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    Paladin Andric

    Pretty quiet around here lately, huh?


    As the acting bar keep it is a bit hard to entertain the masses if they do not participate themselves here.
    Me? Totally worked out day per day so sorry if I am not here to hand out drinks, food-for-thought or provide other means of show.
    And here I am going over my time limit again. Work’s calling in 5 hours. Nighty night my dear Paladin.
    . .. .
    Got any nice short stories to post here for anytime view??

    Nicholas Andersen

    Does 10k words count as short?

    Else no, not really, at least not in English.


    well here is a fun short story
    My Paramedic friend was working on a patient on some kind of drug and he was out of his mind. Over time the Paramedic convinced the patient that he was dead. The patient was screaming and wailing because he thought he was dead.
    “oh god I cant be dead!” – Patient
    “Look dude I’m sorry there is nothing I can do your dead” – Paramedic
    “well there is one thing but you have to make a couple promises” – Paramedic
    “Please i will do anything” – Patient
    “okay first thing is you have to never take any non prescription drugs” – Paramedic
    “I promise I wont take anymore (insert drug name he ODed on)” – Patient
    “next you cant be cheating on your wife” – Paramedic
    at this point the Paramedic didn’t know he was cheating on his wife
    “I promise I wont cheat on my wife no more I’ll get rid of my girl friend and stay faithful.” – Patient
    “and you cant be stealing from work” – Paramedic
    He didn’t know he was stealing from work either
    “I promise I’ll stop stealing company samples and office equipment” – patient
    “okay I will try this but you cant tell the nurses we Acadian are the only people who have this machine” – paramedic
    He pulls out a EKG machine and takes one of the stickers and lead and sticks it on the patients forhead. He then messes with the EKG machine and says
    “It worked your alive now!” – Paramedic
    the pateint proceeds to thank the paramedic over and over again and when they reach the hospital the paramedic tells the nurse that the guy is out of his mind thinking he was dead.

    Paladin Andric

    Ah, well I don’t have any on me, but I have submitted the first six chapters of what’s hopefully to be my first book in the general forum here. Aside from that I have character and race bios for the story. If anyone’s interested in those maybe I’ll drop them in the thread. I’ve got a world reference for a sci-fi story that’s on hiatus. I mean, whatever you’re interested in, I’ll post. It’s really nice to get feedback.

    Aside from that not much is going on with me. I started playing DnD with some friends, and I’m playing through Dark Souls PS4 Por-I mean Remastered. DnD is proving…difficult.


    And thus Lance drags himself back into the Tavern, exhausted from another day in the wild.
    He falls into his comfy lazy boy chair (man I wish I would actually have one of those) then listens happily to his comrades tales.
    If it is to big for the tavern then post it in the a fitting topic in the general forum Mr Nicolas.

    Nice short there Alex. Was actually a swell read despite the almost obvious outcome.

    Sir Paladin. Please enrich this desolate place with yeer cool stories of adventures and despair.
    What’s that . . D&D . . . tell me more. 🙂
    What version? How are you playing it? Rules confusing?

    Paladin Andric

    I’m playing 5th edition, the newest one. I’m in one game with some old friends from elementary, and I’m trying to start another one with my friends from high school as a DM. And yes, it’s kind of confusing, but once you force yourself to thumb through the rules you get used to it. It’s just the pure freedom you have can be a little overwhelming at first.

    The DM one isn’t started yet, but I DID make a custom campaign, which means I’ve been writing a world, setting, plot and planning all the fights and loot. It was some good writing exercises making the plot and characters, at least.

    The other one I’m playing in is the one I’m having trouble in. I’m playing an Aaracokra Paladin. You see, almost everyone else’s characters are criminals and thugs. I mean, the group tried to murder a shopkeeper to take all his stuff and me and the cleric had to fight them all. My character doesn’t jive with the group at all and comes across as a stick-in-the-mud (because almost everyone else is a lunatic) when I wanted to play him as a soft, naive knight. I’m guessing he’s gonna eventually get into a fight with the group and end up dead or leaving.


    I still have the complete (I think) 2nd edition around somewhere. Also some stuff of the 1st one.
    Never liked to stick to close to the rules since for me it defies the purpose of playing a Fantasy-Game and doing everything by the book takes way to long as well as makes one feel like doing a computer game instead.
    Therefore (in the stone age) we modified the game to suit our needs. More adventuring and story and less rolling dice endlessly just to walk into the next room to repeat all.
    What came about was very similar to STWALT, hence why I love that game so much.
    However most fellow D&D players back then insisted on the by-the-book-play so we complied when not in our small group.

    The DM job can be fun but also frustrating. Especially when dealing with young teenagers that just want to wack everything (literally everything) to death, grab the mountain gold and have their hero statue raised over the land all withing 10 minutes of play time.

    Sadly around here nobody would even consider to participate in real life roll-playing-games.
    Sure I know plenty of people that do or did World-of-Warcraft and such but to sit on a table with paper and pencil rolling real life dice to get random results is not in their minds.
    No fantasy there. Just algorithms and fancy computer animations.

    Well back to the game itself. Creating my own modules was practically my past time thing for a while. Though it seamed that I was not a good DM or rather I did not have the skills needed to run a champaign with others. Was a hell of a good time none the less.

    So your fellow adventures like to play on the dark side and you are caught in between your party’s interests and your respective character trait.
    hmmm . . . O . . . I know > > > >

    Paladin Andric

    Just finished putting together my paladin build for Dark Souls Remastered, thought it looked quite nice.


    Love that glowing sword. Nice indeed.
    Here a pic that I just picked up on imgur and simply have to post for actual topic reasons.

    Red Leader

    XCOM players- Wow this game is random and really unfair. Nothing could be worse that this.
    Urbzz – hold my beer

    Nicholas Andersen

    I played that one. There’s nothing worse than a 99% chance to hit that fails.

    I’m having university entrance tests on Friday. I’ve been with you so long…thank you all for your company. Sorry for “improving” the wiki that time, Hyyppa.

    Paladin Andric

    Good luck, Nick!

    Nicholas Andersen

    I’ve seen that one, but it’s pretty illustrative. Thanks.


    I always wanted to play the new Xcom, but the price kind of turned me off.
    I guess I’ll just look for next sale and in the meantime enjoy some Jagged Alliance.

    Oh, and also: It’s Sunday.
    and ya all know what that means:

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