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    Unsure if you recall how Mud and Blood 2 got created.
    Took many years of constant updates to get where it is now.
    MnB3 also has quiet the way behind it by now but it is not at all as “finished” as MnB2 is so expect lots of changes to come.

    You mentioned enemy armor with infantry counter attacks.
    I actually had them quiet a few times but the results where very random.
    Sometimes the Tank would do something stupid and sometimes the Infantry would so that both did not work together for to long.

    Say, how did you deal with Tiger Tanks?

    Arian Manchego

    Yeah it must be hard to program coordinated behaviour.

    Both types of tanks had two weaknesses. First off they would generally go to a certain point and become more or less stationary. Then, their range of vision seemed poor. So I would generally find a “safe” position and then peck and peck and peck until destroying them. They were still pretty dangerous, but less so as I got used to the behavior. But very exciting when they “retreated” after being hit and I would have to extend into dangerous territory to hunt them down.

    One thing that might raise their “fear factor” could be, that as they are hit and drop HP past certain levels, small random infantry advances could be spawned right next to the tank? That could be really scary and unpredictable.


    A figure is approaching the tavern and as it reaches the edge of the woods next to the tavern it stops.
    ” Ah, The Sleeping Bear Tavern,” you could hear it saying if you were close enough,
    ” I am finally here, after all that time”
    The fade light coming from the tavern reveals that the figure is a man of quite a large and brawny body. He is standing there and is just staring at the building, perhaps admiring it or perhaps has entered into a mind bubble thinking about some memory or story he had heard of this place. After standing there for 5 minutes he walks towards the entrance and reaches to the door, grabs the doorhandle and pauses. He sighs deeply.
    “Well, here we go”
    He opens the door and takes a glance inside before stepping forward. As he steps inside he sees that the tavern is rather empty and is surprised and even dissapointed by that. Nevertheless he moves towards the bar and the barkeep, looking around the tavern noticing unfamiliar faces and noone that he knows.

    Those in the tavern sitting around their tables are looking at the man. A tall, large figure, wearing a fur coat and carrying a large sack on his back. Many might wonder what is in that bag, many might not care and turn back to their glasses, chatting with their companions or just spectating everyhting happening inside the tavern.

    The man goes to the bar but doesn´t take a seat. He looks around him to find an empty table next to a wall and after he is happy with the choice he has made, turns to the barkeep:
    “I don´t zuppoze you got lemonz in your tavern, barkeep?”
    In the moment he says that he notices a bowl of lemons on the left on the bar, though as far as he recalls that wasn´t there just moments ago
    “hmm, zo the tavern iz mazical, ze rumorz were true. Well never minz ze lemonz, can I get two bottlez of pure vodka, ze purer ze besser, I will be zitting in that table there,” pointing to the table he had chosen just before.
    “My name iz Wilhelm, but mozt of my friendz call me Kaizer. I don´t mind which name you call me. You can tell me yourz onze you bring me thoze bottlez of vodka. I might be staying heer for zome time.”

    Wilhelm grabs the bowl of lemons on the bar and goes to the table, places the bowl on the table and drops the bag on the floor with a heavy thump. He then takes off the coat and throws it on to the chair next to him, revealing a German Military uniform he is wearing. On his belt is a holstered Luger Pistol and a German officers sabre from the great war.
    He sits on a chair and grabs for his sack and reaches in with his hand and takes out a peeler and 2 large glass bowls. He takes a quick look at the bar and then starts to peel the lemons into the bowls.

    Hope you enjoyed my characters intro

    A little about me irl-ish
    Im a long-time fan of Urb games, first contact was (was so funny to read several pages back as somebody had the same thing) playing MnB2 (as well as the first vietnam MnB) in Canopian. I remember that i started before M4 got the add-on 50cal as an upgrade and everything you could buy was on the left. At some point I started playing other games more but MnB still remained and sitll is my favourite browser game. I tried to get on to the new website but couldn´t log in ( as far as ive heard now, the same problem Arise has been having) but now after trying again today it worked and here I am.
    I am hoping to meet and just have a regular chitchat with you and get to know you more. Im pretty sure I´ve forgotten stuf to sya as I usually do so meh 😀

    Hope to see you around
    “Kaiser” Wilhelm


    Welcome to the Sleeping Bear Tavern Mr. Wilhelm.
    Two bottles of out best vodka coming right up. Today’s distillation has a mean kick to it so you may want to take it slow. I did not last night and the mules in me head just wont stop kicking.
    *seriously, tried out a new brands and it messed me up bad time.

