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    Alright. I think I found the issue. I’m uploading build 0.501 now which should fix that issue.



    Read the note and try some round on 0.501, have very nice experience on playing. >o<

    Here is few things: ( crazy idea XDDD )

    *The improve of Right Click is awesome!!!!! I am wondering is that will be hard to apply this setting to soldier command? I mean, when I click on a soldier, right click will turn on the soldier command and another right click will simply close the panel and dis-select the soldiers. After that, another right click can simply turn on the general command panel, like that. XDDD

    *How about a thing like small bandage for any soldiers to save the disable soldiers from below 10 to 11. This can add in the special item, and limit as one each mission for soldiers who upgrade it.

    *Currently I feel the gunner is nearly hard to use, and do not represent the real character in the battlefield. I believe a switching target ability or wide range pin down effect should be in to help this guy be a real gunner in the battlefield. MG is very important for any combat situation no matter defense or attack, it should be a much expensive unit which can perform a nice supporting fire to pin down the enemy and kill them inside the close-mid range. Right now it just a guy with many bullet but don’t hit anything. Walk slow and target longer all as true, just firing power and effect not good.

    *How about a command option for medic, he will retreat in the mission with a dead unit, and back after a period of time.(With a stretcher animation ) If it is campaign mod it will give you some supply point. If this is arcade mod, it will bring back with some command point. ( From 0 ~ Unit value, up to random system. )

    *Actually I love that the smoke grenade will not instant create smoke, if it can I would love the grenade will also wait for a while after it landing before it explode.(It would be like a time ticking, the grenade will instant explode when it lading on its max range, but it will wait for a while when it toss to the closet range.) So if there are possible, the expert soldier will evade it for a short distance before it explode. so does the enemy expert unit.

    *Bayonet will be a good option for soldier special upgrade. I don’t know how the hand to hand skill work in this game, so maybe this will not be a good idea. But with bayonet, maybe we can provide some space for close combat style player. >o<

    Love new patch!



    I’ve played this for around 3 to 4 hours and I’ve got to admit you’ve got me hooked. I love the gameplay of assault mode and it feels like I’m playing Mud and Blood 3 the pacific edition. I’ve been playing the shit out of the campaign
    After playing for a few hour’s I’ve got a couple of suggestions for this amazing game.

    *I think the campaign is great, but I feel it’s a tad too easy at the moment. What I’d suggest is that you use the Banzai assault from your arcade mode and implement that inside the assault mode for the game. The banzai assault would be a counter-attack and would be random. You might breeze through a regular mission with no problem at all, and then all of the sudden the japs banzai charge your position unexepectedly.

    *I agree that the machine gunner is far to easy to get and should be a bit more expensive, maybe 6000 instead of 4750 and a bit of an accuracy buff. At one point I had 3 machine gunners against a wave of a japanese banzai attack and they couldn’t hit a side of a barn, so just a tad bit of accuracy buff not too much.

    *Also does the japanese officer do anything on campaign mode? do they because after i’m spotted and I advance on to the next stage is doesn’t feel as hard as I expected. Possibly make the next stage more packed with mines or barb wire or machine guns.

    *Every time you keep your field commander rank, I also think you should earn some credits depending on how well you are doing in the field. If you have a success rate of around 60 to 70% I think you should gain around 5,000 creds and 80 to 90% maybe 8,000. Just an idea, everyone please let me know your thoughts.

    That’s about it, I think your game is coming along just fine and is shapping up to be an amazing game. I’ll be playing it often thats for sure.



    Hey guys, great feedback!

    I’m pushing out build 0.51 which implements a few more of the changes suggested. The most noteworthy ones are banzai charges in campaign missions and the ability to access the Quartermaster page by right clicking with a soldier selected.

    Just as a heads up, I’ll be gone April 2th to April 5th, so I won’t be able to do much development work in that time. I’ll try to get as much content out before then and hopefully have it polished to a bug-free and enjoyable point.



    More Idea’s I came up with

    -Give Allies Mobile Mortar to use

    -If possible create Rifle Grenade to reach out and touch the japs

    -I suggest that you give troops that are part of the commonwealth the ability to fire quicker when using bolt-action rifles, in my eyes, it would make sense for the British empire’s troops to be very familiar with bolt action rifles since they used them throughout WW1 & WW2. The ANZAC engineer doesn’t feel worth the extra points when only last a minute or two at most before being killed because they can’t defend themselves.

