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    Your composition is very similar to mine, and play the same way, except I replace marksman with gunner. Early game, he may not be as strong as the sniper, however I believe he offers compared to the sniper later on. Picking off hard to hit enemies is usually no problem, with max rank soldiers, bazooka, airstrikes, grenades and rifle grenades. The gunner is also a very strong fighter in terms of killing power, the ability to suppress and hold off enemy soldiers. The gunner’s abilitys are what really make me choose him. The mortar barrage, although not too accurate, add more explosive power to spam on enemy. His prone is self explantory, and there is no reason not to use it unless the gunner is about to move. The 50 cal offers very formidable defense, and is decent in supporting an assault.



    I was able to run a squad of an Officer, 2 Medics & 3 Riflemen and take them for 13 maps. There is the possibility I coulda went further, but was inattentive a lost a Rifleman. Didn’t think the team could continue to operate effectively with the loss of the additional firepower(both bullet & explosive).

    Usually I Always have a Signaler(as long as I can keep him alive at least) and a Gunner(if not 2 cuz there just that much fun) but tried being different. It was interesting to see a different behavior in German Tactics, but I’m not sure if:
    1) It was only perceived.
    2) It was because I was leaving the outskirts of Tinchebray and entering Brest
    3) Because I started 5 days behind & they were expecting less.



    @mo-tah Quick question. Where you able to call a Stuart Tank this time?



    This is the first time I’ve had an Officer with the ability to call one, and while he Said he Did, I never saw it. ..prolly stopped at a damn coffee shop for croissants and a cup-o-Joe…



    . Since my last posting I’ve had an Officer and called a Tank several times(never on the same map) and found it to be… ok. šŸ™
    ..better than the Jeep in my opinion….



    My squad composition is what I think of as a basic team .. nothing fancy.

    Rifleman, Engineer, Machine Gunner, Medic, Signaller, Officer.

    1st promotion – Rifleman or Engineer
    2nd promotion – Rifleman or Engineer
    3rd promotion – Signaller
    4th promotion – Medic (just in case)
    5th promotion – Machine Gunner
    6th promotion – Officer

    I level up all the special abilities for Rifleman, Engineer, Signaller, and Machine Gunner first. Only do the first 2 for Medic and the Officer I do a gun and then abilities probably.

    This combination pack a heavy punch. Rifleman is 80% grenadier. Engineer uses his bazooka long range against infantry as well. Signaller I will use as often as I can even if I can’t see anyone … aim for barbed wire, trenches, rivers, and bunkers.

    Machine Gunner is a pretty good cover guy whether it be bullets or mortar. Officer I use for moral … tried playing without and the team seems to run more.



    My usual squad

    1st Comando (Frency has saved my ass so many times, asides from melee being so goddam OP)
    2nd Medic
    3rd Signaler
    4th Rifleman (for grenades)
    5th Rifleman (also for grenades)
    6th Officer or Engineer (Depends if I see any roads or too many fortified places)

    I always get every abillity before promotions or guns exept for Marskman (medic only get the first 2). keeping your radio guy alive is also essencial, since they can beat just about any map by themselves if you are patient. I only abuse this if everybody dies since its no fun.



    I’m always following the short keys for my squad, i.e
    #1 Engineer, #2 Rifleman, #3 Medic, #4 Sniper, #5 Machine gunner, #6 Signaler
    This way I always know where they are and I usually try to keep them in that marching order as skirmish line is my favoured formation. I generally use #1, #2, & #3 as assault and #4, #5, & #6 for support. So I use two fire teams or I pair them in 2:s. Most often attacking with the engineer and the rifle man.

    I try to identify defensible positions that I can fortify with the engineers mines and sandbags. Usefull when many are wounded and I need to catch my breath for a while.
    Essential upgrades are long range capabilities such as bazooka, rifle grenade, sniper and the signalers all capabilities. Mines also serve that purpose if I meet heavy reinforcements and have to retreat a bit.


    Maharbal Barca

    This is what I plan my “Gold Run” squad to be, whom I intend to take all the way from the beaches of Omaha 12 screens into Bocage territory. The idea here is survivability;I need these guys to take me all the way to gold.

    1 Scout – I need to see the enemy before they see me. I can’t be taken off guard and I need to be able to meet the enemy on my terms.
    1 Medic – My squad needs to survive 12 screens in one go without rest. The Medic will be the one who keeps them alive and also act as one of my rifles.
    1 Sig – cargo drops, recon runs, and even the possibility of extra reinforcements if things get dicey. But the big payoff is with the heavy artillery I can call in anywhere on the map. I can hit a bunker and eliminate a threat before I even get in range.
    1 Gunner – every squad needs a big gun. Utilize him to provide cover while the rest of the squad advances, then bring him up to the main line. Wash and repeat. On top of that, his mortars can be paired with the sig’s arty for a lovely one-two punch from heaven.
    1 Engineer – Both for anti-mech capabilities as well as the ability to put up sandbags, which is a must in the thick of the Bocage. Will also act as my second rifle
    1 Sniper or Officer – This is the only one I am split on. The sniper paired with the gunner is a match made in heaven, add to that the snipers ability to take out that special someone I need dead yesterday. The officer however is good for keeping the squad moving and his combat bonus is nice to have around when I have to scramble a quick defense. But then again, I don’t intend to be defending a position all day, I intend to advance.

