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    Nicholas Andersen

    I got into university. It feels weird seeing this place so empty after all these years… Much fun was had playing MnB.
    That is to say, I’ve still got to beat Ditreliz.


    one thing I can say is, We’ve had a good run. Hopefully people comeback and make the place noisy again. just like the good ol days. bersimon, val, Muffin, frenchy the rest of the old breed. 😥


    Alas, things change in time. I just opened up Google and they say flash support will be discontinued December 2020, so basically in about 15 months.

    The gaming trends have changed. I remember back when MnB2 came out, a lot of gaming was still “hard core”. Now it’s becoming more mainstream, at the expense of also becoming casual. (Oblivion was the beginning of this, the result is games like Fortnite.)

    Lol, if URB games were considered hardcore 10 years ago, they’re considered twice as hardcore now. The gamers of today couldn’t stomach URB.

    I think many of us have grown old. I mean, I know most of you were adults back in the day, but I was not even a teenager 10 years ago. Now I pay bills and run my own business lol. All our lives are changing, and so is the world. Flash is dead, community is dying, we are all dying too (as we get older lol).

    All good things must come to an end. But at least we can still play these great games.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I remember thinking that 3 frenchies were better than 1 soldier, and using exclusively frenchies as soldiers for the longest of times.

    Commander Deltor

    Are there any plans to allow people to play these games after flash ends?

    Also for some reason Lance’s most recent post hit me. I’ve been telling my friends about this site for years now, I always enjoyed these games. It’s unfortunate that people would rather play, for lack of a better phrase, “mindless” war games where they don’t have to think, they just shoot. These games are what I wish people played regularly. It’d give them a better understanding of what goes into conflict, as well as wanting their men to survive

    Nicholas Andersen

    I liked this place back when we had the dark forum with the soldier icons. But all things must move on, and all good things must come to an end. This site has made me laugh, cry, rage, and insult the heavens more than once. I’m happy it all happened.


    Hello again.
    All this talk about Flash based things suddenly stopping to work is pure hysteria.
    Sites that still host flash games have long acquired a standalone browser based Flash player integrate.
    How well that will work with different browsers is something else however since some companies apparently do not want anything to do with Flash based stuff anymore.

    For us Flash lovers there are a few downloadable programs that will continue to run Flash.
    Also there are sites run by good old Flash fans who help with getting things like Standalone-Flash-Players to work as well as have a huge data base on all that is/was Flash related.
    Mostly games but also other things.
    Eventually Flash games will most likely end like DOS games but still be a lot more popular since there are more free Flash games then there ever was DOS games made.
    Time will show if there may even be a Flash Revival in the future.
    However, and that is the main reason why urbzz has gone to a different coding language, is that the current Flash is to limited for his coding ambitions.

    Hope that this lil speech of mine helps with moral. πŸ™‚
    Stay brutal folks and URB On!


    Ooo and for those that love to see this place or any other place in the smooth dark mode again then use Firefox Browser with the add on Dark Reader.
    You’ll love it πŸ˜‰

    Nicholas Andersen

    Guess what I’ve just come across, Lance…

    Paladin Andric

    Hey everyone. I’ve been gone for a while. What’s up? I got a few recent upsets, having to drive days at a time to visit far away due to a death in the family…it’s been tough.

    Still keeping on, though. Working on redrafting my book and playing lots of Rome and Medieval Total War. How’s the old guard doing?

    And YES Nick! I loved the sprite avatars and dark forums. Was packed with regulars too. Good times…


    Yaa that’s MNB cannon for sure Nick.

    Hello and welcome back O grandest story teller of em all.
    Sorry about your loss.
    Up is a new game in the making called StateCraft.
    Already playable but still in closed alpha.
    In case you or anyone else likes to make suggestions then head over to the respective topic forum/ thread.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Well, so ends my first year at university.

    Dammit, it’s been such a long time since I found this place. Their Forgotten Story is going quite well, though I admit not playing as many URB games as I used to. Still manage to get URBed by Ditreliz, though. I’ll get him one of these days…


    Aside uninteresting labor works to tell about I was here enjoying a high cultural festival.

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