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    That is one of the most entertaining Recon vids I have ever seen. 🙂
    Fog rocks! At just 1 times overt you can come as close as 40 pix (so I estimate) to a VC and he will see zip.
    Maybe you all should take at least one Ammo Can with you on Musket missions since they run dry rather fast.
    A jammed Musket is a hilarious sight. Naydy nade naayy?!! 😉
    Muskets should totally give a 300% damage to HtH combat.
    !And you actually found the Box! 8′{} Awesome game.

    Mexican Batman

    yeah it was so hard for the vc’s and rangers to see each other . and I would have but it would have been too much bulk XD

    Without all those grenades I would have lost at least 3 if not all of my men .

    yes I did find the box I was determined to get it and Thx I am glad you enjoyed it .

    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I know this is late but I’ve just finished my “Knife only” challenge. The bullets wasted didnt affect the kills (I accidentally turn it on when I was using the radio). https://imgur.com/FVZ5381

    View post on imgur.com

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    Unib Rovodkalan

    try 1 month of only useing knifes gernades are allowed but i want vidio proof of 1 combaqt encounter of your choice (ignore spelling mistakes)


    This accomplishment deserves a special re-post here for the Discord.

    Today at 12:11 PM
    Ya boi just did it again on a dead drop.

    Did not find the box cause traversing the trenches with constant arty and gunship support ain’t enough for us to get some respite from atleast one Cong that keeps appearing every 30 seconds in the trees or charging our positions.

    XP gain:
    Identified = 14700
    Kills = 20k somethn
    Regiment Neckclace = 51k
    6 assets destroyed = 6k
    Epic fail = 75% cut on the XP.
    And managed to break the identified bar.
    Everyone except the first guy in the corner screen has a medal of honour.
    And just one memo of some salty guy saying I wasted alot of support.

    Operation Green Wind is an ok success overall.



Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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