    So why not the Spec Ops? I considered the spec ops as an alternative to the Gunner, however the Spec’s ability to call in Frenchies is great for short advances, but not for the long haul. Again, I need survivability, not replaceability.
    Why not Infantry? the grenades that the infantry comes with is indeed a boon, and the M14 is great to have in a mixed squad, but I will already have 2 capable M1s in my squad, and either an extra one or a sniper. In my eyes, the infantry fills the mid range gap. I have arty, mortars, and a sniper for long range, at least 2 M1s for mid-long range, and 2 Tommy guns + a machine gun for mid-close range, so I don’t feel that I need that mid-range support.

    I’ll be testing this setup come Saturday when I stream my march to Gold on stream.



    For the squad composition, I usually use balanced squad(1 Scout, 1 Rifleman, 1 Marksman, 1 Radioman, 1 Medic, and 1 slot for engy, gunner, or another rifleman) for various purposes, either for slow-paced or medium-paced play. Well, the squad comps seems versatile enough for me, so I can destroy buildings, entrenchments, and outflank the enemy.

    But now, I’m bored of that squad comps because I can’t play aggressively. So, I changed my squad comps to spec-ops oriented squad for fast offensive charges. flanking, and maneuvering. (3 Spec-ops, 2 Medic, 1 Scout). I can advance like 6 times and I’ve managed to get 5 days ahead of schedule thanks to the Spec-ops skills despite 2 of my spec-ops died. (Especially the Frenchy calling and invisibility).

    I recommend this squad comps for someone who wants to go aggressive and brave enough to charge a bunker with an MG head on. (I mean, NO. DON’T GO STRAIGHT INTO HIS LINE OF FIRE XD. Use one spec-ops to bait the MG and the others to outflank. Good luck and have fun.)

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    I usually have get one rifleman first, with the extra combat experience he can help pin down and wound other troops so my other men can get experience, then I would get a marksman for the same reason, but since he has longer range he is more safe from threats. afterwards I would get a scout so I can scout out where the enemies are, I think he is invaluable especially early game, sometimes there is big stretches of land between the nearest kraut, so I send my inexperienced soldiers further along so that they get experience from taking points. afterwards I get a signaler to replace dead soldiers that will happen in the future, and a medic for patching things up, then lastly a mg for his mortar and suppression for later on ally reinforcements.



    I’ve been playing mnb3 for some time now, and I have found a fairly solid strategy for creating a squad. My order in which I assign guys is pretty much random but I always have a signaler, a sniper, a scout, a medic, and an mg. For the sixth option I either go with a spec ops or an engineer. The engineer helps a lot with enemy vehicles (like troop transport trucks and tanks), and also with removing enemy mg positions. He also is helpful in close range engagements, and the sandbag wall ability never hurt anyone! The special operator is just as useful. He is great for close range engagements, and he’s much faster than than any other troop type and he never panics. He can be used to flank enemy positions and get the jump on them while they’re focused on the rest of your squad. This is especially useful for taking on enemy mg positions. The dynamite is good for takings out tanks and other vehicles if used carefully, and the frenchie ability is extremely useful. It depends on whichever you’re in the mood for, but they both are a wonderful choice. The first five members of the squad are a must in my opinion, especially the signaler and the medic. This squad design has a good balance for all range engagement types and the abilities each member have cover all contingencies that may occur. It may be hard to manage starting off, but when all members are maxed you’re almost unstoppable. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Let me know if you think there’s any flaws with my strategy, thanks everyone


    Sgt KinG

    I guess I’m not gonna add a lot but whatever.
    1. Scout: Always an advantage to see the enemy first. I start with the first ability then alternate between weapon and combat
    2. Sig: Good for drops/reinforcements and softening the enemy. I start with the first two abilities then alternate between combat and weapon.
    3. Medic: Most important guy on the squad. First ability then I get rid of the useless pistol then second ability. Afterwards I turn him into a killing machine
    4. Marksman: When fully upgraded this guy rarely misses, it’s awesome. I go with weapon and combat upgrades first. I usually get the marksman second after the scout, he gains experience quicker than riflemen so he is my early killing machine until everybody else gets to speed, then I use him for long range, soft defenses knockouts
    5. Rifleman: Backbone, literally. I get the grenades first then upgrade alternate combat and weapons. He is good for close quarter, breaking enemy waves with grenades and does a lot of killing, these are just my favorite killing machines
    6. I experimented with a few options. Eng are very valuable for building hasty defenses against overwhelming enemy numbers and knocking defenses. Gunners are good early in the game in pinning the enemy down, but they have nothing special to offer on the long run. Officers are useless in the early game but the M3 has saved my squad twice or so which could make them useful in sticky situations, but the tank is too slow to come in time up map. Usually my 6th guy is an engineer…
    This squad works miracles in hedgerows. I had a relatively easy time with this than anything else at the hedgerow madness



    Thanks to you guys I read this topic and made up my build based on these discussions. Got Gold star with it and never changed since. now i’m DDay +148, Battle of Bulge

    my build ( not necesarily in the exact order but following shorcuts from 1 to 6:
    1 : Sig
    2: Medic
    3: Rifle
    4: Rifle
    5: Scout
    6: Marskman

    Cons : Very weak team in the beginning, rifles are not very accurate, if casualties before medic can heal = great danger. Experience gain is disbalanced, the marksman up very fast and the other, very slowly.

    Pros : High damage, Double At capacity (rockets + Artillery), reinforcments and upgrades. Marskman is deadly and the 3 countdowns (2 rockets + Artillery) can destroy every position and tanks, just back up and wait.

    When the rifles get grenades and smoke, they can close the distance while being supported and overcome fortified positions. Medic and sig can gain xp by advancing while being covered by rockets and marskman

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