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    AHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Where’s waldo at?….oh there he is…he’s very red…and also very ded XDXDXDXD

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    Defiantly the best Bloody Sunday in a long while.
    Thanks for the awesome contribution Kacpo.


    Hi ya all. As most might know, this place is not exactly getting much attention and I would like to start a discussion here on how that can be changed.
    Like does this place even have a future as it is now or does it need serious upgrades?
    Maybe we need a whole new Home Site?


    I’ve personally never used the Sleeping Bear Tavern… I’ve seen it used a bunch, quite frequently, but never saw the need to use it. Granted, I just stuck to game related forums (i.e Recon, where I posted quite frequently at). So, maybe I can’t really give any information or input to this problem.

    Personally, I think we need a new Home Site. I don’t like the UI or how anything is organized. This is subjective to everyone, as I know some people who like it.

    I think we need more input on this, as two people talking about it won’t do much good, aye?


    But it is a start.
    I am posting here in the Tavern simply due to it serving as a discussion hall for this and not that this specific topic thread gets more attention.
    Personally, I think we need a new Home Site. I don’t like the UI or how anything is organized.
    Most feel that way. So what exactly would/could be better? @anyone πŸ˜‰


    Personally, I don’t like how the drop down menus work. I’m going to use my brother’s forum (he’s an admin there) to kind of show it how I would like it.


    This is how I think of a forum. A big page with the sub-forums listed, then their sub-forums listed as well. Some forums I browse have the “most recent post” listed as well, it’s personally how I like it.

    Now, this is how the forum looks like AFTER you hit the sub-forum in the drop down, I personally dislike it. I think drop down list suck, a lot. However, this is just my input. How do you like the forums, Lance? The style of the current website seems, dated…

    ps. My brother’s forum has a live chat for members on the top of the frontpage, I like this idea. Having an ability to chat without adding to a direct forum post or the activity feed seems like a great thing to have.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I’d like something closer to the old forum (the black background one). I miss it…


    how do i found the Tavern in the middle of Nowhere? i lost my way back to the city, now i been greeted by the indians and other tribes that are neutral to me.


    Then welcome to Knowhere the middle of whatever we want it to be and another place where the Sleeping Bear Franchise runs a Tavern.

    On the first Word Press forum that urbzz opened as a home base there was this extension to the right side called ShoutBox but that was then only used for posting very short and simple sentences mostly from newbees while the old regs kept gathering on the mnb IRC channel.

    EDIT: Found this to be interesting for here.

    I am with you Nicholas on that this bright white scheme not be befitting as the Urbanian wallpaper of choice.
    that brings me to another idea. Will post elsewhere.

    Arian Manchego

    Hey! Just finished MnB3, nothing but clear fields in view. πŸ™‚

    Wanted to say thanks for all the hard work in making such a playable game. Ended up sticking to a comfortable pattern, a mix of scout and gunners who would pin down enemy groups so the sig could call in arty and pound them nice and flat.

    Many hours of fun were had! Thanks again.


    Finished as in made it to the very last day? 300 Fields of UBR?
    Would make you the very first person to accomplish that since the last patch.
    How about some pics of the final field?
    A victory story of how it was?
    Anything more then just, I made it.
    Please. πŸ™‚


    @Lance Overall, the webbie feels a little clunky. Getting to where one wants to go isn’t always easy, though the forums section when you finally get there looks like any other forum does, so that’s good. There are several buttons or links that if one clicks on them, you get redirected to nothing, which doesn’t give that great an impression and is just taking up space. The feed isn’t a bad addition, as it’s an easy way to glance and see what’s new, although it’s only efficient now that there isn’t a lot of activity. If there was, things could easily get lost if you don’t remember what the last post you read was and lots has happened since then. Additionally, there’s the problem of people getting locked off the site for one reason or another in an effort to keep the baddies away. It certainly works 99% of the time, but I can’t help but feel it contributes to people not bothering to come here. Of course, because there’s not a lot going on now in terms of new developments, people aren’t exactly flocking to the site either.

    @Arian I’m with Lance. I only know of one or two people who got to the end or very, very close to it. Please if you have any vids or pictures you want to share, you absolutely should!

    Arian Manchego

    Sorry that I posted then went away πŸ™‚

    Well, the last few fields of MnB3 were…. Pisak!!!! Which were pretty standard forested terrain, nothing much special except for the very attentive Germans. It felt like the “awareness” and “reaction time” variables were all cranked up to the max. I had to be very careful when progressing and always ready to fall back. But I had the hang of the way that trees and bunkers give you cover so I was always able to punish their advances.

    The very last field of Pisak was absolutely empty… quite unnerving. Reminded me of that “empty field” community challenge, which I don’t think I ever beat. But the a recon plane showed me that the enemy troops were all massed at the top. So I was able to advance unhindered and hammer them with arty (god love a leveled signaler).

    Having cleared that field, I again fell into an empty field. Was trying to figure out where I was…. at the top it says, “Currently fighting in on D-Day +296” etc.

    When I quit the menu says that my location is N o r m a n d i e

    So I looked up Pisak in Wkipedia and…. found out it was the last big battle so I figured I had finished the game. When I try to advance it’s all empty fields. Sorry to not have more details to offer. πŸ™‚


    Thanks a lot for posting that reply.
    We knew that the games intended ending is missing as of now but it is still an incredible achievement to have reach the current end.
    100″” for dedication and achievement.
    Your name will be remembered int the MnB-Hall-of-Fame.
    Hope that you will stay around cause the ride is long from over.
    More MnB will come around so stay brutal.

    Arian Manchego

    Ha! That’s good to hear. It’s an amazingly fun squad-level game that you’ve created. All the shortcomings (narrow vertical field of play, weird click behavior) become quite forgettable when you’ve played enough.

    One thing I might mention, is that it would be terrifying – and fun – to have more armor + infantry advances by the Germans. Or simply a bit more infantry support for armor. This happened to me only once in the campaign, probably a fluke of AI, a tank reached my troops just as an infantry wave began, it totally broke my usual responses and was a real shit show! But I survived.

    Like the guys would say, “Ain’t shit without armor!” hahahahahha

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