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    So nobody took the spelling bait. No “the Zombie ate the L” kind of reply.
    Had a few more Halloween gags in me pocket like this one “busting out in style” kind of thing. >>>

    I had a great time here due to 2 separate holidays that happened to fall on the the 31st and the 1st allowing me to go bump in the night with a few palls.
    At dawn zombies where spotted too. . . .perhaps reflections in the mirror. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I would love using that over a crow-bar for opening gates ANYtime. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚ Back-in-da-Day, when she had her show, she had Many followers.

    Sucks to hear about the theft issue, wish folks could just keep their damn hands to themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you and that Mob caught up with said miscreants and passed along a wee-bit-o-justice. ๐Ÿ™ Not too much mind ya, But most definitely a sufficient amount! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cool looking lantern, but I have NOO idea why it’s smiling. ๐Ÿ™ I know if I was illuminated in such a fashion, I’d be EXTREMELY unhappy… Like the brick wall, I assuming it’s for the potential Zombie-Outbreak? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And yea, I missed the missing “L”. Just blind i guess. Hope the “Pal-Bumping” went went well, and it’s reassuring to know that’s not stray pussy hanging around your place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nicholas Andersen

    It’s my birthday today ๐Ÿ˜€
    Unfortunately I’m 500km away from a source of URB, but oh well. I’ll manage.


    500 km away….or just a few clicks to here. :mrgreen:

    Nicholas Andersen

    Thanks Lance! (And all of you people for being such great companions of URB!)


    ๐Ÿ™ So, uhhmmm.., While I really don’t do the “Birthday Thing”, nor have a liking for cake, I do enjoy a good party and find pie to be a great substitute. I also definitely have appreciated the words you’ve spoken here, so am glad you were born… :/ I mean, ..if you hadn’t been… ๐Ÿ™

    In any case…

    Mo comes from behind the bar carrying a tray laden with drinks in each hand, while balancing a third, covered in edibles, on his head.
    Hey Lance? If ya could my friend, in me right coat pocket you’ll be finding a pouch filled with.., additional things for the party.”

    Stopping before Nicholas Andersen‘s table he slides first one, then the other tray onto it’s surface then removes the third from his head and places it in front of Nicholas “Here ya go my fellow coureur de bois, enjoy what we have to offer.”

    Looking about the room he adds “Granted, it aint much…”

    Nicholas Andersen

    But it is enough. Nicholas says as he raises his glass.

    “To URB!” He bellows.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I really hope that we can find the missing ARA San Juan intact and with all its crew safe.

    To those of you who do not know, one of our Navy’s submarines went missing five days ago. Radio contact has been lost and not been reestablished, and all efforts to find it have been in vain.

    While I personally think it’s BS, I’ve heard around a lot (From friends, family, passerby and media) that it is possible that the British sank it, but come on :/ (It does not help, however, that the British, US and Chile are aiding us when the three were informal allies during the Falklands/Malvinas conflict) (Again, BS, come on, really?)

    I hope that the radio just broke.


    So, as I’ve already said a while ago, I’m an Airsoft player. I dress up in tacticool gear and run around old buildings, shooting plastic pellets from realisticly looking guns at other lunatics like me.

    On last Sunday, I’ve had one such match. It wasn’t remarkable or in any way special, but it was enjoyable, so I decided; why not drop a quick AAR here:

    Location: Old shipyard-side hospital, abandoned for 14 years now.

    The complex is composed of three wings, with one of thme being renovated into a hotel a while ago, and the other two are still left as they were. Well, at least until some folks didn’t come up with the idea of making an ASG arena there.
    The hotel owners were ok with that. They let us use the unused part of the building, we keep it clear of any hobos and other undesirables who may “negatively affect the visuals of the local area”

    The arena has 6 floors + the ground floor where the lobby, armory and dressing rooms are located.
    They are connected via two staircases. There is a central corridor at each floor with series of the rooms at both sides. Some of the rooms are closed and not enterable for various reasons(mostly rubble). On the other side, some of the rooms are connected to others through the holes made in walls, which allows to move throu the rooms, staying out of the exposed corridor.

