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Soo guess what just happened to me?

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    I started off the ring maker quest with a rogue since I’m trying to unlock the cloak by paying 100 gold in taxes. All of a sudden I look and see that my rogue spawned with an invisibility spell. Neat huh?


    A non caster character starting with a spell or two can occur even if it be a very rare thing to happen.
    I am unsure if that is a bug or intentionally implemented by urbzz.
    Had a Dwarf once starting with the Fools Gold spell and surprisingly on the first try it actually worked but on the second I frogged myself.
    @alphazomgy Say did casting that spell work for your Rogue?
    I have very good experiences with certain spells and that class.


    @Lance Since the spell was an invisibility spell I didn’t bother using it. Although I rolled another rogue and started off with 2 charm spells, but I didn’t try to cast those either.

    It’s funny now urb basically made the magic side of this game unreachable unless you’ve unlocked everything. (Lich skull, tome of magic, wizard robe.) I have been trying to make a badass wizard, but the power word kill & stop time spells rarely appear. I’ve gotten good at getting wizards to level 5, after years of failure lol.


    Pfft just spent 600 gold on +3 magic (100, 200, 300) and still couldn’t fight toe to toe with a Lich.


    I know that it’s an old post but ZoMgY is right about Magic being had to use in the game even for those that are suppose to be specialists in them.
    Especially since all spells can do only 1 HP damage (save one that kills you too), you need to get extremely lucky with the RNG god and their partially long cool-down time (in a time limited game) makes for 99% powerless magic users.

    Now to LWillter.
    Hobbit class may be an allrounder but that actually makes him weaker than anyone else since he is not good at anything in specific.
    This coupled with the very spread out leveling up stat increases makes it him him even worse considering other classes leveling up potentials.
    The special, in game, buffs that he is suppose to have do not seam to work in most situations so the only thing he is a bit better then most is running away.
    Basically a happy-go-lucky character to play with.

    Your way of handling him seams awfully aggressive.
    TIP: Even a Iron Exotic Sword is a lot better then almost any other weapon. Check it’s stats.
    Hammer is to valuable to lose early on due to the crafting bonus.
    So instead of the infamous Rusty-Nails-of-DOOM you got very lucky for a change and found the motherload stash in the rubble.

    And a very lucky Hobbit vs Troll fight. LOTR eat your heart out. 🙂
    Books are mostly good for Wizards but anyone can get lucky; CAN, I may ad….
    “you smashed something in your inventory” … That gets your pulse pumping eeee. The One-Ring is still there so lucky again.
    Most useless item, Club, broke.
    About the One-Ring. As soon as I get it I use it whenever possible. Only good things come from it and it is fairly easy to evade the ring-seekers.
    *see it fixed ALL your problems.

    Another book. Forget pure luck. The FORCE is with this Hobbit.
    Vampire easily disposed of with bow and magic. I am shocked.
    OK the King of the Undead set things strait again. Was getting worried there that the RNG be messed up.

    I be… You used Get Blessing to remove the curse. I never did that before. Never knew that worked. But it seams that urbzz did not allow for a scam since you did not get blessed by doing so too.

    Mithril Sword is nice but you got to admit that a simple Torch is just as good due to the +5 on the danger evasion and finding stuff rolls.
    Careful when your inventory is full. Dropping stuff can be bugged causing the wrong item to get picked up again and the other one can disappear.
    I never drop anything but instead destroy excess stuff.
    Noticed when you picked up the Leather Armor even though your inventory was full (BUG game should have not allowed that) the Jester-Hat got destroyed. Could have been a lot worse….

    LOL for a sec I though you where trying to use Life-drain-spell on them guards.
    “Your clothes protected you from the cold”??? You wore Leather Armor and not Fur….

    About the lvl indicator. It could be that some tings that grant XP do not register properly in the game (not visually in the character sheet) and then there are some things that give XP from where do do not lvl up until you get another xp.

    Fighting a Large Red Dragon with a Hobbit. You sir are just as daring as me and where also shown the sure loss of it all. At least you got away without the burns to show for it.
    So now you got a full spell book and a whopping 12 magic, 11 att plus a bow and a good defense as well.
    Congrats already to a hero like character at this point, day 99.

    With 2 Frost Spells the chance to beat a main foe, even for a Hobbit, is possible. Can they stack? I forgot.
    To bad that it did not work for both spells there.
    So aawwww . . . . Did you finally unlock the Pepperthumb cake?


    No still none 🙁 Trying to do the Kingmaker quest now with a hobbit.

    My theory is:

    To win Kingmaker you must be level 5.
    If I win Kingmaker I will be level 5.
    If I play as a hobbit, I will be a level 5 hobbit.
    Maybe the game will register it then?

    I was on a warpath with this hobbit. Death to all! I think it was two large dragons I tried to fight … which is crazy!

    The Blessing is mentioned in the game … its blessed or un-cursed not both … but after fighting that Lich I would be cursed for a long time.

    Apparently ALL armor protect the character from the cold … even the metal armors. I actually don’t know if they stack, I think they may not but will try. A bit on edge about not having that cake. It has become a quest in itself!


    hmmm It could be that your game save file is somehow bugged.
    Since you can not reset it in game you need to manually delete the STWALT save on your computer to reset it.
    To achieve King Maker a Fighter type character is way easier to use then a Hobbit.
    Towards protection from cold. I am fairly sure that only Fur-Armor and having Animal-Fur protects there if you just push on. Seams another buggy thing to me.
    Looking forward to more game plays from you all out there. 🙂


    – Day 18, Fizban, Killed by a Rust Monster at level 1 after 17.73 days of travel. Fizban had 18 gold pieces in his purse and managed to gain 4 experience points.
    – Day 18, You missed by rolling 8(5+3), which is lower than the attack score (15) of the Rust Monster. You also missed your saving throw (1) which is over your defense score of0!! You lose 1 hit point.

    Rolls a 1 as defense but has none so basically has NO chance to ever pass that roll. 🙁

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