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Smoke Grenade Bug

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    Salty Steven

    Had a pretty hilarious glitch happen to me yesterday. I was about to put down smoke to direct a cobra, and when I threw the smoke grenade it went up into the air like normal, but it just kept getting bigger and spinning faster and faster. It caught me off guard and really made me laugh but I wasn’t able to reproduce it.
    Smoke grenade glitch


    Yes, it is known bug for very long time.

    You know the Recon is a big game, and it still contain with some very nasty bug like VC flying or something weird. This thing also happened on the rotate shoot down Huey too in history.

    Thanks god this did not keep happened. Will keep eyes on. XD

    In my experience, this bug seems relate to some computer system, as I did not have any encounter with this bug in my 5~6 tour carrier, or maybe I am just a lucky guy. >o<


    I just had a game where we had to defend a Firebase, we get there and kill a Recoilless Rifle and sit there waiting for the VC to show up, my best man gets shot down out of no where. then another, THEN ANOTHER. my Radioman is the only one left and runs out of medical supplies. He calls in a Evac from am Secondary LZ, the chopper gets there and he WON’T THROW HIS GOD DAMN SMOKE GRENADE. He just REFUSED to throw it, I even clicked on another soldiers smoke grenade and he STILL wouldn’t throw it. So he just stands there while his friends are bleeding out around him, letting the chopper leave and gets gunned down by a sudden Section of NVA. That was the best squad I have ever had on Recon, one man had 83 experience going into that mission.


    Lil question to that. Did the Smoke Grenade Icon that is used to aim appear at all/ was it selectable?
    How far away from your thrower did you aim?
    Sometimes if you aim to close to your man then the game will not throw the grenade.
    I believe that that is a glitched safety feature to prevent players from throwing frag-grenades to close to the man throwing.


    When I would select the smoke grenade it would just tell me “This soldier is unable to perform any actions” even though he is standing there, uninjured. In other words no, the smoke grenade icon would not appear when I selected it. and I usually am able to throw smoke grenades pretty close to my thrower.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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