    That is a very nice introduction. Love to read well formulated texts here.
    Speaking of. It’s Sunday and I got me hands on a new pamphlet to show around.


    A man approaches Wilhelm. This man looks like a U.S. General with 5 stars on his chest(you’ve been staring too long if you noticed more than one star).
    “My names Alexalas I’ve had 10 tours In Nam’ and I would like to welcome you the sleeping bear tavern.”

    “Its been losing patrons recently and I haven’t stopped by here as often as I should but always glad to see new faces… and the old ones too.”

    Pulls up a chair and a bottle of whiskey and vodka.

    “mind if I share a drink with ya?”


    Wilhelm takes the two bottles and puts them on the table

    “Oh no no no, I don´t drink them ztraight up, no worries”

    He continues to peel the few last lemons from the bowl when a man approaches his table. He looks up to see a man in a US officers uniform. The man is called Alexalas and is asking if he could join Wilhelm for a drink.

    “Thank you for ze welcome. Ja, ofcourze you can join me, though I muzt zay, I won´t be drinking for zome time. I need to wait for my drink to be ready you zee”

    He continues to peel his lemons into the bowls

    ” 10 tourz in vietnam huh. That iz quite imprezzive. I´ve been there twice for a zingle zortie each time. Vietnam iz a tough place to be in.”

    He stops speaking for a moment and seemingly focuses on the lemons and very soon finishes peeling the last lemon.

    ” Would you like a lemon?” He asks Alexala offering a peeled lemon to him

    “Well, I have a large number of lemonz here, you can take them if you wizh”

    He smiles and pushes the bowl with peeled lemons towards Alex. He then opens up the bottles of vodka and pours one bottle to each bowl. He then puts the empty bottles into his sack and takes out a small pack. The pack has “Zucker” written large on it, and Wilhelm places the pack next to the bowls.

    “Ja, now we have to wait. But while we wait, tell me about yourzelf. You zerved in vietnam, anywhere else. Alzo, what iz ze name of the barkeep, he forgot to tell me. Thatz okay, a buzy man can forget many thingz. I am happy to finally be here and that iz all that matterz”

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    The Barkeep brings Wilhelm the vodka that he places on the table. He continues to peel the lemons when a man approaches his table. Wilhelm looks up and sees a man in US officers uniform. The man introduces himself as Alexala and ask if he could join Wilhelm for a drink.

    ” Thank you for ze welcome. Ja, ofcourze you can join me, though I won´t be drinking juzt yet. I need to wait for my drink to be ready” He says pointing to the bowls

    As the man sits down, Wilhelm continues to peel the last of the lemons in the bowl.

    ” 10 tourz in vietnam huh. That iz quite imprezzive, I`ve only had 2 zortiez in there. Vietnam iz a tough place to be in. ”

    He goes silent for a moment and seemingly focuses on finshing the peeling of the lemons. When he finishes with the last one, he puts the peeler into his bag and turns to Alex

    ” Would you like a lemon, feel free to take theze”

    He pushes the bowl of peeled lemons towards Alex´s side of the table. He then takes the bottles of vodka, opens them and pours a bottle into each bowl. After that he puts the empty bottles into his bags and takes out a small package. It has Zucker written on it and Wilhelm puts the pack next to the bowls.

    “Now we have to wait, but while we wait, tell me about yourzelf, have you zerved anywhere elze? Alzo, what iz ze name of ze barkeep, he forgot to tell me, but that iz okay. Buzy people can forget many thingz. I am finally here and that iz all that matterz to me”


    . . . much later or early if you will . . .
    “Hello again” speaks the barkeep as he swings into the Tavern once more.
    “Buzy ,(dashes behind the counter), busy as always but also always not far away” he exclaims.
    Then in a fast walk manner and carrying a tablet with breakfast goods he swings over to the currently residing folks at the central round table.
    “Sorry that I did not introduce myself properly” he says.
    “The name is Lance. As in a real name and not the jousting stick of dark times knights” he winks with his right eye.
    “A few coffees and some toast to get the day started mateys as well one of those quick games made by the urbster himself” he spews whist gulping down his first mug O hot black liquid.


