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    All of a sudden one of my best men decided to be transferred to another platoon, and i had no saying in this as his commander, this is the first time ive seen this since iv played this game. and am not talking about the memo where your guy wants to be transferred to his former unit… and asks you. this one was from another officer that told me i will be transferred, and poff his gone, nothing i could do about it, my master sgt. is now gone… sad.
    so am wondering if this is random or is it some way so prevent this from happening, am brigadier general on 3 different saves and i have never seen this memo before


    I had that happen before. Dude quit on me without me having a say in the matter.
    Something like that usually happens when either the Moral is very low (under 70 so) or the Fatigue is very high (over 30 so).
    Maybe when both reach a critical level then you do not get a choice in the matter.

    We never did make a complete memo list in a topic here (or the wiki) so I think only a few folks out thee that actually wrote down all the memos they have ever gotten know what can happen, their relevant frequency and mostly their trigger values.


    ok both morale where def over 70 and fatigue under 30. Because i use 12 rangers, seperete the squads for mission types and priorities moral over merit from most of the memos so that every ranger has over 90 at least. so this is very strange haha well well…


    as far as i know this happens to everyone of your rangers once they have a year in the theater, after one year they will have the option to stay or leave ^^, it seems very rare to me that he left you with less than 30 fatigue and over 90 morale :p because a couple tours ago i was going completely merit>morale when it came to memos (now it’s more mixed) and i had many guys on 80 morale and fatigue being 20+ staying, it might be that there is another thing to take in count, or you just had a very bad luck haha, sorry that your master sgt left ^^

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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