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    Chi Long Qua

    Hello guys, is there a guide or a wiki for Star Destroyer? I’ve been trying to comb through this website, but with no avail. Star Destroyer is the only URB game where I have no idea/clue what I am doing, tried giving it time but after a 2-3 hour playthrough of it, I still don’t know what’s happening. I would like to learn anything about Star Destroyer, so any help is appreciated


    hmm that information seams to have been destroyed by the last rebel assault. aka spam attack site reset purge.

    So what do you want to know?
    Here a few basics. Only at the Death Star can you hit the Star-Map to then also see a field to your left where you can replenish your loses and get upgrades.
    what else??


    what is the difference between an ace fighter and a normal one?

    aces have 20% saving throw when shot at

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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