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    Rising from the aches of yet another calamity I herby reopen the most important place for travelers in the whole world.
    Please introduce yourselves, then feel free to grab a chair and share your tales however tall they may be.
    Since this place is everywhere the community manager (me) decided on also using this place to hang out Announcements that are interesting to everyone around.
    This is THE mega-social-thread-for-all-of-us.
    Therefore it is Super-Stickied to show on every forum here.
    On the first of urbzz websites the general talks thread had the same name. In honor of that this thread also bears that name.
    Later on mud and the name changed to a more site fitting application that changed whenever 200 pages where full since that site could not support a single thread that was larger.
    Names like Mess Hall, Barracks or Officers Lounge came to be our “talk about anything but do not spam” community meeting rooms.

    This place must confuse those that are not familiar with the pre-mud and blood world.
    I too was once confused about the Sleeping Bear while it was open on due to the old regs talking much in a Last Winter type of role-playing style.

    Posting here is easy. Simply follow general forum ethnic guidelines and do not spam.
    Example of spammy be that someone posts a topic that is similar to a forum game like “how to corrupt a wish”.
    Those things belong in a separate topic thread.
    Hope members will now be more at ease to give their personal contributions.
    Things like Introductions are good here. 🙂

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    An old sailor, once a young man who still remembers the old Bear’s many iterations steps into the freshly built and clean structure representing the new and improved Sleeping Bear Tavern…

    Personally I like the picture. Could easily be representative of STWALT or a conceptual version of a Last Winter pub! Let’s see what the others have to say, but I think they’re liable to agree.


    A grizzled old man, dragging a travois loaded with furs and pelts secures his vehicle in a berth outside before opening the door and walking into the building. As he enters, his jaw drops and he finally manages to stammer, “What’d they do to th’ place?”


    With a quiet snap, two silhuettes appeared out of nowhere.
    They were featureless, blank, almost as if they weren’t there. They were nothing more than observes.
    Well, we’re here.– the first one said, stepping forward.
    Not bad. Last time I remembered it, it was darker and… well, fuller.– The other loked around and examined the settlement.
    Yeah.– the first apparition sighed –Things have changed since then. It’s actually the third one since then, would you believe it?– He continued as he approached the runic stone on the right.
    He put his hands over it, said his true name and a phrase that was heared only to him and no one else. With a flash of light, his body took shape, his fugere now clothed in rugged army coat and his face hidden under the gas mask. His presence instantly becoming known to everyone around.
    C’mon. I’ll show you what changed.– Kacpo said as he led the way into the village. The other ghost folowing closely after him.
    So… you said that he’s working on new one, right?– He asked after a while
    Yup. He believes it’s the most advanced project yet.– Came the response.
    From what you told me it’s just like 2.
    Kinda. Still small squad, but this time you push instead of hanging back.
    got any presentation board I can see?– The ghost keep inquiring.
    Nah, sorry.– The masked man shook his head. –Most of the stuff was lost with the last one.– He said with bitter voice, as they made it to the village.
    The cottage was small, barely any buildings, most of which still under construction. The last calamity had them start from scratch again, but the Urbanians were tough people. When necessary, the just pack up and go somewhere else.
    Luckily, not everything was lost.
    Hey, Kacpo!– A man with a cart and a face like a landmine waved at him.
    sup, Arise!– He responded. –still busy restoring everything?
    Yeah. Got most of the stuff packed and ready to deliver, but some treads need opening now.– He gestured over his cart.
    Cool. Go check out the Sleeping Bear when you’re done. It’s up again.
    ‘Kay. See ya!

    The two continued down the road when the figureless asked;
    -So…? Who was that?-
    That’s Arise. He’s quite new here, but already made a difference, ya know? When the previous site was being shut down, he backed up the most essential stuff. He’s probably unloading it now.
    -And the testing stuff? You said you were cleared to…-
    I was, I was.– The man cut the question. –But when it all closed down, my license was lost with it. I’ve already sent a message asking for it to be renew. until that time, I’m out.– He pointed at an empty plot.
    When the came closer though, it became apparent that it was not empty and was, in fact, occupied by something. However none of them was able to see what was under the shroud of mystery. All that was visable to them, was a small sign saying; “Testers. private.”

    Okay, let’s go. It’s not far away.
    and where are we going again?
    Ah, an old place.– His snicker was heard even from under the mask –You’ll see.
    Right… you know that this site is completly new for me right?
    So why don’t you register? Become part of the URB army, maybe even make it to the Testers?
    I told you, I’m not willing to- Wooha. Is that it?– He cut as they found themselves in front of an old tavern. the building seemed much older than the rest of the village, and definitely saw more than any other.
    Kacpo turned to his friend and said:
    Here it is! The Sleeping Bear Tavern!


