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Soldier Moral

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    I find that this topic needs in depth discussion.
    Currently I feel that men get pined to fast and stay pinned till they panic more then is good for game play.

    Then there is that thing with Moral steadily going up to 100 regardless of Rank Upgrade that suppose to raise your maximum moral in the first place.

    Also the is that Forever Pin problem with the commando since he never panics he will never get up as long as a bullet keeps reducing his slow raising moral.

    Overall I feel that Moral drops to fast considering the slow recovery.


    Well, In my view of point:

    *First, I don’t think it hurt the game play, like HP, it force you to hold advance before you order your soldier to advance. In the game play, it is very important that 6 men against the world is not likely to happened, at least not for too long. I think the morale system currently is quiet balance, it also give more advantage on having an Officer.

    *Second, In real world the morale dropping easily and recover very very slowly. The men, only with been courage to not afraid death when they know they have no way but going to die. It is a common factor on the battlefield, not just for WW2. So I don’t think why we can’t keep this factor, the officer or NCO value is on it. They keep troop working, and let’s is the factor on the field. For example, the Omaha beach: ” You are going to sit there to die, or get up to do something? ”

    So the morale is really really important for the game, and I don’t feel we need to let player take any easy on this factor. MNB3 is going to be a real game, not just for fun.

    *Third, I will suggest to give some more factor to the Panic!!! Maybe it will be hard but I believe the soldier should try to run away from the opposite direction which is base on the last shoot causing source. So the Truck attack cause soldier panic to death will not be happened more, Well, at least some of case.

    That all my opinion!


    Oh Goodie, Discussion Time !! 😀

    I agree, the pinning & panicking is a little ridiculous sometimes. If you have a man that panics and you send another man after him, that Should improve his Morale to Some degree as the soldier offers his compatriot encouraging words of solace.., “Come on Samuli, be strong. Me & Tyrud will cover your ass, just pull it together brother, we need you!

    If your parked on a Rock/Tree/Trench-Defensible Position with two Medics healing you and another Rifleman backing you up with Grenades & a Good Attitude, there should be little reason to panic, be pinned maybe, but not Panic. Especially time after time, after time, after time, after.., 🙁 you get the picture.

    Moral dropping fast is a really loaded subject, one I can see both ways…

    And the idea of a High Morale.., 🙁 ..If it’s so damn high(75+) “I ready to Die for my country!!!” How can it drop so fast? “I’m ready to D… ..Oh shit! Not TooDAay!!”

    What about ‘Directing’ the panic? As long as it is AWAY from the combat…

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    Maybe there should be a short buffer period before a soldier’s morale actually starts dropping. One of the problems with using the officer’s skills at the moment for example is that you can raise a soldier’s morale back to 100, but nothing is there to stop the soldier’s morale from instantly being reduced by gunfire.

    I’m thinking that there should be a buffer/grace period of maybe a few seconds (some classes like the officer or Spec can have longer buffer times) before a soldier’s morale is impacted by incoming fire. This could represent both coming under fire suddenly, taking cover, but then popping back up to fire back if the fire goes away from your position, while also making suppression more important (morale drops after the grace period as per normal).

    Things like soldiers on either side dying might not be affected by this buffer, or maybe it could to represent you didn’t see your buddy die until a few seconds afterwards when you saw his body, thus dropping your morale.


    Agreed. When your maxed out(you can have 120hp, why not 120Morale?) and your soldier encounters a Morale dropping situation, I’m assuming/hoping it doesn’t just plummet to Oh Shit status, but gradually erodes away like a sparrow working over a biscuit. At some point, say 75, the rate or ease at which it drops would increase but surely little things would help.
    Like the few seconds you didn’t notice Bob got blasted, and when you did & started losing Morale you remembered Tim(90-100Morale) was up on the rocks with you & he was kicking ass, so that helped. But you were terrified to stick your head out, cause you saw what happened to the Lt.

