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    -“An I swear, if Lance threw out me favorite chair!…”
    “aaaa the one with the polar bear hide or the field commander one.” 🙂
    “Rest assured great Maharbal Barca that we will always have a fitting resting spot in the Tavern suited to whatever your needs may be.”

    That is such a swell intro speech that I almost salt watered out me own drinking glass. *sniff..

    MG also wrote; “I just wanted to let you guys know that I successfully indoctrinated my classes into playing MnB 2! (I am currently teaching American History,…”
    I must have missed out on a few years of your worldly wonderings. You Teach history. Awesome!
    Interestingly I am currently “helping” a few youths with studying pre-ww1 world history that also includes military subjects.
    By pure coincidence (I must assume so) urbzz put up a new Downloads spot in the front page menue where historical military doctrines can be viewed.

    Personally I am very busy with Carnival again. Came back from painting a wagon in a US Football field motto for a dance group of teenage cheerleaders.
    Man I wish I where back in High-School. :))
    Will be participating in a parade in a foot group of Football Players as well.
    Will see who will be the quarterback. 😉


    Anomie and Mexican Batman are now official Game Testers.
    Their great site participation over a constant long period of time made them top candidates for the job.
    It happened that 2 members of the testers group had to be dismissed resulting in the open positions.
    The group is still limited to 10 members that are currently all active.
    Now just because there is a testers group it does not mean that everyone else here can not give game feed-backs or make bug reports. 😉
    Cheers Urbanians. The release of Mud and Blood III is near! 🙂


    I hope I do you proud, fellow Urbanians!



    Hello! Sorry for interrupting to ask what might seem to be a dumb question, but may I ask what this “Sleeping Bear Tavern” is and why these legendary tales are being shared? It seems very interesting.


    O my. Thank you for asking Rooster.
    Apparently I did not make it all clear that this is the mega-social-thread-for-all-of-us.
    Therefore it is Super-Stickied to show on every forum here.
    On the first of urbzz websites the general talks thread had the same name. In honor of that this thread also bears that name.
    Later on mud and the name changed to a more site fitting application that changed whenever 200 pages where full since that site could not support a single thread that was larger.
    Names like Mess Hall, Barracks or Officers Lounge came to be our “talk about anything but do not spam” community meeting rooms.

    This place must confuse those that are not familiar with the pre-mud and blood world.
    I too was once confused about the Sleeping Bear while it was open on due to the old regs talking much in a Last Winter type of role-playing style.

    I will edit the first post here to make thing clear that anyone can post anything here as long as it follows general forum ethnic guidelines and is not spammy.
    Example of spammy be that someone posts a topic that is similar to a forum game like “how to corrupt a wish”.
    Those things belong in a separate topic thread.
    Hope members will now be more at ease to give their personal contributions.
    Things like Introductions are good here. 🙂

    …Fellow Urbanians. Check out the first post again for an update…


    Shows how much I was paying attention, I always thought it was for LW talk back then too, but conversation often wandered to talk of music like Korpiklaani and Mosin-Nagant rifles.

    Hey gang, sorry I haven’t been visible lately, been dealing with a lot of garbage on the home front. Hope to be back in the trenches again soon.

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    Well it was back on but that was before Mud and blood took over the scene.
    Last Winter talk is still very much appreciated here but since the Urbanian game variety has expanded to all sorts of fields it would be shameful not to let everyone have their fun here.
    Separate “homes” for all the different games here seam to be wasteful considering the (usual) small percentage of members that actively post in them. But of course there are always the topic specific Groups to gather in as well.


    Alright, thanks! I’ve played MnB games many years back, but I never really payed attention to the website lol.


    Darn, my computer is overheating…
    Not my fault it’s so blimen hot over here.

    , Agreed!:)


    By introduction, @Lance, do you mean describing myself/himself (Rooster) in a role-play type of thing? Because like Rooster, I too am interested.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Nebula.

    You can do it or not however you like. So that the fellas here have a good read we try to be creative. 😉
    Kingofdajungle posted plainly but he is in the right place to let us know his predicament.
    I just came from work and it is 23:00 and I hope that I do not write junk here cause I should be slithering into me beddy.


    What the H-e-double-hockey-sticks are you waiting for! Get some sleep man! I get done with “work” half an hour after school ends. Since I have study hall last hour, I can get trained/paid via job apprenticeship while school is going. Get goin’, Mr. Lance.

    Maharbal Barca

    The pirate now inhabiting the corner table seems visibly irate, more so than when he first entered. Very apparently inebriated, he attempts to form words but to no avail


    Having some issues posting here, anyone else having issues?

    Maharbal Barca

    Maybe it’s fixed now?
    I still refer to the original Bear as “The Beast”

    But yea, the bear is sort of its own monster, and there really are no rules when it comes to what’s “allowed” aside from obvious spam and excessive vulgarity. At least traditionally that’s what it’s been about. To give you some insight, the original bear over on (I believed it was called the “Slumbering Ursus” there, and I think even that one was a reiteration…) had over ~1000 pages. Not posts, pages.

    The Bear at it’s heart is supposed to be nonsensical and fun; not too serious, but not altogether chaotic (no “forum games” As far as RP goes, do so if you wish, but don’t feel pressured if you don’t want to either.

    Now, regarding the “lore” of the Sleeping Bear, it usually took on a life of the main game in the Urb franchise or the website that hosted it: the original MnB webby had the “Mess Hall” where we roleplayed as various WWII soldiers in Normand. The original urb site bear saw mostly coureur des bois taking a break from the harsh New France Winters. The unfairrandombrutality site initially saw the same but the addition of STWALT saw knights, dwarves, and mages join the ranks of the New World fur trappers. (There was also a sci-fi version when Urb teased a game called Flagshipped…wonder what happened to that project) But now, seeing as all of these have been consolidated here, there isn’t any reason to have the Bear become some sort of escape from reality where heroes and soldiers go to unwind between their adventures.

    For example, my original Bear character was the marooner/pirate from LW (whom I have fleshed out over the years, more on that later) but I also had a Mess Hall Character, simply known as “The Captain,” and I figure I might have a chance to have both converse within the walls of the Bear.Ultimately, it’s whatever you can think of, the Bear does not judge.


    Roger that, Maharbal. I’m going to wait it out a bit, get a little more natural experience by reading more of these short stories.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 476 total)
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