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    Not urbzz but I say “Hi” back to you anyways @saspwned 🙂
    The Discord has sadly sucked in just about everyone . .- . .
    Very convenient that place but it also forgets real fast that that is more then a bad thing.
    As the Tavern Keeper I do feel ashamed that it has turned into a ghost house but what to do . . . ++
    As much as I plea on those that make good community contributions to at least make a copy on this site instead to let it get washed away in the Discord they simply do not understand or most likely are way to lazy to care/try -.,–.,-. . dsfdsc

    So basically I am calling quits on trying to upkeep a mostly dormant site after giving it all for many many years.
    Instead I will support anything that comes along and patiently wait for others to do some community work.
    Cheers old friend. Do keep coming back for a talk and a drink on the house.


    Nicholas Andersen

    I got into university. It feels weird seeing this place so empty after all these years… Much fun was had playing MnB.
    That is to say, I’ve still got to beat Ditreliz.



    one thing I can say is, We’ve had a good run. Hopefully people comeback and make the place noisy again. just like the good ol days. bersimon, val, Muffin, frenchy the rest of the old breed. 😥



    Alas, things change in time. I just opened up Google and they say flash support will be discontinued December 2020, so basically in about 15 months.

    The gaming trends have changed. I remember back when MnB2 came out, a lot of gaming was still “hard core”. Now it’s becoming more mainstream, at the expense of also becoming casual. (Oblivion was the beginning of this, the result is games like Fortnite.)

    Lol, if URB games were considered hardcore 10 years ago, they’re considered twice as hardcore now. The gamers of today couldn’t stomach URB.

    I think many of us have grown old. I mean, I know most of you were adults back in the day, but I was not even a teenager 10 years ago. Now I pay bills and run my own business lol. All our lives are changing, and so is the world. Flash is dead, community is dying, we are all dying too (as we get older lol).

    All good things must come to an end. But at least we can still play these great games.


    Nicholas Andersen

    I remember thinking that 3 frenchies were better than 1 soldier, and using exclusively frenchies as soldiers for the longest of times.

Viewing 5 posts - 451 through 455 (of 455 total)

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