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    Totally awesome real life story there @Kacpo. Your writings here are sweet to read. 🙂
    Was waiting for someone else to reply here after Mo-Tah made wrote that bating post but sadly he did not show up so far.

    As a lover of good animated/ drawn artworks especially sci-FY stuff I found a short that is really cool so I simply have to share.



    Copyright Claim?!?!” Mo bellows
    Greedy bastard is afraid someone may make a couple of bucks off it I guess. At least he coulda left a forwarding address so we could look at it in His house. Butt-Head.”

    Mo closes the door and returns to his chair, where he sits and commences puffing on his pipe “Ya know.., ..he night not.., ..might not even stop in.” he states in between puffs


    That was a fast take-down. How about where the copy claim came from.

    It can be seen here for sure but some may not like that site.
    Other animation sites should have it as well.


    You know, that was really draining. 3 Days I played. 🙁 Granted, the game sat on pause alot while I handled Real-Life things(no I don’t sit on a Potty-chair while I play. Guaranteed my lady wouldn’t go for That), but still. 3 Days


    Got 14+ maps under my boots tho! 🙁 I mean.., well, I got the medal for it. My guys mighta died a little bit(little my ass, it was a slaughter-fest) on the 15th map, but that aint my fault!

    Oh and Lance? 🙂 I aint got Nooo problem with that site…


    . Mo rubs his chin and looks about the room. “What a motley crew of individuals we are…” 🙂 But we sure have fun, hunh boys?”

    . His eyes fall on @Hyyppa, @Bot1985 and @Snipper siting at a table gesturing and having a discussion over different view points, sees their mugs have ran low, and gathers a group of mugs on a tray along with various items to nibble on and walks over, placing it on the table. His hands free, he pats Hyyppa on the shoulder and says with a smile “Damn son, might harsh there. Not saying I disagree with your opinion or words, just thought you came across a bit… Strong?”

    . Picking up one of the mugs, he walks around the table and sets in front of Bot1985, then extends his hand, accompanied with a smile. “Welcome aboard sir, I see your new here to Urbania. Always a pleasure to see a new face and hear others thoughts.” with a glance at Hyyppa adding “..even when ya get barked at for having one…”
    . Turning back to Bot1985 he smiles and adds “He was right in what he said about the confusion over the “R.P.G.” element. Bit confusing for me also, but I’m still muddling it over in my mind.”

    . Picking up another mug, he sets it in front of Snipper and chuckles “It seems your a bit green too my friend. Interesting ideas in any case, and Welcome.”

    . Turning he faces the room and announces “Plenty more drinks over here boys, and what aint here, I’m sure Lance will bring. I fear my time is cut short, have more to say, but alas! Mother Nature is calling, and that’s one person I don’t ignore… ..too long…” 😉


    Not much action on the home front I see of late.
    Discord channel sucks in most of the input these days and then there is that new wiki to build up.
    Urbzz and Reid are putting in a lot of effort and I hope many others will pitch in as well.

    Not much action on my home front as well so I do not really have anything worthy to share here.
    O wait. It’s Sunday and we all know what can happen on a Sunday.

    Numerous captions floated through me skull for this one but in the end I left it blank so that you all out there may post your ideas for a caption to that picture right here.


    Spare Change?

    War hungers…

    Nicholas Andersen

    Maybe he was like ten days ahead of schedule, took a peek behind the hedgegrow and said “NOPE”?


    “I’m six days ahead and I know it’s going to be hard, why bother? It’s not like St. Lo’s going anywhere!”


