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    A hight temperature oven would be great but ours is just a regular cheap one that can barely get 250c° going after a very long time of heating.
    Got a trick however. Got a pizza stone block that compensates the lack of high heat a bit while giving the food a cross taste without ever anything sticking to it.
    The Flammkuchen turned out as it should so that worked.

    Pappa’s line of games . .. . A yes, a few. The side scowler was my favorite. Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!


    One question about pizza



    Why yes. In the non glass dish. Cut into small slices from a fresh whole delicious fruit.
    The taste is marvelous on my pizza. 🙂
    Or did I get it wrong?

    Nicholas Andersen

    Never tried. May not try.
    Currently I’m in the UK. I got a study trip for my 18th birthday, so I got the gift of being alone in a foreign country!

    But this place is super cool so I can’t complain. I’ve gone lots of places, learned lots of stuff, met lots of people. Adulthood can be fun!

    I also lucked out and won £70 (!!!!!) in Steam gift cards in an arcade. And got merchandise of my own character as well!


    You turned 18 . . . adulthood eee. Well it is a big step into freedom for some and lots of responsibility for others.
    Nice that you are having lots of fun in the UK.
    Land is big so my I ask for a more precise location?

    Also congrats on that win. Was it in a UK arcade?
    Man I loved to hang out in arcades in the day.
    There are basically none around here anymore.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I already came back. I was in London for six weeks, saw both Amsterdam and Dublin on the weekends. Best six weeks of my life!
    I’ve been with y’all for so long now. Like 6 years? Four? It’s a lot of time.
    Yes, it was a UK arcade. Near the London Eye, actually. They had Time Crisis 5 of all things, which I didn’t even know existed and beat with five credits.
    Too sad we’re running out of arcades. They were the best.


    Welcome back.
    Fun trips can be very refreshing to the body and mind.
    Time crisis 5 ee. I looked at a vid of it and am not impressed. For a game made in 2015 it looks just like any other arcade shooter that has been around for the past 25 years save a bit better graphics and apparently very easy game play. Nothing to much to think; just keep hitting the targets fast enough.
    Arcades in general where a great place to hang around. I heard that in Japan for instance they still are.

    Paladin Andric

    Haven’t seen a single arcade in ages here. We drove to a spot over in NJ last vacation and there was a one down on the boardwalk though.

    Last time I remember ever being in an arcade was Funstation USA as a teenager. I played House of the Dead with an old grandma and we got pretty far without continues. Good times.


    Cool that you mention House of the Dead because I liked it a lot too.
    Never got far. Felt dam hard. One must know in advance where to shoot and keep close track of the bullet count or you die fast.
    So I looked it up and actually found a great play through so I finally got to see the entire game. . awwww sweeet. . . . . :))


    Nicholas, was the arcade called Namco Funscape? If so, I enjoyed the hell out of that place during my time in London last summer. I remember it being quite near the London Eye, and I also recall spending most of my tokens winning a Winnie the Pooh from a claw machine as I had seen the Christopher Robin movie the previous day lol.

    You’re lucky you got to spend 6 weeks in Europe, I only had 3, but it was such a blast. Hope you had fun!

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    Namco Funscape! Well I’ll be . . . . my offspring was there last year while on a London city trip.
    I wounder how expensive a day there would be for someone that just wants to play a few games for old time sakes?


    Two years. It’s been nearly two years since I was last on here.

    Two years of clawing through academics and all sorts of personal griefs and triumphs. Struggles and success. All that and I feel I have grown a lot. Of course, there was also a generous amount of old music and video games in between; anyone wanna add me on Steam? 😀 Really need to get back to URB gaming tho.

    So yeah, I am back! Hot damn, I feel so old!!! I first got on this whole ship what, 2013-14? Can’t check as the old site seems to have finally gone down. 😭 I really loved perusing the old posts.
    But anyway how has it been, dudes/dudettes? (Do we have any girls yet? Hahaha) Last logged off as I was coming into senior high, and now it’s the summer before second year college. Definitely youth talking, but it feels like a whole era has past for me.

    While I can’t promise to be active all the time (though it is summer break now), I’ll pitch in when I can. But anyway how’s it been yo? Any old blood still around? Who’s come and who’s left? What’s the latest developments? Gimme some shelter, boys. College is rough. What’s happened during all this time? Forums have been looking a bit dead, and the Facebook page hasn’t posted in ages. And would it hurt to prod the Discord a bit?

    And I raise a cheer, by the way, to you all, wherever you may be, whatever you’re going through. We’ll all make it through somehow. A cheer to old times and to hope for the future.

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    Nicholas Andersen

    Looking back at my pictures, it does look like the one you mention, yes.
    Heh, House of the Dead. I’ve got a personal score to settle with that one, but I’ve never found it.
    Good to have you back, FieldsOfFire.


    4 months since this was updated, are you guys still alive? lol

    Also, URB if youre reading this, I say Hi 😀

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    Not urbzz but I say “Hi” back to you anyways @saspwned 🙂
    The Discord has sadly sucked in just about everyone . .- . .
    Very convenient that place but it also forgets real fast that that is more then a bad thing.
    As the Tavern Keeper I do feel ashamed that it has turned into a ghost house but what to do . . . ++
    As much as I plea on those that make good community contributions to at least make a copy on this site instead to let it get washed away in the Discord they simply do not understand or most likely are way to lazy to care/try -.,–.,-. . dsfdsc

    So basically I am calling quits on trying to upkeep a mostly dormant site after giving it all for many many years.
    Instead I will support anything that comes along and patiently wait for others to do some community work.
    Cheers old friend. Do keep coming back for a talk and a drink on the house.

Viewing 15 posts - 451 through 465 (of 494 total)
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