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    The stranger leans closer to the giant
    -wereabouts and how many men hes got with him



    “Hmm… Well, I had to – how do I put it – exchange fire with them around 1 hour ago. Those bastards were headed to the north. About 6 of ’em, poorly armed. If those are the men you’re looking for that is..”



    The stranger pushes the money tword the giant and he gladly accepts
    -thanks for the tip.
    as the giant counts his money the stranger pulls out 2 new smokes and hands one to the giant he reads the fine print (carrigon silverstrikes)
    the stranger proceeds to the door and the giant watches as he climbs into a interesting custom jeep number and speeds off up the road and he gets a feeling hell be seeing him soon



    Real soon…



    (Just wondering how many people are active and i need to read through there storys?):)



    Active Tavern dwellers? As many as there wants to be but currently only a few so it is rather easy to see what is going on by looking at the last few (3-4) pages here.
    And now how the encounter with the barkeep really took place.

    “This want-to-be Cowboy must be jesting in his feeble attempt to make himself look tougher then the cockroaches under the floor boards.” laughs the barkeep out loud while the fine bourbon that he had served this rudimentary being comes flying his way.
    *ppfff. In mid air the liquid suddenly loses all inertia and proceeds to return to the senders staggered face.
    His yap, now wide open in astonishment, proceeds to catch and shallow all the blown back whiskey at once.
    “And don’t ye dare miss a drop.” Lance twinkles at him with a smile.
    “Now be a good newbee, take the rest of this fine bottle and have a seat.” That said Lance, the current Barkeep and constructor of the new Sleeping Bear Tavern and goes back to Reid’s table to hear how his tale will continue.

    *no heard feelings; I simply had to defend the barkeep honor 😉

    Thanks Mo-Tah for the Bloody Sunday review. Feels great when people appreciate the work that others do for the community.
    The movie Wonder Woman was in deed rather good. Thanks for the tip my friend.



    . Well said my brother, ..cockroaches under the floorboards… Priceless…

    But your words sprung a thought to my mind.., 😀 of course are excluded(at least at first) but I was curious if anyone knows who is the reason why The Sleeping Bear exists. Not who was the first post or the one who first one to hammer the boards up, but who was the Reason she was built.

    . *he pops his head back into the door just in time to catch what would forever be known as “The Whiskey Gulp”.
    First his eyes spring wide in amazement, then he falls back inside howling in laughter “DAAAammn son! Nice aim!” he spits out in between peals.



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    (that Was hilarious) The whiskey gulping stranger was back as he came into the door there was a new man with him… in shackles and the jeep outside was replaced by a couple of quarter horses he looked for the fellow who had defied the laws of nature thought he thought you could do almost anything in hear from what ive heard he went over and asked him in the same gravely tone
    – is there a place a soldier can rest up around here? and a pig sty a deserter can sleep ,also what brand was it i threw at you, It was a balanced taste for such a cheap drink.



    Well… I can offer a coffin for your pet to sleep in. Ask the barkeep for a bed.”



    He hears the giant speak from behind him he turns away form the barkeep smirks and says
    -Thank you kindly for the offer but this bastards worth more alive

    he turns back to the keep and asks the same questions as before he replys with a grunt and a point clearly more interested in the tables discussions

    As the stranger walks tword his room he takes a glance over the entire bar and it reminds him of his old hometown tavern he slowly looks back into his room after he closes the door every one hears a clanking of shackles and a tired man falling on to his bed

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    > I was curious if anyone knows who is the reason why The Sleeping Bear exists?

    Surely that would be Samuli? The great vodka connoisseur?

    Anyway, are we still treasure hunting? Feel like that story became the B plot

    The Captain and Mo-Tah, having just left the tavern, find themselves descending many a leafy hill. The Captain, leading the way, takes a liking to a running/half-falling means of travel. Mo-Tah holds a slower pace not far behind.

    They descend lower and lower, eventually stopping upon the discovery of a wide snaking trench; empty except for some dead fish and an overturned canoe.

    “Ah, well, this must be tha river!” says the Captain.

    Turning just slightly to glare at the Captain, Mo-Tah beings to amble down the dried up waterway, the Captain following along as he fumbles with his maps.



    the stranger wakes up and streches the man tied to the front of the bed was alsleep he got up threw on his over jaket and kicked him he woke up with a start and started to say something till a 38. was stuck in his face the stranger slaped a 100 on the bar and left without a word there was asorted yelling outside then screams of pain and then quite voices and another scream POP.the stranger walks inside and asks aloud
    -Any one got a shovel? or better yet any one got a shovel and wants to earn some money?



    Samuli…. 🙂 probably the reason I became such a… =L ..regular pest? And he was there the night it happened I believe and nice answer, good try, but Eehhhhhhhhhh – Wrong Answer. No Cigar for you…
    . Try Again??


    . In the midst of his display of mirth, Mo feels a hand grasp his hand and jerk him to his feet. As he blinks his eyes in an attempt to process the situation and come back to the here-and-now, he feels his satchel thrust in his other hand along with his rifle, and as he turns to acknowledge the proceedings involving his rifle, feels a quick jerk on the first hand again, this time dragging him out into the night.

    . He stumbles forward a few steps before jerking his hand free and regaining his balance, slowing to a more respectable speed. ..something more of a crawling pace…
    Down the embankment and along the riverbed Mo walked, occasionally looking back over his shoulder at(from his perspective) a man struggling to put two-n-two together, before stopping altogether and turning to address him.
    Bro, you better not have found a leprechaun’s map and then go and get us to the Wrong end. You do realize at one end is a pot-o-gold, but the other end is a pot-o-shit? I don’t be wanting a pot-o-shit.



    seeing no one needs the money the stranger turns and walks out seeing the body he ties it on to the biggest of the two horses and rides to a close by stream he unties the body and,disposes of it along the bank as he rides back to the Sleeping bear for another night of hotel rooms and drunkards puking on his shined shoes as hes riding on back a thought comes over him hes not told anyone there his name.
    when he hitches up his horse to the guard rail he peers inside the beers flowing like it was when he left he draws the flask he has kept on him since he started this business of his and lifts to drink only to find barely a swallows left
    he goes over to the horse carrying his flask thats when it struck him hed left his last bottle of gin in the jeep those buffoons destroyed in his last engagement
    -damn it all to hell
    im going to have to buy that swill they server here he thought

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