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    Maharbal Barca

    In my mind, it is the smaller details in a game that make the experience. The minutia that is not necessarily vital, but if it were absent, would most certainly leave a feeling of want. They can even be used to highlight slightly less important, yet necessary game components.

    Here are a few examples:

    Wind and rustle: in the original LW, wind played a key part in the temperature gauge and other factors, and was signified by loud, howling winds.

    What could be done, if the new system allows, is to have trees, bushes, and large shrubs rustle in the wind. The severity of the wind would determine how much rustling takes place, giving a good visual measure for players of the wind strength. (What comes to mind is having each individual tree graphic and layer slightly enlarge and rotate on a cycle, varying in speed based on severity of wind.)

    We could even take this a step further, and have branches or other items fall from trees in heavy winds (Very URBy to be walking through the woods one windy day just to be knocked out by a felled branch)

    Lighting: This is one that I think would really add a level of difficulty rather than just an aesthetic appeal. Proper lighting mechanics could limit nighttime exploration (which it should: I’ve been doing my own night navigation in the woods and let me tell you, without even a half moon it is near nigh impossible).

    Light emanating from fire sources such as fires, torches, lanterns, and the like are what I am proposing: the farther one moves away from these sources, the darker the screen gets at night. Anyone who has played Don’t Starve is familiar with this mechanic, and how the game utilizes it even more sinisterly than it would in a regular survival game like LW.



    Those are some lovely ideas you presented us with.
    Wind and rustle: Atmosphere is surely vital to LW and different kinds of “winds” would surely be a key element to that.
    Animating the trees and brushes a bit would be nice but may be a bit hard on the game engine/ coding.
    URB effects of strong winds could be cool. Stuff (yours most likely) could fly away a bit or at least the weather effects would give you a negative to certain Skill rolls.

    Lighting: This was a big topic way back. I think on it was.
    This does not have to be to elaborate. The/a fire, for instance, could be animated a bit more so that the flames are more calm.

    Skills (most of them) should be heavily penalized in the dark but the larger the light source, or better, the higher quality the light source (a lantern is much better to work around then a torch or candle) the less penalty to a skill roll.

    Maybe the game could have a bit of Shadow Casting.
    Aside from some real good atmosphere it could mislead the player (if he wanders around at night) to see stuff (shadow of a bear for instance) that is not there.
    At the fireplace the shadows could be either soothing if moral is high or frightening if moral is low.

    *Random option to gaze at the shadows or if no shadows are in game then into the fire = random results of what is there.
    See a woman dancing = get a good sleep.
    See some fairies fly around = relaxing.
    See a dark wolf like shape stalking around = anxious, poor sleep.
    See the Wendigo = You die.



    Very good suggestions. In the new LW that I made in flash I had some particles flying of the trees in the direction of the wind. It was nice and not too demanding.



    Dynamic Story Telling

    In the way of small details, I have but a small suggestion. Small details in story telling can be key in telling a great story, just as explained by urbzz in the OP with using the example of setting a game. In this case it could be something as simple as… Remember that side quest where you fetched that potion? Well perhaps later in the game this led to the character having a different route to take based on whether said potion was delivered. Perhaps they died and you can find their tomb. I suppose this branches out into “Dont make fake choices.”

    But this is my two cents of small details helping the bigger picture. Hope I explained it well enough!

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