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Some suggestions I had

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    I have been playing Mud and Blood 2 for quite some time, although only recently have I started actually seriously playing it.

    I have noticed a few things that could be added to the game.

    1. Gunnery training for vehicles
    Given that most vehicles simply don’t respond to orders, it is only to be expected that they cannot be trained either. This can be a serious problem, as AT units with low fire rates, or even any AT unit, won’t really gain any xp if they can’t even hit with the small number of shots they do fire.

    Having a training option akin to ranger training would help AT units significantly. This could cost between 3-5 TP depending on how you’d want to balance it, and increase Gun skill the same way as ranger training. You could also add in addition a 5 skill minimum increase just to prevent wastage as it has no extra bonuses unlike Ranger Training.

    2. Calling in crates yourself
    Some of the crate contents are very powerful, but none of them can be factored into any strategy based on their randomness. The system as it is now should stay, but additional options could be added that allow you to call in a crate type yourself, allowing you to choose what you get. TP costs should be appropriate, and all options require a signaler, or even plus an officer. Of course it could be a waste of TP and it drops at the top of the screen which would suck but maintain the random difficulty.

    This may be a little too much though.

    3. NCO’s getting officer abilities, or turn your NCO’s into officers
    I left this as a choice given the nature of officers, but it never made sense to me how useless NCO’s were in terms of orders, despite their immense killing power. I’d like to see either the NCO’s gain the officer orders, even if not the addition of random help like TP’s as that would be a little overpowered and no one at higher waves would ever think to have an officer if that was the case.

    Alternatively, converting NCO’s into Officers would be a nice option to have, maintaining their rifle skill but resetting their xp, or keep their xp but then the ranking might be a little crazy, or setting their xp to 50, to simulate the field experience of the officer and to put it on par with having Sarge babysit them. Officer’s are very useful despite their unrealistic inability to use anything besides their Colt or grenades, but are also next to useless in combat and have their abilities trigger too rare if you don’t have a Sarge, as most officers can’t hit the broad side of a barn.


    1. Gunnery training for vehicles

    Well, I believe it can be an option but this setting is try to divide the infantry and vehicle. Vehicle is powerful, that is why it cost lots of TP and don’t respond the order. I remember the crewman exp will affect the gun when he replace on, but not sure as I seldom do this. It will probably the only way to training Vehicle by training your crewman in current MNB2 version. >o<

    In another view of point, I do know there are lots of player keep with high exp vehicle or even come to max. ( Although I don’t know how they achieve that lol ) So it still be possible to use AT gun and put it up to enough exp to help your fight. Vehicle tactic somehow is base on some sort of lucky I think, so feel free to roll with them.

    2. Calling in crates yourself

    I like it, although I will only suggest to add an crate supply with random. Require a RTO, cost 1 TP, and call a crate to your position(random fall any place in the battlefield, or sometimes will land outside!!!!XD ). lol Just like our sit-rep have some chance to get 5 TP, it must be an exciting part.

    3. NCO’s getting officer abilities, or turn your NCO’s into officers

    I disagree. Officer is very useful. He is not for the combat as he equip with pistol and can’t upgrade weapon. But all of officer ability require this unit, so he is a key unit in some of tactic. To let the NCO get Officer power will break the game balance. We might can add some option cost 2 TP to promote an
    soldier to officer or something, but sure NCO won’t get officer full ability.

    How to help officer gain the exp is a big book in MNB2, that is one of spirit that we keep push ahead. We keep him powerful then we balance with a poor combat and hard exp gain setting. NCO is a bonus to command the squad for those excellent killer, but it doesn’t mean NCO can replace the officer, no matter in MNB2 or real battlefield.

    Maybe bring the officer back to normal weapon like MNB3, but as you can have more then 6 men on the field, it seems not really need, BTW, officer poor is one of fun fact in MNB2, so have fun with poor guy that shut and shoot his pistol on the field. lol

    Thank for such detail suggestion, keep up great work and URB on! >o<

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    Some good ideas here. It would be nice if the Signaller could call in supply boxes.

    Also NCOs should be able to pinpoint fire or maybe increase morale? The Sarge should as well (I think he already does boost morale).

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