    A scout appears in the distance, an HK33 slung around his shoulder. He drinks from his jug — nearly empty. He frowns at the knowledge of this, then he looks up and sees the tavern and grins.

    Entering, he is greeted by some friends.
    “So you made it!”
    “What took ya so long?!”
    “Look! Hobbits outside!”
    “Hey, is that a real gun? OMG! What do you think you’re doing?!”

    Turning to a table on the left, he unloads the magazine and places it and the rifle on top of a table. He then turns back towards the bar.
    Only a few patrons, it seems. Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike, but he knows he’s among good people. Drinks and food abound, too. What a sight.
    I hope third time’s the charm.

    Anyways, as we undergo our customary entrances, mind if I start the real-life tavern talk?
    How’s a ghost story? Hehe, strange way to start this newly-resurrected website, but I just have to share it.
    Kind of dark. I know, we Filipinos are pretty superstitious and this may all be explained by science or whatnot, but I don’t care. It’s interesting nonetheless. Here I go.
    (Also, I can assure you that I did not make this up; I swear by my life and everything within and without it that this is not my creation [though a creepypasta writer can feel free to take influence]. This is regarding an actual place, and if you wanna go there then be my guest. Feel free to Google it, or ask me where it is.)

    Our subdivision is right next to the barangay (an administrative division within a province, barrio being the closest term apparently though both are still separate units) of Alabang where we usually shop and where my school is. (It’s still the same city, by the way.) Anyways, a highway passes through it, and right next to it is a mall. It’s called Starmall. It is built upon a cemetery. Now, the sad thing is that the bodies were never exhumed and transported to another resting place, and the guys running the mall apparently never got approval to do so, but it’s the Philippines, after all, and corruption and money’s bad side are pretty much routine. (Hell, that senator who last year accused our president of taking our drug campaign too far [though I’m not commenting on that], even making an internationally-broadcasted [and highly expensive, I tell you] hearing about it, was later on actually found to have been using drugs.) Thus as you might expect, this mall is known to be haunted.
    I know, it sounds cliché. In the Philippines, there are tons of purportedly haunted places with corresponding stories as well as mystical places with stories too. I won’t comment on that, though I find them really interesting. So of course, there are stories of this place too. Once, someone claimed to have entered a heavily-crowded cinema in Starmall to watch a movie only to find when the lights turned back on that it was empty.
    Now, my family and I never go to Starmall. However, once, my mom had to pass through it. She said she saw an old woman just looking at her. After leaving, though, my mom said that she was feeling sick and heavy. We called an albularyo, a Filipino folk doctor (yes, we still have them, and one lives in our subdivision), to check it out. After she felt my mom’s head, she said that a spirit had pretty much jumped on her. After some treatment, my mom felt better though.
    I’ve never been inside the mall (which kinda surprises me considering we always pass in front of it while traveling to other places out of the city), but, forgive me my sissyness my fellow Urbanians, but I’d rather not enter.
    However, if you don’t believe what I’ve just said, then at least get this, because I can assure you 100% that you can observe this yourself if you come over here. Every night, there are a huge number of small black birds that perch on the power lines in front of the mall. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but seriously there are so many, all perched on the whole length of the wires in front of the mall. They say they mourn the spirits, I think, or maybe that they are the spirits. Either way, it’s very fascinating, and sad.
    Man, I know it sounds so creepypasta, and as much as I’d like to keep reminding you that this is real, I hoped you enjoyed reading it. You guys got any creepy places or stories?

    (By the way, if you’re gonna go there (or any of the other less developed parts of Alabang), I’d advise that you be extremely careful because there are lots of thieves. Seriously. A classmate of mine had his iPad literally ripped from his hands inside the aforementioned mall, and that didn’t even involve any supernatural elements.)

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    Interesting tale, FoF! I don’t blame you for not taking a trek inside (is the mall functional?) I wouldn;t want to either despite being a science man myself. No point riling up the dead, eh?

    There’s plenty of run-down, though not necessarily creepy places around where I live where you probably don’t want to be after dark for crime reasons rather than anything supernatural. I do, however, recall there being a very old and decrepit two story house in the neighborhood that I’m pretty sure was hella foreclosed and that really unnerved me the few times we drove past it in my youth. It eventually got demolished and the plot was cleared up and put on sale but to this day it has yet to be bought and it remains fenced off with chain-link and covered in short grass, trash and graffiti. Probably didn’t help that the housing bubble popped here when it they were trying to sell it and the locale isn’t really ideal for building anything commercial (a fire-rescue station sits across the way). There’s something inherently eerie and unsettling about abandoned places. Fear of the unknown and all that I guess.