    Plan of the building with marked objectives for most of the games. I’ll get to that later on.
    Also, rough sketch of second floor as an example. The grey cover at the central corridor, are stacks of tires, mostly around 1 – 1,5 meter tall, just enough to duck behind.


    -M416 assault rifle, with short barrel, fore grip and holographic sight (a replica of course. Real EoTech costs 200$, if not more…)
    Muzzle velovity: 270 fps (82 m/s) at 0.23g pellets. Due to the arena being strictly CQC oriented and with no minimal engagement distance, the enforced limit is 340 fps, and all guns are checked before each the game.
    -4 mid-cap (medium capacity) magazines. (Hi-caps can hold several hundred pellets, but often break or fail to feed, and low-caps hold only 30 and are mostly used for simulations.) In theory they should hold up to 100 pellets, but I usually put about 80 in there, for two reasons:
    a) the spring on one of the mags already broke and I don’t want to break the others (That’s the last time I buy cheap 5-pack for the price of one mag made by more renown company)
    b) the feeding mechanism can be faulty and under enough pressure can prematurely eject all the balls inside.

    Other than that, well, not much really. That’s fairly basic and low-cost, compared to full gear sets others brought with them.
    Anyway, after everyone got dressed and geared up, we sorted into two teams; red and blue, distinguished by the colored armbands. I get to be on the RED.
    As I looked at the folks, I recognized most of the usual guys, the ones who play almost every week. The teams seemed even when it comes to skill, so I was fine with that.

    and then, the fun and games begun;

    1st Hour

    Game 1
    The first game took place on first floor.
    The rules: Team deathmatch. 3 lives per person, spawns on the end of the corridor. When you’re out of lives, you go back to the wide staircase and wait for the game to end.
    The first half, we started on the side of Narrow staircase, while the Blue were on the wide side.
    When the game started, we all rushed forward, hoping to get to the favourablo positions and hopefully catch them off guard. Some guys were firing during the approach, some just made a run for it. As soon I hit the first wall, I tired to peek the corner and find out where were they.
    It’s hard to really say something more meaningfull about this game, other than; “we were shooting each other, trying to push down the corridor and sweep another room.”
    As for the result, well, I can’t remember who exactly won. Man were dropping on both sides about equally, which is a good sign. It shows that teams are fairly well balanced.

    Game 1 round 2
    After the game has ended, there was a change of sides and we played second round of the same.
    It was a good warm-up.

    Game 2

    We moved to the second floor. (Look at the plan above.)
    The next gamemode was Capture the flag
    Unlimited lives, resps at the end of corridor, game goes on until one team brings the enemy flag back to their base.
    There were two flags; red and blue, located at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the corridor length. The thing about the flag location though, is that they are put in the walls, right between two doorframes. Now, If you look at the plan, you’ll see that the series of the rooms between the two flags are connected, which means that one can grab the flag from inside the room and run right back to his flag, without ever exposing himself to the fire from the corridor.
    That’s why, usually the most fights concentrate at pushing through the rooms, with the corridor being on relative lockdown. Or so it seems.

    The game starts, we rush forward.
    When I get to one of the few barricades in the corridor high enough to cover a standing man, I noticed that there was someone on the other side. Me and some other guy jumped from behind it, shot the guy on the other side and then, just kept shooting and I nailed 2 others guarding the corridor. Then, instead of dropping behind cover, I noticed that corridor was pretty much empty. So I made a run for it. Zig-zagged between the tire stacks and reached their flag.
    Then, there was that weird moment that stuck in my head; As I reached their flag, I spotted one guy from their team, guarding the hole in the wall in the room, standing still with his back to me. I could have shot him, but well, my gun was down. If I aimed and took a shot at him, it would take time. And those guys who I “killed” on the way here could be coming back anytime now. So, I just grabbed a flag, and sprinted all the way back.
    And when I was running past that tall barricade from before, I got hit. Not in the back, by one of the pursueing enemies, but from a side. By one of my guys, who fragged me, thinking I was the enemy. Oh well. So, I dropped a flag, making sure that everybody in the vicinity is aware of it’s presence and walked back to spawn. Surprisingly, walking, I reached the end of the hallway at the same moment as some other guy run up to it with a flag.
    Game over. We won.

