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    Nicholas Andersen

    Our traveller quickly rushes up to the top floor, grabbing a pair of binoculars as he goes.
    “There’s that motherfucker.” He says from the top window. “Right there. david77.”

    @hyyppa ; bring the sniper rifle.”



    OK, what in the name of everything unholy has taken place in here. During last 21 hours the whole forum got flooded with spam (read the Urb’s update about tens of accounts and hundreds of groups deleted) and apparently the counter measures have caused some further damage. I can’t find several forum sections anymore (MnB3, 2 and Recon forums for example). All timestamps of posts are gone. The various issues with the forum are clearly growing by the day.

    Was it all worth it just to make it possible for people to read the forum on a mobile phone…. Hopefully the clean up work won’t suffer further setbacks.



    Ironically, the PHP upgrade allows us to use an up to date version of the wiki and thus the latest security features. The unintended consequence of the upgrade was that a WordPress security plugin called Wordfence had to be disabled. Thus a window opened for the horde of bots we saw yesterday.

    While we were asking for trouble running this site without a security plugin temporarily, I know that I am not alone in saying we need more overall security measures such as:

    – Captcha at registration
    – Basic questions at registration (What war does MnB2 take place in?, etc.)
    – Locking group creation to moderators and admins (Current state I believe)

    Call me crazy, but if we had those security measures I don’t think we would have had the problem we had, even without Wordfence.

    All that said, I really really regret pushing to upgrade the wiki before considering all the moving pieces involved. This should have been a swift and brief interruption and its quite past that.



    “Orbital command, this is Cataphract. We’re in position, over.”
    “Cataphract, this is ObCon. You’re clear. Commence the dive. over.”
    “Copy. Commencing swing.”

    The pilot pushed the nose of the machine down, towards the planet surface and powered up the rocket engines. As Far behind him, three other gunships did exactly the same.
    As the machine begun to enter the atmosphere, the firey inferno formed around it, turning entire craft into a blazing fireball. When they finally get through the Termosphere, the pilot begun to level the flight.
    “We’re in, engage the leash.”
    A technician sitting next to him started tinkering with ships systems and in a short while, the gravitational leash linking them to the mothership was formed.
    “We’re on the leash.”
    “Yeah, roger. Guns, we’re in the swing, so you’ll have just a while to give’em hell. Make it count.”
    “Don’t ya worry, lad. We’ve got it. Just keep her steady.”

    The ship was leveling it’s flight and reducing speed.
    Soon, the hatches in it’s belly opened and revealed the entire arsenal.
    First came the semi-guided cassette bombs, aimed at the biggest concentrations of spam-posts.
    Then, there was a volley of semi-guided missiles, locked onto most of the fake groups there.
    Shortly after them, came down to semi-armor-piercing warheads, aimed at the central bunker, where according to intel, the main bug was hiding.
    Finally, a fuel air bomb came down, turned into a masssive grey cloud, which, just a moment later, was set ablaze and within a fraction of a second exploded, blowing away fake accounts, spammed groups, advertisement posts and any still working spambots.
    “Good shooting there. We’re done here.”
    The pilot set the throttle to full and pulled the machine up, away from the buring ruins beneath them.
    Gravitational leash they were put on, did it’s job as a gigant, invisible swing and allowed them to easily climb out through the planet’s atmosphere, back to the lower orbit, leaving them in exactly the same distance from the mothership, as they were before, except, now they were on the opposite side of it.
    “ObCon, this is Cataphract. Swing complete. We’re spent. Returning to Wildfire to refuel and rearm.”
    “Copy that Cataphract. Good job down there.”

    Operator in the control center smiled and switched channel;
    ” This is Orbital command. Knight, Cuirassier, Lancer, Hetairoi and Cossack, get ready to dive.”

    Hope the side is all good now.
    Or at least better than before. I see there was some collateral damage, the groups are gone now. Shame. But most of the site seems to be rather unharmed, so, there’s that.

    I agree that at least some bot-protection protocol is necessary.
    Capcha is nice, because it’s automatic and quite reliable. IDK if it’s a paid license or how hard it is to implement, but I believe that it should keep the site mostly secured.
    What Reid said; A question upon registration is also a good idea. Preferably set up several random questions, which rotate each time, to make life a bit harder for unwanted guests.



