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    I participated a little in the original Sleeping Bear thread on In my mind it was so legendary that I can’t recreate the same feeling in subsequent versions. The Slumbering Ursa was indeed what came immediately after. In the story the original tavern had “burned down” (reached 200 pages) and so the Sleeping Bear tavern owner, Mo-Tah, set up shop again with a new yet similar venue.

    Eventually though people left, and without the original core gang (Mo, Samuli, panzershreck) things didn’t feel the same. Partly cause Mo-Tah’s way of writing was so brilliant and because the thread sort of relied on the core group as main characters, with a stream of minor characters wandering in or passing through. For instance, the sheriffs who came by to crack down on our antics (Tazaraki and Bersimon, forum moderators). Or someone like myself, a sea Captain (Captain was my nick on those forums) who wandered in to listen to one of panzer’s bard tales, watch Samuli drown himself in Vodka, or to hit on the bar maid.

    Very good times indeed. Sadly the original posts can’t be uncovered except for a very small portion as far as I am aware. From what was left I began to draft a story that translated the posts into more of a book form. I think I will post that on the site soon.

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    Background tales are also what this place is good for.
    Those are some sweet re-caps dear Maharbal and Reid and they are so true.
    I, very very sadly, was never able to get an account going on that old site but I followed it ever since the site link from MNB:Vietnam send me there.
    Arrived when MNB2 was still in it’s diapers stage with the only enemy to deal with for endless rounds the basic German soldiers.
    Had loads of fun with the free games there and played a bit of Last Winter too.

    Flagshipped still exists as a now playable short. Want a link Maharbal?
    Star Destroyer kind of evolved out of that basic engine. Loads of fun to aid the Empire in their quest to dominate the galaxy.



    Wow, that sound pretty epic, @reid. Can’t say I’ve had experiences like that. Right now I’m mainly just reading all of the RP type stories before I get involved (If I even do). Kind of like and Observer, I guess.



    I’m relatively new here, (joined around the time when Recon lost it’s 3-phase mission system) so I don’t know how it was “in the old days”. As far as I know, there was no major roleplaying going on since last 2 years or so.
    Maybe with slight exception of small attempt on my side, with Sci-fi story of URBS “Wildfire”, where a couple of folks threw their ideas for characters, more or less personal, which is currently on hold. If anyone’s interested, I’ve got it saved up somewhere.
    Anyway, should anyone start any RP, let me know. I’ll gladly join.



    Yeah, I’d love to see it! After all, this observer does what observers do.



    I love this game.

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    @littlebunny I love your drawing , it looks awesome. >o<

    The Last Winter might be the update in future, soon we will see what will be the next as the MNB3 is going to out. XD



    LOL A Bear in the city and the sheriff wont allow you to shoot it.
    Poked your nose to deep into that hole and then even fell for it. awwwee good times.
    Awesome vid LB, awesome. 🙂



    Wonderful video, LittleBunny xD



    Excellent vid, LB. Perhaps the biggest insult lobbed onto your injury was the Native squaw refusing to give you the time of day!


    Nicholas Andersen

    I´m back!
    Sorry for the abscence. I see you have…redecorated.
    I like the new looks. Nice job!
    By the way, yes, I made a new account. I couldn´t log in to my old one. Is that OK?



    The old bar keep sits back in his high chair behind the counter allowing his gaze to wander yonder into the taverns depths.
    Load thoughts glide over his lips “Carneval…always a treat for me mind and soul”. “Sadly my body is not that resilient anymore to get of scot free thereafter.”
    *Colorful folks there are and luckily only make believe such as we have here too.

    He snaps out of his daydream as a familiar face enters the Tavern introducing himself with an unfamiliar name.
    Nicholas Andersen?
    Your back eee, but lass, you needs to be more specific when talking of back in these new parts of the world.
    A New Account is indeed needed since all of old has fallen pray to the latest calamity.
    My I ask again of your former call sign? Was it not Jacko something?


    Nicholas Andersen

    Yes, it was @joacobanfield2 . I think I rolled a 1 in my sign-up roll, and the handle got the same, and the username changed. By the way, Nicholas Andersen is one of the characters I made for my story. He´s my favourite.
    Also, what calamity? Did the old forum go snafu? Or was it Phil?



    Hi again Jacob. Eh, it’s always hard for me to adjust whenever someone is changing their name.
    Anyway, it’s nice to have you back here.
    As for the old forum, it got infected by some ad-ware that burried deep within a code and was unremovable, so URB decided to nuke the old forum. It’s, unfortunately, gone.
    But worry not, for our dear friend, da real MVP; Arise, made a backup of most of the more vital threads and brings them up, when necessary.


    Nicholas Andersen

    Did it leave a large crater or a small one?

    In completely unrelated news, I´ve been…experimenting…with Kerbal Space Program

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