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    Commander Deltor

    The man turns his head to Dreis, and, to his surprise, laughs in a normal sounding human voice, with just a trace of what could be described as a metallic German accent.
    “No no, though I can see why you would be mistaken. I am human, as much as you are,” he answers. The man pauses for a moment, then points at the left side of his head. “Well, maybe a bit less than you. But that’s a story for another day.”
    Extending his right hand, he says, “My name is Deltor Kerrilynn, First Lieutenant, Federated Totalitariate of Alania.”

    Red Leader

    “Huh” Dreis takes Deltor’s hand “Well I’m Garven Dreis, leader of Red squadron in the Alliance to restore the republic.”


    As the two were exchanging the greetings, the tavern door opened and another guest walked inside. Although stumbled would probably be more accurate term, seeing as he was likely too tired to even stand straight.
    His clothing, that could have probably be described as a sport one was covered in mud from neck to toes, save for a simple coat thrown on his back. His face was in no better condition, with shagged hair and dirt-stained cheeks.
    There was a distinctively clear bandana on his neck and a strange, dimond-shaped metal pendant hanging on his neck.
    He dragged himself forward, fueled only by desperation and being simply too exhausted to stop now.
    Despite the outraged look he received from the barkeeper the newcomer made his way to one of the seats and collapsed on the chair, gasping with relief as he did.

    After catching a few breaths, he tilted his head forward, towards the general direction of the bar and said: “Hey, Lance. Got some cider for an old friend?”

    Waiting for the barkeeper to bring the drink, he gazed around the hall and checked out the patrons.
    “So,-” He continued “Ya may be wondering what’s up with all that. There’s been a certian event at my home town recently, bearing fitting name: “Runmageddon.” Stuff’s like a normal off-track run, except it has a few extra elements to it, like:
    Carrying sandbags on the beach and crawling under barbed wire into the sea…

    Climbing walls, ladders and piles of tires…

    Squeezing yourself through narrow gaps an crossing water trenches which have ice showeled into them for extra effect…

    And getting past local Rugby team.”

    Eyes of everyone in the tavern were switching, from the man to the images showing on the wall, and back to him.

    Over all, this seemingly easy 6km run, got quite more entertaining with the addition of over 30 obstacles of various types.”
    He paused for a while and reached for the pendant on his neck.

    “But in the end, you know what? I’d do that again.”

    Commander Deltor

    Deltor eyes the man before muttering something under his breath
    Turning back to Dreis, he says,, “Rebellion? There have been a few of those in my nation. None of them lasted very long.”


    *The tavern is quiet. Not many members have been in for the past few days. Panning around one can see but a few faint souls lingering in the dark corners of the mess hall, silent. The lone bartender stands in the center of the bar, his usual post. Suddenly the door bursts open, a silhouette that is barely describable appears in the doorway. The bartender and few patrons in the building turn their attention to the masculine figure who they can now see but not clearly focus on for some strange reason. He lunges towards the bar as the bartender places his hand gently on the weapon stashed under the ice well. Many patrons follow suit and rouse, placing their weapons in a semi ready state. The man slows pace, and gently calls out.*

    Peace friends, I just need a drink.

    *The tension in the bar somewhat eases. The barkeep, now realizing the man’s identity, cracks open an Imperial stout and slides it down the bar. The man now sits and everyone in the room recognizes him. The innkeeper speaks, bringing the tension in the room down to “nominal” levels.*

    How’s the tour going, Jack?

    It’s tough out there bro, things are real tough. Hardcore actually, that’s a better word for it. It’s good to be back in the Sleeping Bear.

    *Jack leans back in his chair, chugs the rest of his beer, and pulls out a very large green cigar from his fatigues. Lighting it with the snap of a finger he leans back further and fills the room with heavy smoke.*

    Pour me another friend, I’ve got no plans.


    @kacpo solid work completing your mission with the run man!

    The Lone Ranger

    A new figure approaches the tavern. Their attire showing the long journey this person has taken to reach this tavern. Their trench coat-a light shade of brown with the ends of it battle-damaged with various cuts and bullets that have tried to end this person. Their riot armor-solid black with various scrapes and dents from previous skirmishes that have obviously ended in favor of this individual. Their pants-Covered with sand, mud and blood stains from either previous wounds or those who have had the pleasure of seeing bottom of this figures boots. The Boots-Covered in grime, faded blood, sand, dirt and whatever one would find on the ground has can be observed upon them. The helmet-Solid black with a bright red glow where one`s eyes would be. A glancing shot can be seen through an strip of grey on the otherwise dark helmet. Then one can see the persons weapons-A M1 Garand with the words “The Widowmaker” and 12 tally marks scraped into its right side and their other messenger of death-a sniper that has 20 tallys on it and the words “Face Puncher” written onto its right side. They head towards a stool as they prepare to get a beverage.

    “Names Elijah but more commonly known as “The Lone Ranger” due to how my only company is me, myself, and I after I was assigned to acting a first contact for any potential settlements I might find and jot them down on a map for possible trade routes and so other troops will know the shit their going into. I would like to order some Guinness. Need it for some more molotovs and partially so I can be at ease.”

    Thus the start of a new legend has begun.


    Fun run there Kacpo. Love them picture stories. It’s like someone opened a Movie Theater in the Tavern.

