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    Figured this would be a natural topic to discuss. What squad composition is everyone running?

    Currently, I’ve found 3 medic and 3 marksman to be pretty beast at mowing down the enemy. Considering replacing one of the medics with an engineer for bunker/vehicle removal though.


    Generally I adapt my squad to whatever it is I find that I’m lacking, but most times my squad will include a medic, rifleman or spec ops, scout for finding the enemy first, an engi just in case, a gunner and then it’s a toss up whether I want a marksman, siggy or even an officer. May also repeat other classes (gunner, rifleman or spec) if I’ve sustained any loses.


    Most of the time I go for a Medic, Machine Gunner, Marksmen and two Rifleman. If one of my guys miraculously survives Omaha (I’m a very bad MnB player) than I assign him as a Scout.

    Rick M

    Scouts are underrated. If you spot the enemy first your GIs can rain hell on unsuspecting Germans. Paired with the signaler and I can call in arty strikes on positions I know there are Germans since I used the Scout’s first special ability. By the time my troops advance I might have the ability to call in another strike if needed.

    Medic is always a necessity for obvious reasons.

    Rifleman is amazing. Smoke grenades can help you move up the field if you are pinned or blind a tank and frag/rifle grenades can seriously damage a tank, eventually causing it to burn up.

    A Gunner is incredibly useful, too. Pins down enemies, especially if they are massing, and the mortar can help mess up enemy assaults or entrenched positions.

    The last position is up to you. I have yet to try the officer, but I think an engineer, sharpshooter, or another rifleman would probably be best. Sharpshooters absolutely demolish incoming enemies and are good for counter-sniping, riflemen are just great all around, and an engineer might be just what you need in order to take out that tank quickly.


    Essentials: Scout-Sniper-Medic
    Scout: gives the best advantage in the game: being able to spot enemies before they spots you. When upgraded his fire rate pins down enemies very well.
    Sniper: Combined with the scout is a war machine vs infantry. Fully upgraded is able to shoot through sight-blocking and with enought fire rate to butch 3-4 germans alone and quickly. Is prone to Kill-Stealing, so be careful when you have to level up other soldiers.
    Medic: Well… No need to explain. When upgraded has ad good firepower too.

    Sig: Paired with Scout, brings death from above and on everything while you sit on your ass drinking a cool Martini. Since enemies don’t push a lot, you can simply wait until the main threat you spotted (Big guys, bunkers, etc etc) is destroyed. Can replenish your ranks if someone dies.
    Engineer: Seems to be not so useful, until you find that an accurate bazooka shoot with a very long range is a blessing. Can shoot down tanks from out of their sight.

    Your Choise:
    I usually go for Rifleman to have more options, since the combined firepower of the rest is enough to stand aganist infantry waves (Calling air support if things get really bad), but and officer would be a good choise to. Still have to try the gunner. I don’t see how specs could fit in there.


    My squad usually consists of :
    This guy is just essential. There’s like, no way to play without him. However, due to his low exp gaining potential, I often wait for a grunt to accumulate 20 or 30 exp, before turning him into medic, so that he can already unlock Intense Care and Medkit.
    After that, I usually give him M3 for suppression and then go with promotions to improve his fighting.


    He spots enemy, before they spot me.
    Also, he get’s a shotgun which even with basic 30cbt is enough to wreck havoc at close range.


    The sneaky git, often paired with scout, go first and clear the enemy positions, while the rest of the squad is providing cover.
    My way of dealing with dug in positions, bunkers and HMGs: Cloak+ his natural speed + TNT. : )
    Then keep moving to avoid getting hit or engage in meele to prevent enemy from firing.
    I have yet to test the usefullness of Frenchies, but having an alternative to Signalcaller reinforcements is nice.

    Either Rifleman or Gunner
    They provide base of fire during engagements, and with a few upgrades are quite competent killers.
    Also, they provide so desired indirect fire in the form of mortar nad grenades.

    Remaining 2 are usually Marksman and Officer or Signalcaller, for some more utility.
    The main advantage of Sig are obviouslt his opportunity calls.
    Officer for his Tactical Sense as well as occasional Unpin or morale boost.
    Marksman is just another gun in the team and does not require much upgrading to be effective. I often keep him out of fight, becasue otherwise he’ll hog all the kills and exp.

    I rarely use engineer. Maybe it’s because I’m not running into tanks or mines. I guess I’ll be using him more as I get on with the game.


    Switched over to a 3 marksman, 2 medic, 1 scout build. I managed to advance 5 times before arty gutted my squad on the 6th mission. Even with the Nerf Gun challenge, my marksman were destroying the Germans.

    Scout is fantastic for detecting enemy machine gunners, who for whatever reason seem to be harder to detect than normal troops. No reason to not immediately grab the scout’s first ability, as that is his most important skill.

    I like to level up my marksman in this order: Scoped Garand, Scoped Springfield, private, corporal, sergeant, ability 1, 2, 3, and then finish off with the final Scoped Enfield.

    Medics get a grease gun asap then their first two abilities. Alternate betweeen ranks and weapon upgrades.

    Generally speaking, the lowest experience marksman takes point. Then the scout if he isn’t maxed level. Then the medics to make sure everybody is max experience by the third advance.

    First couple of level ups are usually made into marksmen. Then medic if there’s any injuries, followed by scout, the last marksman, and medic again.

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    Two scouts, two machine gunners, and two marksmen.

    I put a group of three (one of each) on each side of the screen, and alternate advancing them, always beginning with the scouts. This allows one group to act as support for the advancing party.