    Game 2 round 2

    Switch of sides. Now we, the reds are starting on the side of wide staircase.
    This game was much longer.
    We started off normally, rushing down the hallway to get good starting positions and prevent any rushes. Then, things get very WorldWarOne-y. Corridor become a no-mans land, where few people hide behind cover and do not peek out for fear of being shot, while the rooms become the trenches: We’re sitting in one, they are in the next one. Someone may try to break through and get in there but they have to squeeze through a hole that is a bit smaller than normal door, locate and shoot the enemy before he shots them, while the defending side can be anywhere in the room and is aiming at the hole.
    I’ve lost track how many times I’ve bounced off trying to advance on either front.
    After a while, I’ve made it to about middle of a hallway and get in the position to cover one of the niches in the wall, the one enemies liked to hide in. I stood there for a long time, waiting for someone to make a move. Eventually, I’ve managed to get inside one of the rooms and I noticed that it was in fact that room with a flag just outside of it.
    Now, the only problem was that in order to reach the flag I’d have to stand clearly in the doorframe, which was covered from the opposite side of the corridor. But there was a teammate with me, so I asked him to put down some cover fire while I grab the flag.
    He leaned out, started shooting, I crawled alongside the wall and put my hand out through the door, trying to find that flag. I’ve grabbed it, pulled inside the room and turned around to see: four of my teammates standing side by side in the passage. The literally blocked the hole in the wall, leading towards our base.
    I’ve told them to move and cover me, pushed them aside, squeezed throu and run back to base with a flag.

    We’ve won both CTF games. noice.

    Game 3

    Flags are done for now, we go floor up, onto the Third one.
    Does anyone know the movie “9 Rota”? A soviet war movie that I can sum up as; training camp from “Full Metal Jacket” combined with last battle scene from “Platoon”, but set in Afghanistan. Because the next gamemode is called just that: “9th Company”
    So, the gamemode is: 9th Company. One team holds the barricade and two adjacent rooms, while the other team attacks, using either staircase. Defenders have only one life need to hold on for long enough against attackers who have unlimited lives, but need to go down a floor to respawn.
    On the first try: we were defending.
    How did it went? Well… I was the first one down and had to spent the rest of the game waiting on the staircase, so, yeah. bugger.
    But we won.

    Game 3 round 2

    This time, we’re on the offence, storimg the same barricade held by the Blue’s.
    There’s always that moment when attacking team has to run the gauntlet of enemy fire when leaving the staircase and getting to cover. The usual strategy was to cross the relatively open corridor and get into the room which allowed to creep up to the barricade, safe from enemy fire.
    The thing about being an attacker in this mode is that you can’t play too safe, or you’ll run out of time, but you can’t also be reckless, because you’ll get killed without achieving anything and lose more time coming back to respawn.
    In the end, I got two of them, got killed a few times in the process, but we managed to clear out all the defenders and win this one.


    After first hour, there was a downtixme. We came downstairs, back to the lobby and rested a while. It was an opportunity to perform some minor tweaks on the gear, refill the gas or pellets. Drink some water. Sit down. Wipe the sweat off the forehead.
    Also, those who paid for only one hour (usually the more casual gents) packed up and said godbye.
    At that moment, there was 10 of us left.

    2nd Hour
    The second hour differs from the first one. The games are less dynamic, but more complex. Usually there are only one or two scenarios played during that time. So it was this time;

    Game 4
    So, the gamemode was called: “informers”. It was new and complex one.
    Respawns are on special rules: “Killed” one has to go back to his (starting) staircase and then go up or down one floor.
    Both teams start on 5th Floor. On floors 4, 3, 2 and 1 there are “informers”, a manequinnes with pieces of paper, each containing one character for the password to the safe.
    Now, when one team finds all the digits, they need to find a safe which is hidden somewhere on 5th floor.
    And then, after opening the safe, they find a piece of paper with a “secret task” on it.
    Then, the team has to fullfill the special task AND THEN, they need to go to 1st floor, find a radio and report the success.
    Boi, it was getting tense.