    -For flamethrowers, i’m not sure if this feature is already in the game, but when killing a flamer it would be pretty cool if an explosion was sometimes randomly triggered. This would, of course, work both ways for either side.

    -This has been suggested before, but giving the Jap’s wooden bunker that can only be destroyed by a satchel charge would add a bit more difficulty in Assault mode. It would have a stationary machine gun inside of it that wouldn’t kill, but keep American and Anzac troops very suppressed.

    Booby traps you have placed are really effective and I’ve even started to feel it. I was playing assault eariler today and I lost 3 guys to one of your traps, it was the flame trap which I hadn’t ever seen before. I’ll keep you updated but so far so dank.



    *For the banzai charges, I believe they should be able to shoot the bullet during charging, just not accurate, and they should be very hard to pin down as they running fast like the hell.

    *Gunner now work fine.

    I think that the supply point currently is easy to gain, so maybe just add minus extra supply point for use as reward, otherwise the game will become some situation with:” strong to stronger, weak to weaker ”

    Or maybe some of support or structure can not be get before you gain some goal point or mission complete times. Currently I feel it is fine, we can discuss about reward later, after enough feature get in, it seems still have a lot of awesome element can insert.

    Nice work!


    Logan Koland

    Dude, you game is a true gem! No idea how designed it, but is super cool! A few suggestions though:
    -More variation in Campaign levels, like maybe a pilot rescue type or beach storming?
    -More guns! Like maybe the Arisaka or Type 99 for lots of points.
    -Vehicles like maybe jeep or armoured car would be really cool, along with anti tank rifle to combat them
    Couldn’t think of anything else to suggest, so keep up the good work!




    – Satchel charges and smoke grenades are way too inaccurate. Lost a lot of guys because I was trying to throw a satchel charge as far as possible only to have it land at his feet. There is no reason either of these weapons shouldn’t land where it is clicked. Which brings me to my next point…

    – If a satchel charge or smoke grenade is thrown and the soldier is pinned or becomes pinned while throwing the ordinance, then the it will not be thrown and instead the soldier will move to the throw location when unpinned.

    – The stats issue is still going on… I don’t know if this is just me, or what, but it is weird. No matter how many times I reset, it has not resolved the issue.



    Hey Anomie, could you try deleting the save file itself and seeing if that’ll fix your issue? The game should generate a new save. The save location should be something like:

    C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/SnarkyAnt/Skirmish Line

    I would check it myself to give you the exact directory, but I’m away from my desktop at the moment. When I get back, I’ll see about adjusting the scatter. I’m thinking of making the scatter amount based on how far an object is being thrown as well. Some small degree of scatter would be nice for variation and the occasional mis-hap can make for an interesting story but obviously it should be the exception rather than the norm.



    I’ll try it and let you know how it goes, thanks.



    For the folks that have played 0.513, what do you guys think of the voice overs when clicking on an allied soldier or when issuing a move order for a soldier? I’m worried that it’s a little too much given how often players may need to click on their soldiers.



    I think it’s too much to be honest.



    +1 for the same topic.

    *Maybe you can add some sound effect like, ” Reloading ” pr ” Changing ” >O<

    I still encounter with same bug after I play a while, no matter I do anything in game, it just not work for me to click the soldiers. It randomly happened, the only way to solve it is to turn of the game and restart program.

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    Hey Arise, it would help me a lot if you could check your Skirmish Line folder and upload/send me the output_log text file? If the game runs into an error, it will output the line there, which will help me a lot for locating the issue. The next time you run into this bug, just make a copy of that file and send it to me at some point. (Try to keep a separate save of each output file because it gets overwritten every time the game is restarted). Thanks in ahead!



    Yeah! But I search around there are no such file name around the folder, so I guess the game did not realize it is a bug?!! Would that be possible? My game keep running, but it just don’t let me click anything. But after I turn off the game and restart another one, it back to normal. (+0+)

    I will keep my eyes on see if same thing happened, what cause and if there are any output log file, I will send to you. Keep up great work there. >o<

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