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    A participant! 🙂
    Just walk through enemy tanks…. :/ Then you sir have gotten lucky to come across only dumb tank commanders.
    Check out my last game post here >>>
    Given that not all Tanks one encounters act so “smart” but since the last patch they are not all totally stupid either.

    Say, does anyone out there have a suggestion for a good (smart) movie to watch for me.
    Science fiction/Space, Comedy, non-military action, Animation (not-for-kids-kind) . . . .
    A free (relative free) in browser to play game?
    I heard of a nice Space Station sim over at the Discord. Is that good?

    Got a few days of sick leave since I tore my left shoulder muscle. Actually tor off a few stands. Hurts like hell. Still have to be back on duty next week regardless of my condition.
    Work is like war. It’s do or die. 🙁


    Forrest Gump, which you have probably watched.
    And Now for Something Completely Different, which you have probably watched as well.

    I’m not that good with movies.

    1066 is a cool game.


    Forest Gump is surely a must watch more then once movie which I did. 🙂 Good suggestion.
    1066 is good but sadly not so interesting after a while. PvP sucks because everyone tries to TAUNT another into defeat instead of actually fighting. Game has a few balance issues. Wonder if it has ever been updated…

    My favorite game aside those around here is Card Hunter. Runs on Flash, has a huge and mostly lively members base and is free to play.
    Although I have spend some 50$ on new quests (my way of supporting them too) but never on item purchases since those are absolutely irrelevant in the long run since with in game won loot per quest won you can simply buy items easily.
    Best part is that they have members designed quests that use pre-generated characters. Love them.


    My friend recently showed me something that made me jump back into the forums almost straight away!

    If you all remember that picture Kacpo posted by Polish artist Jakub Różalski (the German looking officer with wolves and mechs), well as it turns out his art has been picked up and made into a company of heros style RTS game that is currently on Kickstarter. It’s been funded quite thoroughly, so it’s coming out, but you can still give it money to secure a copy of the game early among other things.

    Not trying advertise for it or anything (this is not an ad!), but I thought you guys would be interested in something that’s based on such sweet art!


    Also I know it is April Fools Day, but please stop lying because your jokes are probably not funny and unoriginal, so plzstaphtnxbb.


    Iron Harvest looks awesome. Now I recall having seen stuff about that game again.
    Thanks Tyrud. 🙂
    Also this will not run on my old PC. . . .
    Guess it’s time to save up for a new one. :mrgreen:

    A big round of applause for Vipility and his Bloody Sunday.


    whatsup urbanians, new job allows me a lot more time to hang out on the computer. so the sketchy looking guy with tiger stripes and green cigars is back at the tavern sitting at the bar…

    hows everybody been?


    Lance slides Jack’s favorite drink over the counter towards his readily open hand.
    “Fine on my end” he says.
    Then he looks over to the entrance door and keeps saying “People have been going in and out of the place regularly but kept the talking to a bare minimum.”
    He pours himself hot water into a cup filled with herbs of sorts.
    “Most of the action these days is going down over in that new crazy fast hip club called Discord.
    not that it worries me much.
    The Sleeping Bear Tavern will always be open to fellow Urbanians even if there are no tales to tell or things to be made public.”

    “I made some hefty chow today. Way more then a single man can chomp down. You and everyone else is welcome to help themselves to a plate or two” grins Lance as he places a huge cauldron filled with delicious local dishes on the big round table in the middle of the tavern.


    Congrats on new job Jack.
    Lately I haven’t really got time to play MnB or hang out on the forum.

    Iron Harvest, I’ve been hyped for this game for a while now. I’m following Jakub Różalski, the artist who created art that inspired it all.
    That’s why I already backed it. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have access to first gameplay Alpha.
    I’ll make sure to share my experiences with you 🙂

    Speaking of other games:
    Recenty I’ve found a new card game on Kongregate: Panzers and Paratroopers.
    A mediterrean theather of WW2, played like a Card-Gathering-Game.


    “Appreciate the chow friend, and that”s one hell of a drink. Keep em comin’!”

    thanks @kacpo but the job change wasnt exactly a step up or even planned but im making the best of it. im not on kongregate as much as i used to be but i might check it out, is it multiplayer?

    @lance ive been on discord but it just doesnt seem as fun as posting here. call me old school.

    Comrade Doge

    The door to the Tavern creeps open as an awkward young man stumbles into the Inn. His wide eyes dart around the room at all the battle hardened patrons watching him suspiciously. His spotless uniform highlighted by the veterans spotted with mud and blood. He’s a NFG.

    Awkwardly shuffling away from the stares, he lightly sits at an empty table. As soon as he sits down the bar picks up again as the patrons return to their drinks and company.


    Hi! I’m a little new here so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong. I’ve been playing MnB 2, 3 and recon and have been enjoying all the unfairness. I’ve just recently found this community so I thought I’d give an introduction. Anyway, wish me luck!

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    Howdy Jaiden! That is an awesome intro, sounds like I’m playing D&D. But I’m not, I’m playing the greatest game ever, MNB!


    @finnishsniper Welcome. nothing wrong with your intro at all man we enjoy some creative to bounce our creative off of. whats your game of choice?

    Comrade Doge

    I enjoy all the mud and blood games but I think my favourite would have to be Recon. I’ve always been interested in the military history of WW2 but the small squad tactics, stealth and radio usage in Recon puts it above the rest for me.


    i agree im about to head into the jungle now…

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 474 total)
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