    Update: As it turns out, they were going to build an apartment complex there at some point (around ’07), but I guess it never materialized due to the housing market crash here in ’08 and ’09.

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    Glad you enjoyed.
    And yes, that mall is not just functional — it’s popular! Though not necessarily because of its being haunted. It’s just a large mall a lot of people go to for general mall and grocery stuff, and buses start their runs as well as drop off passengers near it.
    It seems there aren’t that many abandoned places here. Property is almost always being used, though rarely haunted.
    Also, haunted places here are generally more associated with the occurring of deaths rather than for being built upon haunted places (though I’m sure there are exceptions).


    The Inn-Keeper, after having been silently observing the first reopening guests for a while, breaks out in joyful laugher.
    “My my, and none have recognized thee, flowery speaking, wilted visage as one of the founding Urbanian huntsmen dear @Brigand231“.

    He takes a deep breath and continues “Thay expertise regarding the unexplored “Wilds” around here where legendary but alas you too had sunken into the see of former Urbanian legends for eons it was.”
    “What’d they do to th’ place?” you ask?
    “Newly built it be” the Inn-keeper proudly exclaims, “after jet another calamity had stuck our noble lands.”
    *despite the fun I will be going over to informal talk now to speed this post up.*
    It was a quick draft built that after some examination by critical eyes, your correct friend Tyrud that the place dos fit nicely into the current realm of Urbania, is old enough to heed the needs of Coureur des bois and some rather fantastic folks form a real called STWALT as well as more modern needs like this young lads interests over here.

    Hey Kacpo, stop staring at the sign and get your rugged behinds in here.
    Our journey is far from over so grab a seat, mug and something to eat. Then you may continue to gaze upon the still quiet empty trophy wall in search of postable deeds. 🙂

    The Inn-Keeper suddenly swings around to ear drop on FieldsOfFire’s new Ghost Story.
    He must he recently been to that hot and damp place call Vietnam judging from his gear, I think to myself.
    A HK33 eee. Drool suddenly drips out of my my mouth side. *slurps back up* Finest weapon currently out there I have heard.
    Fields just grins over both ears and continues his story.
    Fine tale indeed.

    *cough, cough*, still recuperating from the worst flue in years. Been sleeping most of this week.
    First time ever that my boss told me to go home, formulated in a bossy kind of way so that it was rather informal but still almost an order.
    Will get to testing more MNB3 now.
    Cheers fellow innmates (lol) and keep the train rolling.


    The old hermit half-jerks back, as if maybe-not-really-surprised-but-putting-on-a-show-anyway, “All I did was post common sense stuff because nobody else had done it yet.” Stuff like, pick up your canoe before you quit your game or you’re likely to lose it. I know I posted a guide to canoe camping on the wiki, but that’s really all I remember it saying.


    urbzz wrote in the hidden testers base. (Text slightly modified by myself)

    By being inactive for more than a month will indicate us that you select yourself out of the testing group.
    Which means that if we have an individual that wants to join he will then take your spot in order to keep the group to 10 active members. Nothing personal. Just giving everyone a chance to have a go at this.
    You are free to join again whenever there will be an open spot again.

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    Holy shit this place looks waaaay different from a few years back. What’s up guys? LOL


    It looks different because it is different. The site has recently reopened as a new site after the usual Internet stuff happened.

    The current hot topics are Mud n Blood 3 as it gets closer and closer to full release and speculation over what Urb might tackle after that.


    Can’t remember when I join this thread, but well just join again. >o<

    Welcome back @Brut, the site been update due to some very sad things. You can walk around to see the new update Recon 1.5 and MNB3 news, hope you enjoy your URB day. XD

    Someone tell me that the day come to with the cloud, if cloud become dark, means you heart should be clear. I can not realize what does these mean when I was child. Right now I can feel that, in the heavy rain day, soul will become clear.

    Maharbal Barca

    -“I swear, ‘pon me honor, me chair better bloody well be there!”
    Excitement grows just outside the door of the newly constructed inn. Despite having recently been erected, the structure gives off a rustic air; built of stone and wood, it is hardly state-of-the-art, but rather humble and inviting. The wooden floors and brick walls give off just enough of a frontier aura to be worthy to carry its illustrious name. It may never live up to the legacy of its predecessor, and them never to surpass the original, but with the right people and the right drink, it can definitely be called home. The voice just outside grows louder, the low clod of boots accompanying it as it approaches the door. The voice, low and rough, is clearly agitated.