    Someone mention “Rebellion”?? Take your pic of the type you want pored.

    Aaa welcome back Jack. Seams that you are having a hard time. Have a cold one and chill for a while.
    The big round table in the middle has very comply leather chairs and we don’t mind if you plant your boots 4 feet up as well.

    Ho ho. Another old face to great. “Beaten up but still kicking, right mate”. 🙂
    Go ahead Elijah and dump ye gear in your usual corner and then drag that lump of tired meat over to Jack.
    Molotov Cocktails. They here are not filled with our fine drinks me friend. Out back in the shed is a barrel with old oils and some old cans of high flammable liquids.
    Mix that in a glass bottle and you got yourself a “warm welcome” gift for whatever bad friends you need to visit soon.
    Till then let me see if I can whip up a new Bloody Sunday pamphlet today.

    Paladin Andric

    HELLO PEOPLE! It’s me, AvalancheO, the story/writing guy!

    It’s been a real, REAL long time. I thought I’d come back and see what’s been happening with you folks over the last few years. For some reason I couldn’t log in to my old account, was it purged when the site changed? I got some messages about being locked out every time I tried to log in.

    Not a big deal I guess. Either way I just got the itch to come back. It’s weird navigating this place; I’m so used to the old forums.

    So I’m still doing me. School is over and now I’m wondering what to do with myself. I want to become a professional writer, but I’m not sure I have what it takes. Guess I can start dropping some of my work back in here, if there’s still a thread for writing.

    How about you guys? Who’s still around, who’s gone? People like Lance and Val are hard to forget, but honestly it’s been so long the names are escaping me.


    Hey AvalancheO nice come back man !! i saw on the logs that someone tried to log with your name but with the wrong password (looks like it was you) the site is -super- nasty with wrong passwords because we got hacked in the past with password probing. This said nbd, glad you are back.

    Very happy about you wanting to be a professional writer you have a fair amount of creativity as far as I can recall.

    About his site? I’m moving towards LUa now that flash is on its deathbed. It works well it is powerful but it takes more time. Messing around few ideas, like a Recon prototype for steam, LW rebuild and some other secret stuff.

    About me? I’m travelling the world and I make unfinished video games. Just came back from Cappadocia recently (can any one guess what game this could be?), I like to visit places where my games are located (went to southeast Asia jungles recently to get the vibe for recon).

    Anyways, my dude congrats on finishing school and welcome back!

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    Sup, AvalancheO glad to see you back.

    Being a writer huh? That’s a tough job and somewhat hard to make a living off, but then again, I don’t see any reasnons why you couldn’t share some more of your stories here.

    Hey, Boss.
    A visit to Turkey, huh?
    I have two guesses: Either a “modern-mercenary-themed-recon” you once mentioned on Discord a while back, or the “realistic-historic-pilgrimige-STWALT”.

    Cheeki Breeki

    Urb, I just looked up the place and noticed it was a place for supposedly filming Star Wars before being denied by the Turkish Government for the imminent threat of a civil war, so would it be that, or possibly something concerning something around the time of Alexander the Great or some of the civil wars in the area.
    By the way I heard the area looks similar to Tunisia, where the film was actually shot, possibly making people guess it was in Cappadocia, so if you want to try out the deserts there you could go ahead and do that. In the event you are looking for anything specific, Wikipedia states the three places in Tunisia used for Star Wars as shown here.


    Welcome back AvalancO or should we address you now as Andric?
    Good to hear that your writing enthusiasm has not dried up.
    Doing so professionally is surly not easy but considering the many famous works from once total writing beginners, especially these days, let’s me say that your chances to make it in that business are fairly good.
    Do dump some of that grand old vocabulary of yours here again.
    Old, oldest regs. . . Hard to tell since a lot of em changed their user names from back then.
    I just recently got back into heavy talk with someone that was gone for like 5 years by pure coincident. Now he calls himself LWilter but back than it was Cusi.

    So nice to see you around.
    I must admit that I am very jealous of your travels. My recent travel plans when down the drain due to unforeseen RL URB.
    So the Cappadocia region it was. The game that pops into my head would be Oracle Trail and it seams that Kacpo had the same hunch too.
    So did you go to the Fairy Chimneys, Cave Towns or even the underground city of Kaymakli?

    Paladin Andric

    Whatever you want I guess. I’m fine with either. I know I might not see much success but I might as well try publishing. Plenty of famous authors started out in the same position.

    A shame about the old vets. It’s been so long and I can barely name anyone, but I’m still feeling some melancholy and nostalgia. Wish we could catch up. Sometimes things change forever, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Glad to see Urb still going strong despite how much everything’s changed. No matter what happens he’s always chugging along.

    Aside from writing I’ve been experiencing PC gaming for the first time since childhood. Got a gaming PC and I’ve fallen in love with strategy games. Medieval 2: Total War, Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 4, Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris…so much quality strategy. My geography skills are through the roof now, too.

    It’s nice to be back.


    Hallo there, gentlemen! Back after so long and yet my sight is greeted with so many familiar people hanging by ye ole trusty Sleeping Bear! 😀

    In a way, it feels like revisiting an earlier time period. Or so I should think, as I’m yet to learn how to time hop to know what it actually feels like!

    I guess I’ll just throw some logs on the fire, grab a beer and make myself comfortable. 🙂

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