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    I was hoping someone will get this 🙂
    Yeah, I’ve sunk some hours into it, even though my rig can barely pull it. Still, even on minimal the graphics are stunning.



    After getting the back lawn out of its winter sleep the barkeep, totally worn out, puls himself with what remains of his strength back behind the counter.
    He enters right as Kacpo finished talking.
    “I missed that one. What game guys?”



    “They be talking about the Division, they are!” the old sailor Tyrud proclaims. He has been busy at sea and will soon be returning to the old blue maiden soon, but for now he takes a second to enjoy a drink on his spare free time.



    The Division. Interestingly I did not her about it before. Looked it up and man it sounds like just the type of game for an Urbanian to enjoy.
    Maybe another time…



    Damn straight.” Kacpo stood up and started walking to the counter. “Based on Tom Clancy’s, Lord have mercy on his soul, concept of basically post apocalyptic New York, where lethal virus killed a hellov’a lot of people, and those who were lucky to survive, struggle to survive in quarantinned city.
    When he get there, he took a tin cup and poured some boiling water from a kettle, then tossed a teabag inside.
    But, the thing is, that even though it looks like realistic tactical shooter, it’s a full on RPG, with quests, stats, levels and exp, dressed as realistic tactical shooter.
    When the tea was ready, he added a lemon slice and two honey cubes he had stashed for such occasion and carried on, while stirring the tea.
    What it means, is that you run around a city in your tac gear, and when you come across a baddie, it usually takes two to five mags worth of headshots to take down a guy in a hoodie with a baseball bat, just because he’s got a higher number above his head.
    He took a sip.
    “Well, at least for once the Russians arent the bad guys here”



    pretty much WoW in new york. it does get a little ridiculous with how tough the baddies are sometimes… like dude in the sweater, WTF is under that hood damn adamantium?


    Nicholas Andersen





    So, what are the changes, exactly? Can anyone tell?



    hammer; hammer; nail; splong “There! fine place for a public pamphlet”

    The old barkeep looks slowly up to Kacpo and explains in a calm voice.
    “Changes…You know about the selection bars on the front page here right?.”
    “There has been made a small edition in the Forums drop down menue to include this General Forum since people did not always get that simply hitting the name >Forum< was the link itself. Also there is the HELP link as well that sends people to the Site Help Tread." "Hope that helped a few people around here to navigate better among these random seas."



    “Fine changes indeed! It is very easy for newcomers to get lost around these parts.” The old sea captain Tyrud comments, having returned from his journey in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

    @lance You asked for a small AAR of my travels abroad, well I can report that the Caribbean is still a nice place to visit. Warm weather, good food and friendly if rather poor folks. ‘Twas interesting to see old places where my folks and I used to live, and even more interesting to see those same places having changed so much. Perhaps you can relate, Sayyed Lance if you’ve ever gone back to the U.S. or even (doubtful) Okinawa.



    Good travels are a blessing. Glad to hear that yours was worth it @tyrud.
    Currently planning to make a short trip to the Belgian North See.
    Planning I must say since in the end those plans usually fail half the time.
    Okinawa was great but I don’t see myself visiting it ever again. Although Japan in general would be nice to see again.
    I will definitely make it back to the US and for more then just a short trip.
    Work is currently just to intense here and there is always that financial thing.
    In a few more years I am sure to have more breathing room. Hopefully….



    Damn, MnB is pretty hard nowadays, I love it and I hate it because I can’t even seem to get the M1 Garand Upgrade Ribbon ;_;

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    Welcome to the new Sleeping Bear Tavern rumpel.
    The Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon sure is nice to have for them low tier soldiers.
    Requirements: Survive 1,000 enemy waves before the 25th mission.
    Effects: All basic soldiers, paratroopers (Springfield rifle replaced with Garand), frenchies, and scouts start with M1 Garands.

    Making an average of 40 waves should not be to hard if using some sort of strategy even in this latest version of the game.
    Biggest issue is surely still them Detailed Order Crates that mess with the logical game counter.
    Victoria Cross on the other hand is hard as hell. Survive 10,000 enemy waves before the 100th mission, while deploying less than 2,500 men.
    Not because of the 2500 men limit but you need to get a lot of games that go way over 100 waves to balance out the difference of all them URBed games.
    Good luck with your games and URB On!



    While polishing out the short drink glasses the barkeep’s eyes wander through the silent Tavern.
    “Lots of folks out there wandering down Brutality Lane but the Tavern is quiet empty these days.”
    “Well I did get a new poster for the public eye.”

    And for some non site related social talk.
    I’ve been at the movies a bit lately. Ghost-in-a-Shell sure was a visual treat but the story flow could have been a lot better. The anime movies and series of the same are also still good and at least explain a bit more about the overall tale to be told.

    Just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy vol2 and it is definitely one of the best movies that I ever did see.
    All that stunning action is still running through my mind. The comedy is almost as hard as in Dead Pool and the story content even more so.
    Personally I would not recommend this one to kids despite the non-R-rating.

    For kicks we watch one old movie every 2nd weekend and this time around it was Evil Dead II where we almost fell of the couch while laughing.
    If this was suppose to be scary then “we” are the wrong audience for that kind of horror.
    Part 3 will be up next since it is suppose to be even better.



    I like that helmet, with five finer hole. >o<

    Even HMG nerf, but German will have Arty when another patch come out, so you are going to have another bad day. XDD

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