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    I think us cooks will need help from the rest of you with hunting and gathering some ingredients for us to make a nice feast in celebration of… we’ll think of a good motive in time. πŸ˜€ What matters is having a feast!

    @Michael: What kind of Urbness are you into lately?


    @Bersimon: Nothing much mate, just some nice old Commanding and not getting my squads killed (They died alot).
    Anyways, I never have seen you before, new to the URB family?


    Coughing from a back room where the dammed sickly rest comes a long moan containing a slight laughter.
    “Bersimon be around since the time the very first Tavern seen the green light of over 15 years ago or so….. soo . .. . ”
    .. having uttered those words Lance passes away again into faint dreams of hysteria and madness.

    Say, got some game vids to share?


    Faceplants onto table and goes back up
    Well shoot, I didn’t know that @_@;;.

    I mean if you are looking for some past Squad streams I did some time ago, yeah. Want them?


    I’m glad that, although the people will come and go, the tavern and its patrons are always nice and hospitable. πŸ™‚

    Fetches a basin of cool water and a towel for Lance.

    Was it the stagnant water, a bad mushroom or a freak rain that has caught you while you were out, Lance?

    Wipes the sweat away and leaves the towel to cool his head.

    I’m playing a lot of Statecraft – it’s a lot of fun. The 8-bit soundtrack is lovely and the things that happen in the game are pretty inventive. I’ve been writing down bugs and suggestions to post later.


    “Is it my blurred vision or are the avatar pictures a lot bigger all of a sudden? Ber-(Tavern) magic??”
    Answers Bersimons questions in a broken sentence. “Kids got bad colds and after resiting infection for some 2 weeks I finally failed the savings roll.
    Curled up in me castle to rest and alas the temple of Gaygax has a very friendly special nurse that helps me recover.
    Head ache is the worst. Foul nightmarish demons are tormenting my mind.”

    Would like to see a more recent play @michael123qw with the latest version.
    Nobody is uploading any urbzz plays of late. Save me. πŸ™

    Statecraft – it’s a lot of fun
    Heck yes it is and knowing you it be right along your gaming ally.
    The next version already has lots of improvements and expansions but sadly urbzz is MIA from here once again and nobody that I know of has access to this one.


    Dang man, I probs be getting back to Urbing again, probably maybe today I can stream some ubrzz.
    I saw around that Statecraft is a thing but only available to testers? It sounds fun to try it out And not die in the process
    And hope you get well soon Lance 😃




    Owl on me I see?!?
    Tullamore Dew is working wonders for me right now.
    Much better tasting then Vicks Medinight , mindinnight, medieval knight . . . yaaaa…. *chough *chough . . . .

    The Statecraft that is avail to testers is not so important anymore since that version is long overdue by now as urbzz has already gone over yonder to the next installment leaving only a shadow behind.


    A wee bit on how a typical Urbanian conversation used to go down and has recently been made.
    Was over at the club house (Discord) and herd this awesome reply there.
    Is Bersimon been taken care of?
    looks like it, he should have access to everything
    unless you wanted us to dump his body in a river or something


    “A message from the top, eh? Always exciting when one of those telegrams reaches our neck of the woods.” the sailor says as he adds some fresh firewood and stokes the flames to provide him and his companions some warmth as the temperature outside drops.

    “Rumor has it there’s some activity afoot in those far away lands of castles and courtiers. How deceiving such a simple life can be. Wouldn’t want to stand between a noble knave or a treacherous mistress and their ambitions. A life on the seas suits me more.”


    @Tyrud: Wait then until Seacraft comes along. You’ll be the captain standing between the first mate or a treacherous mistress and their ambitions. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    : Hahaha, that’s hilarious! I seem to have Author privileges in the administration section now (I can make posts).


    Time for some seasonal music.


    santa that jolly old bastard time to gib em!
    Hey, it’s Santa…let’s gib him!


    This video is insane… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Midgeman sure did a good job with it!

Viewing 15 posts - 421 through 435 (of 494 total)
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