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    So I was scrolling through the news today, and noticed that the heavy metal band Slayer announced a farewell tour, though no dates have been established yet. I’m not to into metal, but I at least know that Slayer’s had a pretty massive impact on that scene and that seeing them go is no small news. Makes me hope I’ll be able to see some of my own favorite bands before they decide to go farewell too in the future.

    Have you ever seen Slayer live at all?


    Last time was 2014 here >>>
    Sadly without one of the founding members.
    “Guitarist and writer Jeff Hanneman Dead At 49: Slayer Guitarist Dies From Spider Bite in 2013.”
    What a shitty way to go. Amazingly the rest of the band bravely continued with all their following contracts.
    Maybe now they have tied all lose ends and are calling it a good live music life.

    Three times in total I had the pleasure to be partying with them at smaller and larger concerts.
    Never will I forget my first time watching only them in a small hall play. Lost 30% of my right side hearing afterwards.
    Was my own fault for sticking my drunk head into one of the main speakers.

    They where one of my favorite bands ever. Still got a huge collection of music and merchandise from them.
    As far as wanting to see bands that I like before they are no more I wager the though of them still moving me enough first.
    See a lot of old band either changed a great deal, some all the way of doing a 180 flip from their root music as far as content goes or are simply not good enough anymore for me to invest time and money into them.
    I rather keep them in good memory instead of disappointment.
    Currently I (we) are frequent to see newcomer bands and support them instead of keeping long past prime performers rich.

    For you my friend I do hope that you will get to see plenty of your favorite bands and performers before they start to stink, fade or suddenly disappear.
    Always great to have a longer talk here in the Sleeping Bear.
    Hopefully others will come to cherish this place one again sometime.
    Cheers and rock on!

    p.s. Post would be incomplete without a good song to remember them by.


    Well, I’m lucky that most the bands I listen are still “intact”. In fact, my father used to be in a band for around 25 years, but it got disbanded a few months ago.


    Wow vipility, that sounds cool to have/had a dad that plays in a band.
    I would have loved to have someone in the family playing any instrument at all.
    Would have been chilly but alas those that started only stuck with it for a few month.

    Anyone seen this movie? Comments?


    @Lance I liked the movie. Forget how it ends, but was pretty good. I think it is getting some bad reviews, but I liked it. It doesn’t focus too much on fantasy by the way, sure looking at them you can tell, but how they act and such is very human.


    Imagine the shit storm if they made such a “social problem” movie without the “fantasy” elements to cover it up a bit.
    All is well for the Elves in THEIR cities of gold and if you can not relate then YOU yourself screwed up somehow to deserve no better.
    Tough fronts in that movie… very tough fronts. I find that it is well made.
    Maybe a bit to much shooting since a bit less would have made it even more fantasy/RL like.


    I didn’t rly see the movie, I only seen the trailers for it, and I find it to be preetty cool



    120 meat from a bear. Oh yes baby.

    Looks like some brits want a piece of those steaks aswell!!!



    Deus Vult, Monsieur!


    btw Anyone remember this pic?

    Cheeki Breeki

    Well I mean I think you just walk through it, and the tank crew will go on with their day and forget we ever existed, just like everyone else, sir.


    A participant! ­čÖé
    Just walk through enemy tanks…. :/ Then you sir have gotten lucky to come across only dumb tank commanders.
    Check out my last game post here >>>
    Given that not all Tanks one encounters act so “smart” but since the last patch they are not all totally stupid either.

    Say, does anyone out there have a suggestion for a good (smart) movie to watch for me.
    Science fiction/Space, Comedy, non-military action, Animation (not-for-kids-kind) . . . .
    A free (relative free) in browser to play game?
    I heard of a nice Space Station sim over at the Discord. Is that good?

    Got a few days of sick leave since I tore my left shoulder muscle. Actually tor off a few stands. Hurts like hell. Still have to be back on duty next week regardless of my condition.
    Work is like war. It’s do or die. ­čÖü

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 511 total)
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