    How about “Waiting for the Cannon-Fodder to clear out while I finish my smoke…”

    . Not much time, so here we go… @Urbzz

    1)Smoke fades away while on pause & Arty Strikes still happen, while Fire doesn’t fade and Mortars(that aren’t fired) do not.
    2) Length of time it takes to get a soldier to Throw a grenade is.., 🙁 ..fucking ridiculous… It seems like after you instruct him to do it, he has to decide Where/How/Why/What. And if it is near the edge of his “Out-of-Range” zone, he wont do so at all. Just holds it till you aim “Too Far” and reset the distance so as to try again.
    3)A Mortar destroyed a MG nest inside a bunker, how is that possible?
    . Questions
    Why did my crew get Scared/Worried INSIDE a bunker?!? Seems ridiculous also…
    Do the Defensive Bonus’ given from Shovels Stack?
    The Officers +5% bonus.., It says it stacks until moved, does that mean Relocation or Separation from Officer? Would suggest making it a case where it is lost when there become Morale issues, not when you have to move your men. 🙁 This IS a game where Movement is rewarded… 😉

    More later, just Beat-to-Shit right now.
    Peace guys


    Couple more comments to drop… 🙁 No, I’m not bitching, just pointing out. 😉

    When you touch the “Clean Sweep” button in the upper Right-Hand corner of the screen on MnB3, the words “Click this to delete all particules in the game. This will Helps the performance on slower machines when the battlefield is littered with blood stains and empty casings.” ( 😮 ..I’m outa breath Just typing that, let alone Reading it…) I had to google “Particules”, Merriam-Webster said “Definition of particule

    plural -s
    :particle —used especially of de in French personal names” which made NO sense to me, but believe your intent was “Particles” which was pointed out in other web-sites.
    . That having been said, without trying to be an ass(I really dig your games) I also would like to point out that the “S” in “Helps” is un-needed unless you lose the word “will”. Then it fits. 😉

    And on a third note -of the same subject- I’d like to touch on is The Length. I have been assured several times in my life that “Bigger aint always Better”, and this is one time I really understand. Touching that tab fills the entire top of your Field-of-Play with clutter that blocks your Personal-Field-of-Vision. Ya, you can scroll up or down, but still…
    Governor, I’d like to suggest a “Re-phrasing” if you will, something shorter & just as clear. You don’t need to use it(Hell, you can even ignore me I guess), but figured I’d toss it out there anyway.

    Remove/s -{the “S” is optional}- blood stains and empty casings littered on battlefield, helping performance on slower machines.”
    Deletes spent shell-casings, blood-stains & dead bodies from field of battle, which will help game run smoother.”
    Clean your fucking battlefield, ya damn newbie! Your shit may run better. Now drop and give me twenty!!”

    Another one is when it pops up “One of the enemy vehicle has caught on fire.” 🙁 Man, I feel like I’m being an ass pointing this out… The statement infers there is more than one vehicle, yet the absence of the letter “S” on the word “Vehicle” means there’s only one.
    . Again this is encountered when the flames are cooking Your Side, “One of your vehicle has caught on fire.” -{this happened after my Stuart drove thru a fire on the field. 🙁 ..damn moron…}- Comically enough, when I finished the Map & was presented with the Keep-Going or Halt option, in the background I could see my poor little Stuart being used for a Bar-B-Que. 🙁 ..bastards didn’t even invite me, and I called the damn thing…

    Another thing I’d like to comment on.., 🙁 ..just can’t shut up, can I? our Gunner’s Mortaring abilities vs Artillery Strikes and their accuracy.
    As our Gunner gains XP, I’d think his accuracy would increase because he’s learned a little more about the Angle-of-the-Dangle and knows how to Hit-the-Mark. After all, Practice makes perfect. 😉
    . Also, whereas I understand that it’s not a precision machine, I’d think the 5 strikes we get are representative of multiple attacks, so would allow for any potential adjustments. That being said, I’d also like to assume that each successive strike would “Walk-In” towards the Bulls-Eye, instead of popping around like a Smurf on Crack.

    One final note.
    Am 5 days behind, and was running a Siggy, Medic, Officer, Gunner & 2-Rifleman combo. 🙁 Yes, that means I run them As-a-Group up the field, not very safe, but the Close Proximity to the Officer & Smoke Grenades are an asset. In any case, One minute I was holding off an onslaught, the next my Section was Lost. Nothing blew them up, because I woulda been able to appreciate their wee little pics going all red. Nothing. One minute Game-On, the next Game-Over. 🙁 What happened?

