you. However taking a much more powerful ship would entail being given much more important missions and becoming a major target for the rebellion. In addition when you get an imperial star destroyer you will have about 36 fighters 12 interceptors and 12 bombers. This means we’d be able to spend a steep price to replace a squadrons ships with craft in limited production such as a tie defender or avenger, however they would be expensive to replace and only certain places such as the Kuat drive yards may be able to even replace looses.

    Thanks for listening

    Anyone else have any suggestions on features that could be added?


    Nice initiative Snarst. It seams that with the demise of the previous web page we lost all suggestion material as well.

    X-wings and their pilots are mass cannon fodder in this game so having Recon like roosters seams totally wasteful.
    Same goes for crew members in my opinion.
    For me only the Star Destroyer Captain, the player in control, matters.
    All others are “statistics” as seen by the Empire. The Dark Side is not so caring about it’s men. 😉

    Medals and Commendations: This would be great but only for the profile captain of course.
    Getting a promotion at some point would be nice too.
    A ship upgrade was talked about before by urbzz. Since there is the class ISD adn SSD in game already it could be possible.

    Other suggestions where;
    – to customize your profile captain.
    – more places to resupply and fix your ship like by a planet or space station.
    – Ability to capture enemy ships with tractor beams and boarding crafts/ crews.
    – Make planetary attacks from space and have landing units like AT-ATs.
    – jumping with the game field to a destination instead of panning there because the distance can be far and therefore time consuming.

    We had a suggestion topic for more missions.
    – more upgrades … ways to spend Renown.
    – random events


    urb – Today at 8:31 PM in the Discord Channel.
    star destroyer seems to have more traction that i thought it would have.. maybe a patch in the future, if so what do you think should be a priority
    (beside more of everything)

    I am currently not sure what real bugs there still are but they do not seam game breaking to me so far.
    I wonder however if there is this that phenomenon that if there are friendly fighters around as you jump that they jump with you but then cause enemies to also jump in even if you are at the Death Star.

    Suggestions and Improvement suggestions;

    Need more places to Restock and Repair aside from the Death Star.
    Friendly Space stations and Planets seam good. There the same options panel like the DS has would be nice including special missions to get.
    Location based upgrades would be great too since then you would have more reason to “visit” places besides on missions.

    A ground assault mini-game where you land AT-AT’s and troops on a planet was a big idea once.

    Planetary Bombardment with the possibility to get return fire from massive planetary weapons.

    Change the option to fire an interception missile (never worked for me anyways) to creating a missile jamming field around your ship for 10 (or 5 whatever) seconds at the cost of 10 power.

    Improve the Radar display. It is rather small. Make fighters and capital ships a different color or shape.

    Panning is slow so how about jumping to a clicked on destination instead.

    Pacifying Pirates as a Mission.

    Gravity Field is way to small. Make it so that no ship in the area can jump away for it’s duration.

    Highlight elite fighters with an aura so that we can see them.

    If possible give capital ships turrets for their lasers since on large ships it looks strange that all shots come out from the center.

    Eagerly awaiting more suggestions………. 🙂


    It would be cool if you were able to customize your TIE complement. For example, I rarely use my bombers unless I’m attacking rebel transports or intercepting a fleet. In other cases I would rather have 12 Fighters and 12 Interceptors, or 24 Fighters/Interceptors. A maximum capacity of 24 star fighters should be allowed so that it causes players to think about which missions they can complete with their Starfighter complement.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I can dig in the SW lore to figure out which new places we could refuel at. Maybe we could borrow something from OFV for the ground attack minigame…
    Yes to the gravity field. I think that’s how it works in other media most of the time.
    And customizing the fighter complement seems nice.


    Capital ships should have a chance to take direct hull damage per enemy hit.
    Like in the movies a single fighter is able to hurt a capital ship if it gets a “lucky” shot in.
    I am thinking like 1 or 2 percent per hit that can be higher if the enemy is of “high quality”.
    It would be a tremendous game improvement so that players can not just hold out till shields are low before having to worry about anything.

    Note , how total shields get bypassed, that Star Wars is Fantasy-Fiction and not Science Fiction so a lot more unexplainable or bogus stuff then in other space games can be implemented.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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