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    Kit Carson

    Upon a stormy night, A figure approach into the mystic tavern of “Sleeping Bear”. His appearance surprise the local. He isn’t a high ranked general or belong to any kind of royal families, but a skinny asian man. They thought he’s a Vietnamese rebels from the jungle but with a slight relief as they acknowledge of his insignia on his hat.

    “A ranger’s whom I have fought with introduced me to this name known tavern.” he spoke with a broken, asian accents English “I’m Dam Son, but they call me Kit Carson.” He observe the whole tavern interior, oblivious of it atmosphere “I would ‘rike’ a traditional whiskey, you still serve those”.

    He check his pocket, check to see if he brought enough cash for a drink. He stood there staring his wallet for a while.

    “Erm… do you still accept MPC dollar?” He spoke as he worried they don’t accept that kind of currency in here

    Inside his wallet was a bundle of US army Military payment certificate, as known as MPC. He got those by selling asian prostitute to the US marine just 10 dollars each. He still wondering if they accept those.

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    #wuss waiting for someone else to reply to this awesome entry but alas it be me again that continues the lines#

    “Welcome Kit greats Lance this picturated entrance making Urbanian.
    “We had lots of folks in the past sprouting elaborate wordings but none ever cam along with their own picture show.
    “MPC aeee” he said as he examines the bills laid out in front of him.
    “May need to picture frame these rarities” he says with a smile.
    He poor out a glass of fine whiskey to Kit Carson and one for himself.
    “Cheers matey and may your stay at the Bear be wondrous” he shouts with his glass raised high so that all int the tavern take notice.



    (( sometimes its hard to find words to write … I guess <- aka if you have no excuses for not writing xD ))

    Wilhelm, after having observed the activity in the tavern, leans forward suddenly, just as if he had woke up. He looks at the bowl infront of him and yells in a way that the whole tavern can hear this.

    “It iz done”

    He quickly grabs the empty bottles and a filter from his bag and begins puring the yqllowish liquid into the bowls. The whole process is done pretty quickly, and then Wilhelm announces.

    “Everyone, drinkz one me, come get yourzelf zome limoncello”

    He starts pouring the liquid into the shot glasses he just took out from his bag and offers them to everyone interested.

Viewing 3 posts - 376 through 378 (of 378 total)

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