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    That is one of the most entertaining Recon vids I have ever seen. 🙂
    Fog rocks! At just 1 times overt you can come as close as 40 pix (so I estimate) to a VC and he will see zip.
    Maybe you all should take at least one Ammo Can with you on Musket missions since they run dry rather fast.
    A jammed Musket is a hilarious sight. Naydy nade naayy?!! 😉
    Muskets should totally give a 300% damage to HtH combat.
    !And you actually found the Box! 8′{} Awesome game.

    Mexican Batman

    yeah it was so hard for the vc’s and rangers to see each other . and I would have but it would have been too much bulk XD

    Without all those grenades I would have lost at least 3 if not all of my men .

    yes I did find the box I was determined to get it and Thx I am glad you enjoyed it .

    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I know this is late but I’ve just finished my “Knife only” challenge. The bullets wasted didnt affect the kills (I accidentally turn it on when I was using the radio).

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    Unib Rovodkalan

    try 1 month of only useing knifes gernades are allowed but i want vidio proof of 1 combaqt encounter of your choice (ignore spelling mistakes)

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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