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    Congrats Reid.
    Depending on many things, you may really find yourself low on time to come here, but not to worry. I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere aytime soon : )



    80%… 🙁 Based on how this game goes Now, I don’t see that as a horrible thing. Besides, can you imagine the hilarious videos?!?

    Big Leaps… 🙂 Life is just Life bro, it’s always gonna be what you make of it. 🙁 ..the “It’s” usually being the Pile-of-Shit your left to deal with. My advice? 🙂 Smile and get a bigger spoon! Fuck Em. Those that Matter don’t mind, and those that Mind don’t Matter. Yes, check in when you can, your a part of This Squad now, and we’d like to know if we’re needed to come whup-up on someone. 😉



    @urbzz @lance @polarfuchs @tyrud @kacpo @reddot @The Lone Ranger @arise @reid @Lt Dan @greekfighter23 @spacemspiff ..and all of our brethren..,

    To my Brothers-in-Arms

    . Mo looks down the counter-top one more time with a smile and slight nod of the head “Gentlemen. All is prepared, you may commence to imbibe!” he announces loudly, and with a swoop of his arm gestures to the Never-Ending row of drinks extending into the distance. Each the same simple yet elegant & exquisitely crafted stein resting behind a “Shot-Glass” with similar standards…
    ..The shot-glass was half of a smoothed-out walnut shell, the open end facing upwards, balanced on a piece of elk’s-horn with script, small carvings and carefully placed pewter binding it all together as the morning mist joins earth & sky, filled with a dark liquid.
    The stein was crafted from a piece of polished Black Walnut, script & carvings rolling across it’s skin, a handle carved from Red Oak graced it’s side and a pewter lid garnished it’s top. The latter, at present, thrust back from the sheer volume of froth that exploded from the containers depths and tumbled the side.


    Mo raises his shot in the air “When Truth and Fairness are different from what is Law, better it is to Follow Truth & Fairness!” and throwing his head back, casts the rum down his throat fueling the fire he’s breathed.
    Placing the shot-glass back on the counter, he takes up the tankard and raises it aloft also “SkAl!” he cries before commencing his quest to drain it dry.

    . Slamming the stein back to the counter-top, he smiles and looks around “Whooo baby! That’ll give ya a head-rush!


    Intro over, let me drop what I wanted to say down..,

    The Map.
    When referring to the game we play(MnB) and the distances we encounter.., 🙁 Lance, you called them “Legs”. I appreciate the use of the word, but a google search brought me to that pic, and me being me.., 🙂
    I mentioned somewhere else about suggested ways to address them, and.., 🙁 even said “Shut-Up.” :/
    I understand that having not been elected King-of-the-World I’m a tad shy(to say the least) in the privileges or importance department, but I hadn’t thought them ‘Dumb-Ideas’…

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    I’ve yet to encounter any dumb ideas in this neck of the woods, Mo, and I appreciate the endless drinks! Lord I’ll need them, for who knows when another drink shall come my way, what with all these damn hurricanes showing up off the coast (No not that thing your grandpa uses to get around!)

    Everyone around here is going crazy getting water, food and gas, and not so much as a single drop of water has fallen yet! Now imagine how it’ll be like when the bloody things finally make landfall…



    @urbzz @vipility @reinfrenchments @lance

    The Inn Keeper sits on the front porch with his back against a post, a mug in one hand and what appeared to be(from this distance) a burning twig held between his fingers in the other, with one leg sprawled out across the decking and a look of contentment on his face, watching the group of men arguing in the distance. The Guvner’ lead the group, moving back and forth among the trees followed closely and attended to by a native carrying a book in which they were constantly scribbling, and a boombox strapped to their back with lounge music drifting forth.
    He was followed by few men, two of whom appeared to be arguing over whether or not they were walking Though the trees or in fact Around and under them. Over-hearing them, Mo chuckled and mutterers softly.. “And I thought I was fucked up…” ..and with a shake of his head first takes a toke from the twig that leaves him with flavors rolling around his mouth and sinuses that are reminiscent of the morning dew collected from the pine trees.



    Suddenly I must go….



    “Have you seen chestnut trees?!”
    Time to meme the sh*t out of that line…



    Thanks guys for the kind words. It has been an “interesting” two weeks so I really appreciate the support 🙂
    Btw, I still don’t understand the chestnut tree thing…



    ..dew collected from the pine trees.
    He fills his lungs with the crisp clean air, and lays his head back against the post and closes his eyes while sending smoke rings sailing away into the morning air over the forest. Having cleared his lungs of the twigs magic, he raises the mug to his mouth and drains it’s contents in one fell swoop before lowering it leaving a residue of foam lathered in his whiskers that lightly accentuates the smile placed there. is good here. A place where one may get gratification from what he does with his own hands, whether it’s surviving or helping friends conquer their own insurmountable situations. A place that kept you strong or killed you trying. Somewhere a man could pursue his dreams or run from his nightmares, or even create new ones…

    . Awakening with a start, Mo realizes he has fallen asleep and time has continued it’s journey without him. The morning sun, once blinding in it’s brilliance, now strains to cast it’s light through the trees, the shadows crawling towards the porch threatening to engulf him.
    Everyone is gone and the music that once graced the clearing is now only echoes in the corridors of his mind.
    . Rising, he steps into the tavern and begins his evening ritual.


    What an adventure That was. One minute I was watching Urbzz code, then RL struck and when I returned, I walked into a empty room. :p ..sometimes life Sucks.