    The Lone Ranger

    Maybe the starting G.Is should just START with more moral since 30 moral while good in MNB2 does not work that well in MNB3. There are more factors that can cause your mens moral to drop: getting shot, noticing someone died, shots that miss, and explosives. I think maybe around 40-60 moral should do. One thing that I think NEEDS to get mentioned is how NONE of those things I typed down affect the Germans which make the problem WORSE since while your men shoot at them they have a reasonable chance to not get pinned mean while when your men get hit they STAY on the ground until they panic which usually kills them since they don`t return fire while on the floor causing the Jerrys full reign in that scenario. That also means when a GROUP of Jerrys that have even a couple of automatc or semi-automatic weaponry it could lead to ALL of your men being in the scenario I mentioned. Are we supposed to think that the Jerrys never get scared? If G.Is started with M1 Garands or M1 carbine however they could have a chance at least since theyll have much more suppresive ability than the Springfield. I know that we currently have medals to currently give a chance of that but together they only have like (Im guessing since I dont have the medal for being 5 days ahead) 12-20% which is VERY low [its like 1 in 10] chance and means that only like 1 or 2 men AT BEST get the Garand in a squad which while better than only Springfields is still a bit meh at suppressing them due to them not being affected by moral(basically). I do not mean for this post to look like me hating on the game or making a rant I LOVE this game why else would I have stuck with it for 229 games not to mention how many years Ive spent playing other of @urbzz games I just tried to suggest some things that could help with moral battle in MNB3 from my experiences in this game. My bad for making this post a bit lengthy. I just wanted to revive this thread and hope people come back to this thread after seeing this post and give their 2 sense on this subject with more knowledge than I do.


    I think the game would greatly benefit form equal moral drop.
    Simply let the enemy be able to PANIC just like you can.
    This be good for 2 things.
    – It can stop enemy soldiers from having the upper hand in a firefight because they do not get pinned forever nor run for it like our men do when moral drops to 0.
    – And it would actually help the enemy to panic retreat when you have a top squad that is slaughtering enemies left and right.
    Then about half would automatically run out of harms way (literally since Barbwire and Mines do not effect them) to then come back after a while in force.

    Also our men’s moral should either go down slower or recovery be faster.


    I like both panic idea, as it really give some good propose also feet the general rule in MNB3 – Apply the same rule to both side! >o<

    But, I don’t know why everyone keep thinking our morale need to recover faster or drop slowly, weird. I can’t found any lack of morale in my whole MNB3 carrier, from 0.14 to 0.23f, it is too much for me. Why does everyone keep losing their morale?!!!! lol

    XDDDDDD Maybe it just my lucky.

    0~0 Well~~, I still don’t think it is a problem.

    Whatever, changing is good to test the require, so up to Urbzz. >o<


    Good discussion here, after skimming through the thing let me just write up a quick response to keep up with current game situations.

    After skimming through I put together a summary or opinions.
    1. Although balanced the moral system needs some work
    2. Many of us have conflicting ideas on how to implement this
    3. We are using this as reason to nerf the Germans.

    In my opinion moral should effect EVERYBODY, jerry included (although less so due to their experience with fighting) If you keep moving with the same squad over multiple maps then moral loss should be greater and greater risk if somebody gets shot, as they have gotten to know each other. But remember, the mission you’re leading is almost the same as a soviet penal battalion, the soldiers are the bad apples, have low moral, and are generally not effective early on. In my opinion the moral system does need a buffer, and max moral should be increased as mentioned above. Jerry should be able to panic and it would need to be a variable to determine each soldiers moral. But overall the system works and is similar to what the soldiers would be feeling in real life. While I’m here I propose a medal! The “Christmas Special Bronze/Silver/Gold” medal, Advance 4, 8, or 12 times without losing anybody on Christmas Eve or Day, increases grunt starting moral by 5, 10 or 15 depending (each one adds five to the stack). This could also be a special Christmas challenge where your soldiers base moral is nerfed by 10 (they’re fighting on Christmas!

    Best of wishes,

    The Lone Ranger

    Noice ideas @polarfuchs we have got to think aboot the ribbons + challenges.

    The Lone Ranger

    @arise you would have to be quite lucky if you havent run into routs with your squad.

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