    Ok, there was 5 of us on the team, so we came up with a cunning plan: We split: 2 people per floor 4 and 3 and I go alone to the 1st one.
    Game starts, we rush down the stairs. I run all the way down, get on the first floor run toward the center of the floor then suddenly stop and listen for footsteps.
    Well, I couldn’t hear anyone, so I assume the floor is empty. at least for now. After a bit of searching I found the informer and obtained the first digit.
    So, I go upstairs to the 2nd floor.
    There I run into one of the teammates. we trade the known digits and start making our wat through the second floor. There was some fighting, some manouvering and searching for the last informer.
    Eventually we found it, made sure the rest of the team knows all the code and made our way to the fifth floor in search of the safe.
    Once there, w split up. Someone was searching for the safe, while two others covered the entrances. Initially, I was also looking for it, but I heard “Contact! Wide!” So I went over to assist in covering the staircase.
    I dropped one Tango and set up, waiting for more. I didn’t know it back then, but appearently, one of our guys found a safe and acquired a secret message inside (I still don’t know what it was.) then sneaked out through the narrow staircase.
    We held on to the wide staircase until we get the message that the game was over. Mission accomplished.

    Game 5
    Gamemode: domination. The team that holds the most “Dominators” (D on the plan) at the end of 20min wins.
    The Dominator is a metal box on the wall, with two buttons and two lamps. You have to press the button of your team and the light in your color lights up on top.
    In theory all floors were playing, but the “flags” were only on floors 3, 4 and 5, so there was no point of going anywhere else.
    The spawn rules are the same as the game before; go up/down a floor.

    So, game starts, I run downstairs, trying to get to the third floor, flip the switches and hopefully come up behind the enemies on the floor above.
    The match quickly turned into a game of cat and mouse where people stray on their own trying either to guard a switch or to sneak up to the enemy.
    The game was going pretty well for us, as far as I knew, because wherever I went, there was a red light lit on the box.
    Eventually, the time went up nad the game was over.
    We held both boxes on 5th floor and 1 box on 3rd.
    the enemy had the othe box on the third, and controlled a central box on 4th floor.
    WE won, 3-2 right? Well, no.
    It turned out that box on 4th floor was warth 3 points, something I was not aware of.
    So, we lost 3-4.

    Game 6
    We were out of time, there as like 5 or so minutes left, so we decided to make one last game:
    TDM; one life per floor. If you get hit, you go one floor down and play there. Then go down another floor and so on until you get to the lobby again.

    It was dynamic. It was reckless. It was over fast.
    It was fun.

    If anyone want’s to ever get into this, or has any questions, go ahead. I’ll gladly talk with someone.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by Kacpo.
    Nicholas Andersen

    That sounds completely awesome :O
    I’d like to try that out someday, but I don’t have a place, or other people, or the equipment…

    Also, can anyone check if the relam is down? I am not even getting the icon when I click “Relams”


    In case someone missed the BS. >>>>>

    Nice hobby you got there Kacpo. Playing on/in such a large compound is surely awesome.
    Cool that you where able to recall it all in detail. It was a big but also a well worth read.
    Spent my only day off till x-max going to a few x-mas markets that where really nice.
    Tasty hot drinks and delicious small grub dishes all the way.It even snowed today making it all so much more winterish.


    sounds like a fun game ive done a few on the farm with buddys but not quite to that level.



    That ain’t wendigo my friend. That’s a Krampus.
    Also, artwork by Jakub Rรณลผalski.
    The same guy who created a 1920+ Universe, AKA: Post-WWI Europe, with Mechs, oversized animal companions and which is having 2 separate games being created about it at the moment. Just a sneek peek into his artwork:

    But still, Merry This-time-of-the-year-when-everyone-celebrates-Pagan-traditions-masked-as-christian-ones.
    You know: misletoe, christmas tree, putting hay under the table, and waiting for Dzaidzia Mrรณz (Grandpa Frost) to bring the gifts.

    But still, regardless where you are, what you believe in and what are your traditions: Happy This-time-of-the-year and URB ON!

    P.S: Don’t forget to gib santa.


    Wait lmao mnb3 actually got released? I feel old now.

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