    Let me address what I can, While I can..,
    The Pic
    We were/are talking about MnB3 which has a..(wait for it)… fucking bug. 🙂 Couldn’t resist.
    The Distance Traveled and Correct Usage
    You mentioned traveling a certain distance and referred to it as “6 Legs”-{google images had the bugs..Ba-Dum-Deesh}- and I found that frustrating as I had brought the subject up before, with no response.
    My suggestion had been that since going from one set of stars at the bottom of the screen, past the other set of stars at the top of the screen was counted as One-Days-Progress, we could refer to it as a Map.
    When I line up the Top of my screen to the Bottom of my screen, then move up till the “Old Top” becomes the “New Bottom”, I found I moved the screen 8 times. Further examination showed that going 8 kilometers by foot was in the realm of 3 hours of steady walking, but since we’re not just steady walking(figured fighting 2/3 of the time), we’re figured we’re dealing with more like 7-9 hours.
    Now Daylight’s a factor..,
    Sooo, each screen/Map was made of 8 kilometers.(or Klicks) :/ ..legs…
    You did say you were inebriated, maybe you had Girlies on your mind. ..6 legs implies… 😮 You lucky dog!!!! 🙂

    Well, as usual, RL has become a factor and I must disappear.

    ***Mo adds another log to the now roaring fire and steps back to take in the view***



    Well for one thing the termination “a leg” or “Legs” to count how many game fields have been cleared in a single run ( playing a game without “halting”)in MNB3 originally came from urbzz to I simply took that as is.

    Sadly I am fairly ill and not to hot in the head right now to make “nice” posts here but I can give you this.



    . Mo turns and regards the ‘Recruitment‘ poster @Lance is nailing to the wall “Hell of a way to get rid of gophers too.” he comments with a chuckle.
    He half-turns and picks up a steaming cup of tea, then turns back around and offers it to Lance.

    Herbals are always a good option, and this here is a concoction me grand-ma-ma used to brew up when I was a feeling off..,” with a roll of his eyes he adds “Course that’s most of the time, but that’s neither here nor there. Just trying to help out, hoping ya get better.”

    Then with a twinkle in his eye adds “Then maybe we’ll get better Bloody Sunday Posters.”

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    Sorry to disapoint in the B.S. post. Feever got the worst of me..
    Tee is my friend right now so thanks Mo. Must have drunk a ton of them in the last days.
    Weirdly they still taste good. Hopefully not forever though cause I miss me beer. 🙁



    Oh now don’t be getting all serious like on me….” Mo says with a chuckle and friendly thumping on Lance’s back
    ..all of yer posts are enjoyed my friend.., and I’m betting there’s not a soul that’d say otherwise…” he adds as he sweeps his eyes about the room, daring someone to disagree.

    “Well I see there’s another soul interested in LW out in the woods. Goes by the name @Hood if’n I remember right.”
    Mo raises his glass high
    Cheers & welcome sir Hood!”
    then drains the glass



    The old sea captain reappears in the door frame of the old bar, his poncho and bucket hat drenched in water.

    “I suppose the seas can only remain fair for so long, eh?” he says as he takes off his hat and approaches the bar, trying and failing not to track in water on his way to the bar stool. “A hearty gin if you have one, barkeep. Maybe a nice warm meal too. Surprise me.”


    That old hag Irma thought she would get the best of me, but she had another thing coming! Power was out at my place for about 4 and a half days, of which we spent a day at a hotel because as it turns out most buildings aren’t designed to not have AC, and we weren’t about to make headlines being found comatose of heat exhaustion. It’s nice to see everyone has been keeping busy around here, and I hope all my other Florida mates have power at their places too. Much luck and love to anyone living in the Keys, because things are real rough down there from what I’ve seen.

    In any case, I’m glad to be back even if I have a lot of work to make up these days.



    Not much heat around here at all this summer. Worst is that it already feels like fall has fully kicked in since the past 3 weeks and that in late summer or is it all due to the climate change.. . . aaww no matter cause I am still ill a bit.

    “What a wet floor we have”
    said Lance. “Perfect!. . Now I can thoroughly mop the place.” he exclaims with a smile.
    “Feels like our favorite old adventure game will soon breeze through here in a brand new outfit and we all want to make its reappearance as shiny as possible.” 😉

    With a turn on his heals and a swift run past the bar and through the kitchen Lance glides back to where his friend seats shouting softly “A hearty gin for thee Tyrud and today’s special chow. Oven roasted pork roll slices in hardy gravy with pickles and fresh bread on the side.” *I seriously made that for today’s home meal.



    Ah yes“, Mo exclaims with a smile “soon we’ll be enjoying suffering in the deep woods. Running for our lives from savage men with the gleam of gold in their eyes.”

    A frown creases his brow as his words sink in, and picking up his drink he mutters “Damned if I know why I sound so happy…” before he downs it.
    Setting the mug back on the table he mumbles “..fucking Stockholm Syndrome…”

    Turning around in his chair, he glances about the place nodding in appreciation of Lance’s efforts at tiding up, then turns back around and with a smile at the corner of his mouth & a gleam in his eye announces “Ya missed a spot Lance.”


    I look forward to playing this new version of LW.., 🙂 ..and comically enough wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the next few/several years we’re ALL playing it for Reals.

    As far as weather goes, Fall is definitely settling in and making itself comfortable, and you can ‘Hear’ Winters foot-steps coming down the hallway if you listen close enough.
    Disaster wise, no Earthquakes, Hurricanes or Tsunamis.., 🙁 ..yet. They say California is Overdue for a BIG Earthquake, so maybe I shouldn’t be saying anything, less I tempt fate. O.o ..and I play U.R.B. games.

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