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    Currently urb is learning this new coding language and this game is acting as another test to see how well calculations run compared to the old Flash version.
    This topic channel can be used now for replies towards this new development because it may be that this game is getting reworked.
    Here a test of the new code urb did so far.


    Dumping some info, suggestions and stuff from the Discord here to get things rolling again.
    just done working on that sweet ass smoke effect
    6 corvettes vs a VSD with its full complement of fighters deployed
    the sounds are also louder the closer they are to the center of the screen
    the era is post endor
    ground battle will only be simulated
    the extend would be maybe a lil mini game for orbital strikes
    it is comon knowledge that the empire always struggled with finances
    which i think is kinda of a nice touch
    it can explain the VSD coming back too
    for the post endor surge
    (which is something i totally made up)
    (but makes perfect sense)
    (so much sense that it should be canon actually)
    Flash version info: you can click the center of your radar to focus back on your destroyer
    Smoke trails in space . . . welp it’s fantasy fiction so anything goes 🙂
    The trails could be shorter cause they take up a lot of room right now.
    A bit of rework idea on the anti-missile system . . . . counter missiles do not really work.
    A jamming system (that actually existed) would be better. Say 20 power for 10 seconds to make missiles run wild.
    to TRS since we are the Captain and giving helm commands feel a lot more like the part then clicking on where it is suppose to go especially since it’s still a lot slower then most other ships making fast maneuvers secondary to commanding the battlefield.
    Maybe a separate display for the Helm/ Ship Commands sort of like in Flagshipped.
    and another one for Fighter commands and the docking bay inc all shuttle activities and possibly landing/assault/boarding units.
    Hideable panel so that it does not take visual space away for us to watch the cool action.
    Well the “Directional” controls that we have now could be expanded to give much finer movement controls.
    EX: Left gets additional arrows allowing for either a slow turn (one left arrow), normal fast turn (2 arrows), or hard turn (3 arrows) where the ship gets negatives to aim it’s guns and other operations the faster you turn.
    For ahead also 3 arrows where the faster you go past the 1st arrow you slightly burn energy. This could remove the Forward Boost button.
    Also a slow reverse movement would be nice.
    To assist in boarding when firing on an enemy ship, there should be random chances of disabling engines, batteries, radar etc (just like MNB3 Tanks)
    Then you can board, do snatch & grab missions (just like in the beginning of A New Hope) etc
    friendly fire is super rare in SD
    the game window is currently 1280 by 720!!!!!!
    you can prolly play this bitch full screen
    Maybe if you use it too many times Vader pays you a visit & chokes you to death for incompetence? Game over


    Vader would give you mission only if you have a high amount of renown and if you visit the death star
    the things with Vader missions is that if you fail he chokes you
    super high stakes mission
    but if you wint you get a rare module upgrade
    and a copiuos amount of renown
    so the tention would be super high
    its kinda like when you play hardcore in diablo 2
    you fail youre done
    and I’m talking like modules like tie advance modules
    tie defender
    For mass co-op operatives maybe it involves planets that are revolting & have assembled a massive fleet, could be Naboo, Mandalore etc & you with other ships are sent to put and end to the fleet, blockade & deliver troops to the ground

    So just to be clear, no return of the Venators or Acclamators? They looked pretty dope & functioned alot, sure a few were still in use to patrol & that, though most sold off to private entities. In fact the Rebels used alot of Clone War era ships, any possibility of seeing them use separatist & rep ships at all for their mobile HQ Fleets?
    when you upgrade a ship, maybe your old ship follows you like a companion, and you can have multiple to make your fleet for bigger missions?
    that would be awesome
    you assign command to your old ship to someone
    you pick them based on their attributes and when they level up you assign them to development programs to increase their skills in secotrs you want
    or if you go imperial class you get to command 3 VSDs
    or 2
    how about super rare chance to encounter rebellion characters in battle
    like luke and han and stuff
    if you kill them they are not coming back and you affect the rebellion greatly
    I’d love to intercept Lea’s corvette .. then you drop a gravity well
    yes and they have heroic stats and are masssssssiiiiivvely suported
    To the Profile leveling system then/ now…
    So you start as a captain of a single SVD.
    At a certain Renown point say 1000 you get promoted to Commodore and get another SVD under your command.
    Then 3 SVDs , then 1 ISD , then 1 ISD and 2 SVDs, then . . .
    This way you do not rise to a fleet admiral in just a few plays.
    i think it is a cool idea
    getting promoted also advance the plot lines


    Continuing to update the game progression.
    Im gonna increase the size of the calamari cruiser in the lua
    Right now in the test Im losing against 2 frigate + complement almost all the time. Do you think it accurate?

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    Latest LUA Test Game by urb

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