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    Murphy’s law: If anything can go wrong it will go wrong
    The radio is the main drive of this strategy if you lose it you are fucked. You never know when enemy arty or a sneaky hmg will take out a soldier. Also When fully upgraded a radioman can hold his own pretty well.


    @alexalas1 indeed! men!

    I seldom choice which specialty as my team squad, I choice when I feel need one, so every time it will looks different. lol

    Most common call in my carrier

    Medic > Scout = RTO = Marksman > Gunner = Spec Ops = Engineer = Rifleman > Officer
    But well, still case by case.


    Tanks, Bunkers and Arty strikes will have some fun with you. No AT capability

    Bunkers haven’t been a problem, but yeah, tanks and arty are raping me. Any advice on who should be replaced for arty? This shreds infantry, but needs help against armor.



    One scout is enough, replace him with a medic. You can swich a gunner with a signaler and a marksman with a rifleman or engineer. You will have to pay more attention to infantry, but you will gain healing and two AT units (And signaler is very good to shred infantry too).
    It’s not a perfect squad, but it have some redundancy, wich means you can lose one member (2 if you are lucky) without losing the game. Dead Scout can be replaced by Marksman (not the same, but he’s a decent scout), You have a decent firepower for infantry and a good explosive power (Try Arty+Mortar+Rifle Granade/Zooka…)

    When arty comes, the only thing you can do is to be fast making your men going back.


    Best squad I’ve made so far is:
    1 scout ( with an fg42, if you can find one! )
    1 rifle man
    1 sig
    1 engineer
    1 medic
    1 sniper

    This is the best combo, because your rifleman, engineer, and sig can kill most enemies before they have a chance to spot you. Scout and sniper have same range at 100 exp, they can spot and kill any enemy before they themselves get spotted. Medic is needed of course to heal.

    I was able to go over 20 days straight with this squad, and only quit because I got had to get back to work lol.


    A scout with FG42?
    Is there a way to take enemy weapon? How?



    There are some grey crates with the german cross on top. The big long ones contain weapons and the small ones contain peripherals (binoculars etc.). The weapons inside the crate range from karabiniers to mg42s.


    I had had a Scout with mg42. Best-day-of-my-life.


    From numerous hours playing already and testing out the classes, I have found a pretty clutch squad.

    The first unit I upgrade is the RIFLEMAN if none of my units have been wounded. If a unit is wounded, I will upgrade a MEDIC and then the next unit will be a RIFLEMAN. Then a GUNNER, SIGNALER, and ENGINEER. The last man is up to you. In other words, a 5 man squad that can get you far

    RIFELMAN: I pick him first because of the health kicker and the semi auto rifle. This gives an immediate edge due to the firepower he can drop and he can soak up bullets. I generally upgrade his abilities first. The smoke screen allows you to retreat, advance, or provide a screen for pinned troops or your medic. The grenade allows you to take out pesky krauts behind cover, and the rifle grenade is an extension of the grenade and allows more accurate explosion. From there, I tend to go for the first rifle upgrade to get more firepower in the team and afterwards the rifle or promotion upgrade is up to you. If the squad is holding together well, I’ll do rifle upgrades but if it’s struggling, I’ll do the promotion so he can kill better. Overall I think this unit is balanced

    MEDIC: If no one is hurt, he’ll be the second person to be in my squad. Better to be proactive then reactive. I have trouble leveling him up sometimes, so I’ll put him as a point-man to get quick exp points; be aware if he is under fire, he can go down easily due to the pistol. I always upgrade the quick regen first. This allows him to quickly heal units under fire or heal himself. I then give him the grease gun so he can send more rounds and be more combat effective. After that, I’ll give him the med bag in order to quickly triage units when fhit hits the shan. Afterwards I’ll upgrade him to the next rifle, and then do the promotions upgrade. I am not a fan of the quick revive, as it reduces your unit strength overtime. I have not maxed out a medic yet, so I can not tell you if it is better to upgrade the rifle or do field promotions. The medic is aright, I do agree in reducing his combat abilities and not being able to heal during combat; however, he heals too slow in my opinion and the instant revive should not be reduce max health. Maybe it can only be used once per field or per soldier. Also the field promotion should upgrade the healing speed and ability to stay active while under fire or just make the medic heal faster!

    GUNNER: This is the third guy to get. Great suppressive fire capabilities and upgrades. He is third because at this time the rifleman is able to hold the squad together and you have a medic on standby, so now I am trying to get fire superiority over the Nazi scum. I like to upgrade the weapon as fast as the possible. The .30 cal is accurate and sends lead down fast. I don’t know enough about the other machine guns, because he kills to fast with the other ones :p Then the abilities. The prone position is a solid upgrade; When I am assaulting anything, I usually leave him behind and throw him into prone and he provides get suppressive fire. Even without prone, he will stay behind to suppress the enemy. Then comes the mortar upgrade, great for pre assault or when the Axis counter attack. The mortar does an excellent job of being random and uprooting enemies. I do not like the jeep upgrade, because by the time it arrives, the fire fight is over or my squad is SOL. After the mortar, it’s time for those field promotions to get the combat and morale boosts. I feel like each machine gun should get lighter and by the time you get to the .30 cal, he should be as fast as a grunt. I agree with prone being an upgrade but not that it cools down, it should be interchangeable at a click. Also the mortar should be able to shoot smoke rounds. The jeep upgrade sucks. It either needs to come in from the side or a different upgrade should be available for the gunner. I don’t have an idea for the third upgrade.