    “Well I served a little while back in WWII but Nam’ is where i perfected the art of killing” The U.S. officer said

    The U.S. officer looks at the bowls

    “Hard lemonade I see. Don’t need no sugar I’ll take the punch like a man. By the way If ya ever need any pointers in Nam’ I’m the best there is”


    Beyond the woods a shadow eases his way to the front of the old faithful tavern. In his mind he wonders what lays in store for him. He gently pushes the doors open and takes a moment to process the scene before him. A large man with a German uniform sits at one of the tables with a bowl of lemons and an empty bottle of vodka. Another man equally large stands beside him with a US uniform. He instantly notices the five stars. Around the tavern a Bartender paces around the bar catering to everyone’s needs. Suddenly, he realizes everyone has turned to face him. The shadow eases forward into the warm fire tinted light. His face is marked with mud and blood, he wears a tattered open weave his belly a beer belly at best. No hair is to be seen except for the stark black wavy hair on his head. His pants are worn slightly offset from his tunic. He enters barefoot and feet caked in dirt. He carries an old rifle slung over his shoulder. in his hands he has two items a bullhorn with a metal spoon and an old leather thermos. He quickly announces his presence “Greetings”, and paces over to the bartender, eager to see what’s in store for him.


    “Hello and welcome. Had a tough stroll to get here me sees but do feel relieved now.
    There is no place anywhere that can relieve burdens like our tavern can.
    You can go to freshen yourself up a bit past the door in the back were a life-saver hangs high.
    Some joker placed it there one day so no worries of actually having the need to use it inside.
    Or take a seat right and do make yourself at home. We care not for looks or rough behavior as long as one keeps respecting others and the roof over their head”.

    Thus Lance embraces the figure yonder.

    “Say fella. By what name do you like to be called out?” he asks as they make their way deeper into the Tavern.

    *btw One can always chance their avatar display name in the site settings. Names that are pronounceable make for better conversations. 😉


    The man replies to the welcomed hospitality, ” My name be Puguasu from tribal Guarani, but you can call me “Bigfoot”, that is the translation to English.” He quickly rushes to the back to clean up. He turns his head while sliding through the door, “And Thank ye”, “This world has need of more places like this…” With that he exits for a time being.


    Meanwhile, Wilhelm, still sitting at his table next to the wall is seemingly happier and more excited.

    “Ja, it iz ready”

    He takes a large spoon out of his bag and opens up the Sugar bag and starts to pour the sugar into the bowls of lemon peels and vodka with the spoon. He empties the bag quickly and then starts to stir/mix the vodka with the sugar.

    “Should only be a couple of hourz now” he says cheerily

    Wilhelm was so busy with his bowls and with his own thoughts he never saw anyone else entering or leaving the tavern except the barkeep and Alex. Now that he has seemingly finished business with the bowls for now, he turns toward Alexala and says:

    ” Can I truzt you with a zecret. Well, technically not a zecret, but ze government muzt not know thiz. I am a time traveller. I have been to many placez and many warz. From ancient rome to World war two. But ze problem iz, I do not control the time travel. It juzt happenz, one moment I can be home and then suddenly in a battlefield in france or wherever. But pleaze, do not tell anyone who would directly go to ze government.”


    looks at Wilhelm

    “Don’t tell the government shit anyway. I mostly make up the rules as go would have been a 6 star by now if I did. now tell me what wars have you been in you might have served with me somewhere.”

    Takes a strong shot of whiskey and throws a gold coin to Lance

    “get the new guy a shot of something strong he looks like he needs it”


    “Bigfoot” returns from the back and takes a seat next to the prestigious gentlemen. “I am in no need of drink”. He puts his bullhorn on the table and pulls out a small bag. The words “Pajarito” can be read on the front. He dumps its herbal contents into the bullhorn and places his metal spoon inside it. He grabs his leather thermos and pours hot water inside the bullhorn until it is filled to the brim. Slowly he drink through the spoon which now reveals its tiny holes the water passes through. “This Mate will keep me sustained. Thank you though.”

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