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by Mo-Tah.

    Following this last weekend, I have significantly more respect for, and do not at all envy the work our little in game Rangers do in the jungles of Indochina. As part of a class trip I had to take (liable to get flunked otherwise), I went out to the boonies around where I live along with around 60 other college students were guided as we hiked around in the nearby national park, exploring and trying to catch a glimpse of animals and interesting plants.

    The ending of the trip, and really the baptism by fire of the whole affair, was getting waist deep into a wetlands and trudging 160 meters though muddy water lined with sharp algae covered rocks, tree roots looking to trip you up and possibly snakes (didn’t actually see any) to get to a hardwood cypress dome. Did I mention it was all kinds of hot and muggy? I certainly one of the luckier ones, being that I’m 6 feet, because some of the girls that were with us looked like they were about to drown standing up. One or two were holding on to me the whole time as I followed the folks in a line in front of me. Not gonna say were entirely defenseless in case of an ambush but… let’s just say we should be glad there weren’t no VC, haha.

    Overall it was certainly quite an experience, but I think for the time being I’ll gladly remain a city slicker, or at least pick somewhere less muddy and swampy to explore.

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    . Mo steps into the doorway and leans against the jamb, glancing about the room with a scowl. “That was a nightmare. I got locked out, and ya gotta love this one..,” he says as he straightens up and heads for the bar “..of all the freaking things one could get booted for too.”

    Stepping around the bar he fills and immediately drains a large stein, then pulls out a large tray and begins filling mugs which he begins placing on said tray. Once he has a significant number of mugs, he fills his stein, then meanders over to a large table near the fire and sits down.
    He pulls a pouch and rolling papers from his pocket and before long is leaning back filling the room with clouds of fragrant smoke.

    Un-freaking-believe-able…” his brows furrow and he straightens up in his chair, offering the smoke to the open air and whomever wishes to take it “..I guess I didn’t make enough errors in my spelling.”
    Setting the still smoldering item on the table, he takes up his mug and takes a long pull before continuing “And then when I do show, I find Lance neglected our Bloody Sunday.” with a roll of his eyes he adds “..prolly got taken out by the Grammer-Nazis too.”

    And speaking of “Grammar-Nazis”, guess what I found while I was stumbling through St-Lo? “HQ Would like -{in}- a Sitrep. If you send one, all your squad will gain up to 10xp.” 🙁 The only way that works is if you add the words “ to send…” before the word I ‘High-lighted’.


    I’m baaacckkk….


    I think I have seen a similar before friend Tyrud.

    Always nice to go out on a stroll with other people I say cause things happen. :))

    Personally been waaaayyyy to busy working here, there, every-freaking-where. 🙁
    As I am typing this, late at night, I got a small electronic gizmo dissected on me desk awaiting it’s resurrection.
    Dam tiny wires and awee stuffff. *bzzzzzzz…...

    Bloody Sunday is in the making right now for the most URBish Holiday of them all that happens to be tomorrow.
    So despite it not being a Sunday but on topic I will upload it soon.
    In the meanwhile feat your eyes on my pumpkin creation for this year.
    Sucker ways in at 24kg (some 50 pounds) and is powered by pure evil muu hhaa hhaaa gaa , , . , ewwww well it’s actually an LED light rod that I showed up it’s rear end.
    My two cats made it into the pic as well. My phone camera is sadly sucky so sorry about the quality.


    Right before I was going to upload the BS goblin sheriffs demanded my presence at a crime scene.
    I kid you not.
    Thievery ruined my peaceful evening and I am dead tired now due to trying to track down the evil doers with a small town mob most of the night.

    So before it’s over I present you this festival themed Bloody Sunday.

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