    SIGNALER: The fourth man to the squad. Like Recon, the siggy is detrimental to the squad. The ability to call in airstrikes and artillery are absolutely necessary to carry out some of the later missions. Whether it’s a pre preemptive strike against bunkers, hedgerows, or fighting off a counter attack, you need a siggy. Also the random recon planes, sit rep exp bonuses, and the random reinforcements are a nice touch. I like to upgrade the CAS first; like the mortar, it really softens up defenses and is great for counterattacks. Next comes the weapon upgrade, the Springfield is useless and the grease gun allows for good inaccurate fire. From there, I like to upgrade the airstrike and Arty fire. The airstrike is great for bunker busting and the arty absolutely destroys hedgerows and other natural defenses the enemy may be behind. Unfortunately, you can not use the two explosive options when your squad is in a firefight due to the inaccuracy. From there, weapon or field promotions are up to you. Just depends on the situation, do you want more accuracy or more firepower? As for the radio, I think there should be about 5 options. One reinforcement call per should be available, but only one. Also the sit rep should be an option but like MNB2 there needs to be a punishment for a failed call. As he ranks, the punishment chance should be diminished, but in MNB standards, don’t make it easy for a reward! The calls are good and the cool down timers are reasonable. If you have trouble leveling up, again use the point-man method

    ENGINEER: The last person to join the squad. He’s an all around good person. His abilites help the squadron and he can handle combat well. The shotgun is great for clearing hedgerows, so I upgrade the rocket first. It’s just a better rifle grenade, more accurate, more kill-power, and vehicle destruction. From there, I upgrade the rifle ability, as the shotgun becomes outdated quickly. I like to upgrade his build abilities quickly and use the sandbage. Anytime I assault a structure, I’ll set up a sandbag, put my gunner and siggy behind it, and let the rest happen. If unit is wounded, you can put the medic and the wounded solider behind it. If I’m fighting a strong force, two sandbag walls allow your squad to have ample cover to hide behind. Be aware, your bunched up squad will be gibbed by grenades or rockets 😛 After I get the build upgrades, it’s time for weapons. Makes the engy a more efficient killer, then the field promotion to make him more efficient. I have not found useful place for mines unless on a dirt road where trucks spawn. Again, I am always pushing for the most part, so it is hard to use the mines. Remove/keep the mines and allow the engy to build an antennae. I also think the engy should move slower due to the rocket and his tools

    6; Who to pick? I generally pick an OFFICER for his bonuses. I always grab the rifle upgrade first, as the pistol is useless in combat. From there it’s all about the upgrades. The unpin bonus and heroism bonus are nice in combat heavy areas. The light tank is great but like the jeep, it takes to long to help in time. Allow it come in from the side and it can be useful. As for other units, I am not a fan of them. They’re just too specific in their job and the battle is always changing, so the other units make sense because they can handle a multitude of situations. I do like the spec ops being able to call in frenchy’s!

    The nice thing about this squad, is you can lose the RIFLEMAN, OFFICER, and GUNNER and still be able to fight through the rest of the map. You can continue with a 5 man squad, if you lose one of those three listed above; although losing your gunner makes it more challenging. If you lose the MEDIC, ENGINEER, or SIGNALER, good luck. If you lose your medic, godspeed then. Losing any one of those three dramatically reduces your chances of finishing a field. You could lose your ENGINEER and be ok, but lose a SIGNALER or a MEDIC, and you are SOL.

    That’s all I’ve got, let’s here about your squads and some changes you’d like to see!


    I agree with your composition for the most part, though I usually take a sniper and spec ops instead of officer or gunner, spec ops for the frenchies and sniper for the killing :3

    Also, I believe the medic heals faster as he gets more xp, though I agree his last ability is pretty bad :/ I usually get his first to abilities, then a thompson, then promotions.

    Did you mean to say the Siggy is detrimental, or essential? Seems out of place…

    Anyways, nice post!



    Yeah I meant essential, for some reason detrimental sounded better :p


    * 1 MG
    * 1 Rifleman
    * 1 Scout

    * 1 support ( Engineer , Signaller)

    Which do you guys use as a general rule, when you don’t know the Enemy stance/resistance in AO?
    – Signaller , Engineer , rifleman , MG, or Commando…for the frenchies I guess.

