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    It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted here but I come bearing the gift HYPE!


    And even more Unfair Random Brutality in it’s very early stage.


    I have a question. Will the Steam release of Mud and Blood just be a port or are you going to fix the most complained about design elements such as:
    *The logical wave counter counting towards medals instead of the visible wave counter counting towards medals.
    *Troops from either side throwing or firing explosives when the target is near friendlies.
    *100 experience troops experience hogging. Maybe make it that the experience they gain will be distributed to other units. Or if that’s too overpowered, make it a percentage chance.
    *Anti-Vehicle and anti-stealth units gaining experience at a snail’s pace since the stuff they are effective against are so rare. 1 exp for killing basic troops, 2 for killing infiltrators (Brandenburg Infiltrators and Snipers), 3 for destroying light vehicles (can be effectively destroyed by mid-strength weapons) and 4 for destroying heavy vehicles (the stuff you need the Anti-tank for).


    So no Steam remake of Mud and Blood 2? Or will the Steam Mud and Blood have an almost identical game mode?


    This is to good to die on the Discord and it fits perfectly into here.
    Chow Yun Fat

    I take a long drag from my cigarette as I stare out of my foxhole, hollow eyed at the treeline.
    The distant sounds of oinking coming nearer and nearer as the sun sets.
    The cold steel of my AR-15 the only thing that stands between those hogs and my kids behind me.
    A smell of pig shit wafts on the breeze as I load the 5.56mm into my magazines.
    Claymores line forward positions, ready for those pink bastards come at me.

    As the sun goes down the oinking comes closer, trees rustling in the summer heat.
    A flare goes up, and my blood runs cold.
    30-50 screaming VietHogs rush my position blowing those damn whistles and making an ungodly racket.

    I unload magazine and magazine as little Suzy mans the Ma Deuce.
    Hot casing fill our foxholes as little Johnny calls in fast movers to nape the treeline.
    Still, they don’t stop.

    The pigs just keep on coming as I am forced to use my bayonet on the slippery hams.
    Little Suzy is hit and dragged off as Johnny calls a broken arrow, Huey’s rain rocket fire all around us as A-4s drop 500lb bombs.

    I don’t know how long we fought, but it seemed like an eternity.
    As the sun rose and exposed the dead and dying bodies of dozens of feral hogs, I gathered my family and readied for another night of hell.
    My gun and me the only thing standing in the way of those twisty tailed beasts.
    Because pest control… Pest control never changes.

Viewing 6 posts - 496 through 501 (of 501 total)
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