    -“And I warned him, by thunder! If I told him once I told him a thousand times: don’t hang the bloody coats so close to the fire! Blast that man!”

    With that final exclamation, the grand doors of the inn swing open, and the source of the irate voice crosses the threshold. The smell of sea salt rushes into the main tavern, and a silhouette takes form as the doors close behind it. The figure that stands before the patrons is a tall man of a light olive complexion, with whiskers covering his chin. Thick brows arch over dark brown eyes that now scan the inner mechanizations of the inn, as if a predator looking for prey. A tricorn sits upon the man’s head, his hair thick and wild, which hangs just to his shoulders, and accompanied by a green bandanna. He is clad in a mixture of fabrics and adornments in an equally wide variety of colours, Most notable of which is a long duster, an intensely red sash wrapped around his waist, and shackle, now severed from it’s purpose, clinging to one of his ankles.
    More pertinent and interesting to the individuals dwelling within the tavern, was the many implements of war that hung from the man like vines upon a tree. An ornate silver and gold dagger protruded from the sash around the man’s waist, easily visible just in front of his stomach, prominently displayed for all to see rather than a concealed weapon for surprise engagements. Higher on the man’s body, slung across his chest, was a pair of sturdy flintlock pistols. Finally, hanging from the man’s side was a large, broad blade, with a large, thick handle; a cutlass that has seen many the end of a man, and beast.
    After having examined the vast room and its inhabitants and feeling satisfied, this foreign intruder wastes no time in approaching the bar. Seeing that the tavernkeep is momentarily away, the man steps behind the bar without any hesitation, much to the alarm of a few of the observing patrons. He can be heard grumbling as he rummages through the contents of the bar.

    -“I swear I’ll run him through if he forgot…No, no…Blech, can’t believe he still carries this swill… aha!”

    Popping up from behind the bar, the man proudly raises a bottle in the air, it’s dark contents swirling around as he shakes it. It is a bottle Barbadian Rum. The man slaps a shining gold coin on the wooden bar, grabs a metal stein, and heads over to one of the empty table in the open part of the tavern, oblivious to the many uneasy and concerned eyes that follows his every move. After sitting down, and sipping contently on his recently acquired prize, the man takes a more detailed look at the individuals that are currently sharing the expanse of the tavern with him.
    They are adorned and cloaked in fabric that is foreign to him in every sense of the word. More foreign are the weapons that they carry. A figure dressed in metal has a large, glowing battle-axe leaning at his side. Another, wearing only a metal helmet, has what appears to be a black-powder rifle sitting on the table in front of hi. The trigger appears the same as the bearded man’s own flintlocks, but the rest of the sleek, black design is a mystery. It is quickly becoming apparent that this place does not occupy the same plane of reality as the outside world. This epiphany does not wholly unsettle the man, but does encourage him to address the tension festering in the air.

    -“Don’t mind me lads. I just preferred the old place more, but I suppose this place will do.”

    While not altogether put at ease, the rest of the patrons return to their previous business, while still keeping an eye on this strange character. Even so, the man continues to grumble to himself.

    -“An I swear, if Lance threw out me favorite chair!…”


    I initially just intended to pop in and say Hi, but found myself doing another introduction because I haven’t written anything in a while. Anyway’s, a few things: A: so is this the replacement for the Mess Hall? (Since this is the MnB forums) because I was wondering if I should have RPed with my Military character or my traditional guy here. And B; as for my return, I just wanted to let you guys know that I successfully indoctrinated my classes into playing MnB 2! (I am currently teaching American History, and this unit was WWII) and kind of wanted to brag.

    I’ll have a look around but otherwise I am still very busy. However it is nice to see that the community is still alive and MnB3 is being tested. Really nice to see Urb is still at it even though it’s not Last Winter

    I’ll hopefully still pop in from time to time and check in, and definitely to keep the tradition of this this monster thread goimg.

    Cheers everyone.


    It’s nice to see you again, old timer. It’s alright you picked your LW character, because urb has decided since the closing of both the old MnB webbie and the urbanprophet blog to combine all his games and projects into one forum and webbie so no one and nothing gets left behind. So you’re not wrong when you say this little place exists at a crossroads between various realities and dimensions!

    It’s also nice to hear you’re already preparing the next generation of urbanians. May the legacy of unfair, random brutality forever live on!

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