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    Gee. Still no customers and the place had such a good grand new opening.
    Even the site is very quiet these days. Could say stuff but who would listen…
    O well it’s Sundays so time for another pamphlet.
    This one is also about our currently favorite bad guy in MNB3.



    After all these years the Bloody Sundays are still kicking? War never changes I guess, except the forums, the forums always changes with a fresh skin now and then.



    The Bloody Sundays will always remain a constant here, as long as the URB concept remains constant as well. It would be nice if the forums could remain constant too, but well you can’t have everything now can we?

    Also, welcome back xdarcodex!

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    Always good to have something consistent in these mad changing times. A little Sarge on my shoulder told me to drop on by for a visit, nice to see some old faces still kicking as well as new ones around the place.



    Sup guys
    Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Sorry for that.
    for some time I had quite a lot of stuff on my head, finally learing why students at Architecture faculty are known for asking “what is sleep?”
    Anyways, It’s coming, isn’t it? MnB3 is about to be released to public and some works on Last Winter being scheduled next if I recall correctly.
    Also, some weird thing are happening on forums now.
    First there is a “ghost” thread, where people can write and which comments appear on front page, yet upon entering it, I found it hollow, save for original post.
    Then, there is a literally, Ghost (Squad) post which appears on front page, but when attempted to enter, turns out to be non-existent.
    Is it just my bad luck, or is ther something wrong going down with the site?



    Is there one? What is it about?



    Sup, Jeff feb.
    What exactly are you referring to?
    The cursed threads, or what?



    About the cursed threads, of course.
    It might be some hacking stuff btw, not sure about it.



    Ah, yeah, it’s those two:

    The first one is unaccessable (Oops! That page can’t be found.)
    And the second one, if you study its history on the front page, you’ll see that it lacks most of the comments. The only ones I can see, are Original post, mine testing comment and Lance’s “jinxed” post.

    Man, I hope the site is allright, because I’m not feeling like changing site again 🙁



    Oh well. Hope people don’t find a way to use it for rulebreaking.



    It is weird, but don’t worry @kacpo

    Probably call the boss see what up for the site, I know there are few may not be able to use the forum, one of them is our old player – caramida9

    Not sure what cause this problem.

    In that case, I do some job about it. Just back up the site 2 days ago, hope we will never need to use it again. @@

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    Well the Ghost Squad topic seams to contain only a single post.
    “Just a test.” May 25, 2017 at 8:10 am by @vitriol
    Guess someone was just testing to post there. Should I delete the topic?

    Recon Tactical Assistance Suggestions topic is truly something else.
    I have limited access to site mechanics but I can not look into any posting history.
    From what I could make out there where never any other posts then those that are currently in the topic thread.

    As far as I can tell this site is in great shape so no worries.
    My last conversational materials where apparently not interesting.
    Anyone with a topic that that would be interesting to elaborate on here in the Tavern?



    Nothing of note around where I live, except the usual media headlines saying this and that in such a way that makes you question why you even turn to those channels.

    Actually, this didn’t happen recently, but recently enough that it might be worth retelling. I saw the fire fighters of my city doing their work first hand after someone in my building left to go to work without checking to see if their stove was off. The firefighters raced up stairs after we told them what they wanted to know and I saw them make short work of locked wooden door. It was fascinating to watch them work with the upmost discipline and tactical know how. I even saw them debriefing and discussing other ways they could’ve gone in and various other theoreticals. They were real nice guys and gals too.



    Firefighting pros sure are something. We have a rather large volunteer firefighter squad here in this small town.
    They have 1 all terrain water-tank+pump truck. 1 multipurpose troop and equipment transport with ladder on top. This one always moves out.
    1 large general purpose van that is usually empty so that it can be quickly filled with whatever is additionally needed.
    1 large and 1 small boat for rescue and other needs related to the large river that this town is next to.
    Multiple trailers with different stuff on them like flooding control gear.
    Jup, when they move out half the town is part of the mission.



    Yeah, firefighters are cool.
    I guess everyone at some point in their life wanted to be a firefighter.

    Anyway, since it’s already a sunday;

    Enjoy your weekend folks, and URB on!

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