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    Nicholas Andersen

    I like that one!

    I only tried it once, tough, and beat it…I am a very lucky man.

    Changing the subject, is the Star Wars game in Arise´s download haven some new version of Star Destroyer or is it another game entirely?



    That is a test version (code wise not sprite) initially for the urbzz game Flagshipped that is still in a playable alpha stage.
    He originally made it available on one of the previous sites. Then Star Destroyer came along just recently. I am sure that some of the mechanics where used there as well.
    If urbzz would put up every playable game that he has into this sites Games List then that list would easily be 3 times as long.
    And that only from what I know. 😉


    Nicholas Andersen

    None of urb´s games work on Firefox-I get an eternal black screen. Anyone know the cause? Edge and IE both work fine



    I am guessing the games do not work because Flash is no longer supported in Firefox. Thats only a guess though.


    Nicholas Andersen

    Might be the cause. Oh well, its just a browser.



    I am using only Firefox since years and have no problems with Flash or its games.
    However I did read something about Flash problems with Firefox browser.
    Maybe a thread for “How to run our games” would be good?



    Saw the Wonder Woman movies this weekend with some friends before hitting a bar. After the lukewarm reception I had to Batman v Superman, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this movie, but as it turns out I liked it quite a bit. Definitely one of the better DC movies to come out recently. Gal Godot did a very good job playing her part, and despite a few failings of the movie (does she really need a love interest?), I’m happy to recommend it to you folks as the action scenes are great, if honestly not enough.



    Hey guys. Saspwned here. Been a while 🙂



    Hello Sas…Katyusha. 😀
    Really nice to see you again. Whats up?
    So W.W. is OK ee. I been avoiding it since the previews only showed WW2 action and that is not so much how I would like that character story setting to be.
    But since we share similar interests I will give it a try once I find a copy on the web friend Tyrud.
    Talking about recent movies. was rather entertaining despite the poor reviews and the fact that we where almost alone in the theater.
    Good, solid Pirate movie for a stand alone point of view. We liked.



    Good to be back. Everything has changed. Wheres the old crew? They still here?


    Nicholas Andersen

    Some of them. Lance is pretty active, and Hyyppa is still up. Urb is of course here. Other than that, Rein sometimes shows up…but I do not have the whole list, Lance should know better.
    Some new guys are pretty awesome. Out of my head, I name Arise.



    Hmm. Are you new as well? I cant remember a guy named nicholas. Im sorry. I mustve forgotten



    Hitting the avatar sends one to their Home Page. There under @ is their registration name.
    You need to use that name to # someone.
    The displayed name under the avatar can be anything the member wants to be.
    In this case the avatar name Nicholas Andersen registered with the name joacobanfield2. You may know him now. He is not an ancient reg like we are but fairly old none the less.
    Quiet a few legendary members are still with us and some of them are also very active.
    ReinFrenchments took about a half years break but he is back.
    Reid is currently a very good allrounder here. Even helps urbzz with game artwork.
    Maharbal comes in now and then and there are plenty more since MNB3 went public.
    Take a look at the Members list and you will be surprised.


    One Kidney

    Thought I’d pop my head in here, I’m British from the old
    forums. I changed my name to fit in line with my other online
    presences. I took a pretty long hiatus after moving country again and getting my life back in order, but the release of MNB 3 re-awoke my desire to be URB’d.

    It’s great to be back in the early stages of the games creation, exploring the unknown and figuring out how to risk-manage all the intricate game mechanics.



    Hi there old chap. Still residing in the UK?
    Strange avatar name you chose there.
    Nothing like being here when a game is getting made. 🙂
    Hope to hear some feedback from a great old reg as yourself.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 470 total)

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