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    Definitely, adding too many ingredients or condiments makes one incapable to actually appreciate the taste of the individual ingredients, making their inclusion a waste.

    That tarte seems like an instant success. Did you use the super high temperatures as the articles claim are used in the original recipe?

    The aloo pyaz I make, following the recipe my grandmother taught me, uses tomato paste, curry powder (in Brazil, it’s easy to find a pre-made mix in supermarkets, usually made of turmeric, cardamom, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, clove, pepper and cinnamon) and added pepper (because most of these pre-made curry powders aren’t very strong).

    Speaking of food, did you play the Pappa’s line of games (pizzeria, burgueria and such)? I always found the depictions of food items in those games very convincing, and it was entertaining to assemble and cook the dishes (before the game gets grindy, that is).



    A hight temperature oven would be great but ours is just a regular cheap one that can barely get 250c° going after a very long time of heating.
    Got a trick however. Got a pizza stone block that compensates the lack of high heat a bit while giving the food a cross taste without ever anything sticking to it.
    The Flammkuchen turned out as it should so that worked.

    Pappa’s line of games . .. . A yes, a few. The side scowler was my favorite. Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!



    One question about pizza




    Why yes. In the non glass dish. Cut into small slices from a fresh whole delicious fruit.
    The taste is marvelous on my pizza. 🙂
    Or did I get it wrong?


    Nicholas Andersen

    Never tried. May not try.
    Currently I’m in the UK. I got a study trip for my 18th birthday, so I got the gift of being alone in a foreign country!

    But this place is super cool so I can’t complain. I’ve gone lots of places, learned lots of stuff, met lots of people. Adulthood can be fun!

    I also lucked out and won £70 (!!!!!) in Steam gift cards in an arcade. And got merchandise of my own character as well!



    You turned 18 . . . adulthood eee. Well it is a big step into freedom for some and lots of responsibility for others.
    Nice that you are having lots of fun in the UK.
    Land is big so my I ask for a more precise location?

    Also congrats on that win. Was it in a UK arcade?
    Man I loved to hang out in arcades in the day.
    There are basically none around here anymore.

Viewing 6 posts - 436 through 441 (of 441 total)

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