    Haven’t yet really developed a method for upgrades; I usually try to have a balance between the groups (e.g. if the left group marksman has a weapon upgrade, I’ll probably first upgrade the rank of the right marksman).


    Two scouts, two machine gunners, and two marksmen.

    Tanks, Bunkers and Arty strikes will have some fun with you. No AT capability (Mortars are not reliable) and no Healing.


    I usually go for a 1 medic, 1-2 rifleman, 1 marksman, 1 scout build.

    1 medic obviously for healing. Medics get the grease gun as soon as they can and then the first two abilities.
    1 marksman for those pesky hedges. I like to get them to the scoped enfield and all 3 abilities.
    1 scout to support the marksman. I always get the gun upgrades first then the perks.
    1 rifleman. I get the abilities then the gun upgrades.

    The other two i usually just alternate between engi or sig.Sometimes I get another rifleman if the first one dies.


    My squad always consists of at least: Medic, Signaller, Scout, Marksman, Engineer

    Medic for obvious reasons. He is also my first choice. About upgrades, I usually take the gun first, but if there are guys with some low HP (below 50) I take the intensive care skill. Then I go to tommy gun, unlock next skill. Then it’s combat upgrades, and I unlock last skill at the end.

    Signaller may not be so obvious, but I think everyone should keep one in squad. Even if not for his awesome support skills – he is the only way to reinforce your squad if any of your GI dies, which is very important if you plan to push on with your current squad. For him, at first I unlock the first skill, then gun upgrade, remaining skills, combat upgrades, and guns.

    Scout – mostly for his first skill, which I take as first upgrade, after that I upgrade his weapons and combat ability taking remaining skills at the end. Knowing where the enemy is, is obviously a huge advantage. You can also use him to know if there are any enemies still left on the battlefield. Combined with signaller, they’re great at taking out enemy snipers/MGs with artillery strikes.

    Marksman – great at dealing with enemy infantry at long ranges. As first upgrade I pick weapon, then one combat ability, first skill, another weapon, remaining skills and then the rest of combat abilities.

    Engineer – well, the only time I encountered enemy tank, rockets weren’t of much help(I fired over 15 together with like 10 artillery strikes, I dont know, maybe that tank was bugged or something), but I still prefer keeping him just in case. Even if not as AT, rockets are still quite useful at taking out enemy infantry and clearing hedgerows

    That leaves me with only one remaining slot, and that is either Rifleman or Gunner, but I start tending towards Rifleman more.

    While gunner is great at taking out enemy infantry, at high lvls other classes are too, and gunner may even prevent other soldiers from gaining exp (I had a situation where I had a gunner at 100xp, and everyone else was at below 50). His skills are not that useful. I only really use mortar strike, but it’s very inaccurate, making it much worse that signallers artillery strikes.

    Rifleman on the other hand, at higher lvls, can easily take out enemy infantry too. While I don’t use smokes very much, his hand and rifle grenades are great at dealing with enemies in cover. Combined with engineers rocket I can quickly send 3 quite accurate explosives at one point – though usually two because hand grenade has too small range. But it’s still enough to take out enemy soldiers and remove “soft” (trees, sandbags etc.) cover.


    Hello there.

    My squad composition is always consists of 1 medic , 1 scout, and
    1 sig

    I usually analyze the terrain first and decide which composition should I use.

    If the terrain mostly consist of open fields and hedgerows, I use 1 Gunner, 1 Scout, 1 Medic, 1 officer, 1 Signaler, and 1 marksman. If there’s 2 or more heavily fortified positions, I can change the officer with a spec-op to infiltrate the hedgerows with his skill, so I don’t need to worry about those MGs or mortars.

    If there’s a heavy armored vehicle, I’ll use 1 Scout, 1 medic, 2 Rifles, 1 Marksman, and 1 Sig.

    Depending on the situation.


    I run a small squad support by fire and it’s been working super well. Unless 2 guys get hit early, I start with an engineer and he takes point until he gets rockets.

    Once that’s settled, my next will be a scout advancing until he can spot the next enemy or a medic if there’s an injury.

    Follow up with a gunner until he has mortars. At this point, I have an engineer with rockets, scout to spot, gunner with mortars, and a medic.

    Fifth comes the RTO to call in support, mostly for covered retreats. Sixth is a rifleman who I make point until he has rifle grenades.

    The strategy is pretty simple from here. Slowly advance with the engineer on point. If he sees something, rifleman close second comes up while the engineer covers with a rocket. Rifleman pops smoke while the gunner sets up. If they’re close, get mortars. Far, slowly move up under rocket, grenade, and rifle grenade cover. If needed, call in close air. Nobody moves unless there’s shit blowing up down range. Medic sits with gunner to help reload. Any injuries are covered with smoke and close air to the rear where the medic handles him.

    The good part about this is that I have 2-3 automatic weapons, 3 rifles, and a rocket, grenade, rifle grenade, air support, and mortars split between 4 soldiers. If I lose explosive power that means I’m down to my medic and recon which means I’m probably fucked anyway but they can handle a small group.


    Had a great squad
    1 scout
    2 radios
    1 gunner
    1 medic
    1 engineer

    The idea is you set up a defense and call in constant bombardments using both signalers. bomb/strafe an area move up and repeat.I have yet to come across a map that arty strikes cant beat.


    @alexalas1 I am wondering why you need two Radio?

    You should know that you will not be able to multiple use the support even you have more RTO. All RTO skill be lock on global cooling timer, so it will all went to cooling when you use any support.

    Are you just going to use 1 as a back up??? lol

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