    All timestamps of posts are gone. The various issues with the forum are clearly growing by the day.
    And I suspect that they will not come back again. Furthermore Hyppaa the bots ate your avatar too. 😉
    You all know by now how security paranoid I am and sadly those are all suggestions that I already made when the first Word-Press-MNB site went up so I am 100% for Reid’s ideas although skinning him now for all this LW style . . . naa just kidding.
    Nobody here is at fault save the ever so evil WWW.

    Nice story telling Kacpo. 🙂 BTW I had visuals on the enemy and they looked like this.

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    “This is the last thing we saw from the convict”



    Any fan of fantasy game parodies must see this. I almost dies laughing cause the content is sooo true.



    . The river flows quickly thru the mist, whispering & burbling to itself as it pushes everything in it’s path ever onward, always in a rush to reach There.
    Mo sits at the waters edge, pipe in one hand, thoughts in the other, and stares through a pile of leaves swirling in a circle, safe from the rivers insistence, caught for a fleeting moment…
    ..the thoughts that rage thru his mind is a quantum entanglement that makes him reel in awe and confusion…

    . @lance :/ What happened to Bloody Sunday?!? 🙁 I apologize, I never watched all of Dork Souls III(am too ADD to hold out longer than 15 minutes. :/ Ok, maybe it’s 8…) liked what I saw, but wasn’t in the Watch-Mode-Mood. I realize putting one together prolly isn’t as easy as flicking boogers on the screen, but is a treat to enjoy and appreciated each time. 🙁 ..Bloody Sunday, not the Booger-Flicking. :/ Your time, I don’t wanna know. 🙁 Lone Ranger might, he likes contests… 😉 As for being appreciated, I know I do, and am willing to bet there’s enough of us on here that do, we could make a few 6-Man squads. 😀


    ..of course this being “U.R.B.’s World”, we ALL know how that pans out… But we’ll still show for the party, just gonna make sure it’s loud! 😉

    . He sits back and considers his words, the flurry of solidity having escaped him like a swirling pile of leaves caught once more by the rivers pull.



    Due to eager request and the lovely manner it was done in the barkeep rushed to the workroom and quickly conjures a new pamphlet to hang on the long barren tavern news posts wall.



    😮 It’s gone! It’s all gone!
    Everything I wrote has vanished!!!



    Sistance?? 🙂




    ..I’ll try again…




    > Mo steps outside into the evening light and takes in the splendor that surrounds him.
    He smiles and turning to his left, crosses the porch to a gentleman relaxing in a chair, boots propped up on the railing, who also seems to be enjoying the passing of time. “Guvner’” he declares as he extends his arm, at the end of which his hand holds a finely crafted wooden stein, it’s brass lid & thumbcasp thrown back exposing a mouth obscured in a mass of frothy enrichment.

    Relieved of his liquid burden, Mo leans against the railing and rubs his chin…
    Ya know Guvner’, that’s a mighty fine game you be putting together and I know ya prolly got a hunert different choices to make, I just wanted to toss one out there I hoped you’d consider.

    He stands straight and places his hands on his hips as he continues… “Now I ainta trying to be bossy or demanding, or even act like I’s got a know in the world, I just thought you’d might want my opinion.

    Of all the issues folks gripe about(Morale seems to be the biggest), I think the number keys should have precedence. The ability to direct your Cannon-Fodder by numb.., 🙁 ..err, I mean… The ability to guide your men to their required positions by simply pushing a key, then clicking, is efficiency in itself.

    I also have an idea for another key(got it when I was testing whether or not a trench would protect my men from incoming artillery… 🙁 ..ya we know how THAT worked out)we’ll say #8.
    Folks have mentioned a “Retreat Button“, and I was thinking why not make that a little bit More realistic. Pressing #8 sends your men in a Random direction for say, 3/4 of a field length, after which time there’s a possibility of them being pinned from fear.

    How ever it works out, i just hope the Keys come first….



    Ditto Mo-Tah, I think the number keys have to get some priority. I also really like your idea of a scatter button. That kind of feature is in line with my MnB3 ideology which is that the game interface should be as simple and powerful as the actual gameplay is unfair and brutal.

    In recent news, I have transferred from my community college to a proper 4 year university. No idea how often I will be able to pop in here, but I hope I can still manage the tricky wiki when urb gets to that. No rush of course, I am still struggling to settle into my new situation so I don’t mind waiting.



    Ditto too. 😉 bis auf = A random “flee” run as if in panic would be a bit to drastic. I see 80% of them go bad.

    College to University… small step for a man, big leap for an Urbanian. 🙂
    Hope that you check in as much as possible friend Reid. 😀

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