    Brad Haggins

    First I usually get a medic.
    Second I will get an MG
    Third I get a Sig.
    Fourth Engineer (I learned that arty don’t do much to tanks the hard way..)
    Fifth I get a Marksman
    Sixth I get a SpecOps (for frenchie and I generally find them better than the rifleman when fully upgraded and a few C-rations to up his health.)
    I know scouts are helpful but I generally wait around for a care package opportunity and give the sniper all the binoculars.I am pretty sure they stack if they don’t please tell me.
    This squad if I manage to get it there will last me about 3-6 rounds. I will keep them going until I lose 2 or 3 of them or lose the medic.


    I have found tremendous success– Gold Star– with the following composition. I will explain the necessity of each unit, and how it contributes to the overall synergy of the comp. The order that you get these isn’t particularly important; I have found that some units hog xp more than others, but on account of the success it brings, xp won’t be an issue.

    Rifleman x1
    Signaler x1
    Engineer x1
    Marksman x1
    Medic x1
    Scout x1

    Rifleman: As urb states, the backbone of the army. The rifleman is necessary for his versatile and low CD active abilities. The smoke is useful when moving troops, the grenade provides great utility for dislodging enemy troops, and the rifle grenade is a good siege weapon against tanks or entrenched infantry. The rifle grenade, imo, is essentially a spammable engineer rocket. Overall, with the 20 extra HP and combat skills, the rifleman is too versatile to pass up.

    Signaler: The signaler is needed for three main reasons.

    1. The early access to strafe allows you to dramatically reduce your odds of losing men to unlucky incoming rounds. When paired with the scout, this makes for a good anti-infantry tool until you have access to artillery later on.

    2. The random support from HQ can be very helpful. In my experience, the supply drops are good, but where this really comes into play is the “Reinforcement” opportunity call. The “Air Recon” option is not needed since a scout is present in this comp. The signaler essentially offers insurance against losing a man: it may time, but HQ will offer reinforcements eventually. It took me four screens.

    3. Once access to artillery is gained, the signaler synergizes exceedingly well with the scout. The scout’s ability to locate a single hidden German is key for later screens; the signaler simply calls artillery in on that one German, and several more are likely to die around him. I like to use artillery on positions I find to be well defended; odds are there are Germans there, even if my scout has not detected them. In addition, artillery is a must against tanks, and two barrages on a vehicle can prove devastating.

    Due to the signaler’s abilities, he cannot be ignored. He can replenish your squad while withering the Germans down to a manageable number for your squad. Imo, he is the most important member of the squad to have alive, rivaled only by the scout and medic.

    Engineer: The bazooka is the main reason you need this guy. It’s a potent anti-tank weapon and used in conjunction with the rifleman’s grenades, it provides a good opening note to your symphony of allied bullets. The sandbag walls are of great utility in open areas also. I have yet to find a position in which the mines are helpful, though.

    Medic: As this is the only unit that can sustain your troops, you need him. Medkits from supply drops aren’t guaranteed, and they certainly won’t sustain a soldier’s HP forever. HQ support should be saved for reinforcements anyways since Spec Ops isn’t in this comp. Enough said.

    Scout: This guy is the heart of the whole comp, in conjunction with the signaler. By spotting the Germans constantly, he offers accurate fire points for bazookas, rifle grenades, and artillery. Not to mention, good synergy with the marksman, who can often eliminate several Germans before they have a chance to return fire. Losing him, or the signaler is a devastating blow.

    Marksman: One of the early game saving graces, when many abilities are inaccessible to greener troops. The primary role of the marksman is to work with the scout in the early game to ensure minimal losses. He will likely reach 100 xp first, and unlike MNB2, this is alright. XP is, to some degree, a function of time. Late game, he can eliminate Germans who are irritatingly positioned to shoot at your soldiers, and when all his active abilities are used, can eliminate several Germans in quick succession.

    With each unit, I typically grab their most essential ability when I can. Those are:

    The Bazooka, for the Engineer.
    Srafe Run/ Artiller, for the Signaler.
    Spot a German, for the Scout.
    Intensive Care, and Medkit for the Medic.
    X Ray Vision, for the Marksman.
    All Abilities, for the Rifleman.

    Otherwise, upgrades in rank take priority over most other abilities. I also try to dispense other weapons to the scout and engineer, since they start with shotguns. Once my soldiers can kill effectively, then I give them their other tools that aren’t as necessary, i.e. mines for the Engineer.

    This comp plays pretty slowly. The idea is to spot the Germans, use all the active abilities on them, and then advance only when you know that they are dead. Then you spot the next group, and repeat. Reinforcements happen, but with this comp,they aren’t a problem.

    Hope this gives you an idea of how to play the comp. May add why I don’t include officer or spec ops in the comp also. Hopes this helps!


    Well I guess I’m trying a new strategy. 🙁
    Accidentally chose a;

    Couldn’t decide tween an Officer or Marksman, encountered the bugged ‘Gunner’s Flame’ situation, rushed, chose both. No Signaler… 🙁 I am Sooo fucked…..

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