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    Hello folks!

    I’m the developer of Skirmish Line, a Mud and Blood 2 inspired game. This is a continuation of a previous thread, which should be titled: Skirmish Line Alpha. You can find it in the general forum (same directory as this thread).

    Skirmish Line Beta Download Link:

    So how does being in a beta change things? Nothing really! It’s just immediately obvious that this thread follows the alpha thread, and lets me put a self updating download link on the first post. That said, Skirmish Line has seen an enormous amounts of changes since the first alpha was posted, so the gameplay has definitely been a lot more refined.

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    Build 0.48 is finally ready (well, mostly)! The biggest feature of build 0.48 is the addition of attack missions. There’s still quite a bit of polishing work to be done, but I wanted to get the build out as soon as possible for public testing.

    Build 0.48 (some of the new features; see Dropbox for full notes)

    -Japanese Sappers and SNLF may occasionally throw Satchel Charges
    -SNLF may throw Type 99 AT Mines at vehicles
    -Campaign overhaul (in continuous development)
    -Attack missions in campaign mode


    Great! You build the game so fast! WoW.

    Will have a try when it out.



    The campaign mode shows real promise! I am very excited about it because it adds an extra layer of fun to an otherwise basic defense game. A few points about the latest patch:

    – Campaign missions are nearly impossible because there are too many enemies. They just pin all your guys down and you can’t do anything! The mission briefing states that the enemies is poorly trained and lightly armed but they are anything but. When you only have 3-4 green soldiers to work with, no matter how well equipped/upgraded, they do not stand a chance against 20+ enemies, especially those damn bikes.

    There are a number of ways to address this issue. My personal suggestion is to reduce the difficulty scaling for campaign missions.

    – Allied soldiers seem to do this weird pause sometimes instead of moving. They aren’t aiming, firing, or being fired upon, so I’m not sure what they are doing. Are they reloading? If so, then this needs to be fixed. Reloading should be doable while on the move.

    – This made me lol:

    That doesn’t sound much like a Gurkha to me. 😉


    Thanks for the feedback Anomie. As always, it’s very helpful! I’ve toned down the difficulty in 0.49 (just uploaded) and changed reloading to be done on the move.


    Glad I could be of help! 🙂


    Few things after play for few times:

    *The campaign mod play seems will not count in the carrier?
    *The Sniper accuracy seems a little bit terrible in the game, at least in the start of arcade mode.

    The future best URB moment of Skirmish Line, this one will definitely insert to record. XDD ( As German don’t do this god damn things. =口= )

    Nice work @Snarks


    I love the kind of reactions players get when they get hit by a suicide bomber. On the note of mission counts, I’ll likely keep the stats on that separate from arcade mode and update the career page with that information in the future.

    I’ll probably raise the accuracy on snipers again. I think their slow firing rate is enough to keep them from being general purpose killers. I might also increase how often they target high priority targets and rear targets as well to further distinguish them.


    Just have some complete round, found some possible bug.

    My Marnie don’t attack after I use Officer command – Concentrate Fire, so does some Japanese soldiers. I believe they are freeze in some animation, and just don’t shoot for some meaning. They are able to walk or run away, but no weapon shooting. Hand to hand combat is still working.

    This is my game video:

    In the 10:52 My marine stop shooting, it is the second time I use Concentrate fire. So I believe there are some bug inside the officer order, maybe not just the concentrate fire.

    The new item like smoke and explosive bag is awesome!!! Love it.

    Nguyen Hai Nam

    For anyone that think campaign is hard. Here my stategy:
    -Get a Gurkha, an Anzac commando and a medic. Give the Gurkha an Own SMG.
    – As soon as the mission start, rush the medic and Gurkha to the top of the screen.
    – When the enemies appears, get the Gurkha to fight them hand to hand while the medic heals him.
    – Watch out for flame and sudicide bomb.
    And you pretty much win every single time.


    Hey Arise, thanks for the bug report. The latest hotfix build should resolve the officer order issues and a previous hotfix should have fixed the issue where soldiers stop aiming at targets.


    After few round of play, here is my suggestion.

    Game Improvement:

    *The command option should be able to turn off with right click as it open with right click, that will be much better. >o<
    *It seems the campaign mod all update upgrade and resupply can be use for each new mission. I would suggest to have a limit for support use number, maybe be three up to the power and useful. Otherwise I can use support to clean all Japanese like a hell. This also the same for soldiers, they should not be able to carry tons of equipment to get into battlefield, especially if those item can be target by us.

    With this, maybe setting use time require supply point and each use also require some supply point to supply. like this:

    1- 105mm Strike: ( just a example )

    Each use unlock require 1000 Supply point.
    Each use require 150 point.

    2- Smoke Grenade:

    Each use unlock require 400 Supply point.
    Each use require 60 point.

    I know all support can not be use in same time as they will tell player supporting unit is engaging, but over use with this will still be too power. Any support should require supply point in case.

    The show in the supply screen can be 1(5), out side the () is how many you can use in one mission, inside the () is how many this item you have in your supply. Something like that. >o<

    *Add a limit icon to let player know how far the smoke and explosive bag can throw.
    *Slightly reduce the accuracy of smoke and explosive bag, as it seems a little bit accurate. just a little bit nerf will be fine.
    *Hand grenade seems should have a smaller grenade range,(Out side this range the soldiers should not throw it. ) as they throw out to far consider about the battlefield lenth.
    *Reduce the number they throw in one times, two many grenade can be throw out in same time make the expert soldiers been too un-stopable.
    *Arty can be spam a little bit wider, as the battlefield lenth is short consider with real battlefield arty accuracy. ight now it is too unfair for Japanese. ha!ha!
    *Let the soldiers be able to start in same place when they start the next map in attack mission of campaign mod. the place is up to where the soldiers stand before they across the map. this will help the player to control all unit, no need to regroup all the time.
    *Sector defense can provide plus 15 seconds for defense before Japanese insert the map, so player can place some mine or defense line to against Japanese.
    *The Satchel Charge should require more point to unlock as they are very powerful. maybe 600.

    New Idea:

    *Japanese Mine maybe can insert as a nice trap for expert American soldiers, Urb moment!!!!! (maybe they already in? I just not saw it. XD ) If it is in, it should almost not be able to see, very like the ground color so player will not saw it if they don’t look around carefully. ( If it is under the tree, Ha!Ha! >o< )
    *Some hide enemy or sudden show up enemy in attack mission will be good, maybe they hide under a grass clothe or camnet, only when American come close enough or even pass through they show up and attack.
    *Japanese Bunker or heavy MG position maybe good. (>o<)
    *Maybe this one is too late but I think the game battlefield seems a little bit short for the game mode. Even you use multiple battlefield to construct the ambush mission, some deadly unit of Japanese seems can not in as they can see all over battlefield if there are no LOS blocker. like big target of bunker with heavy MG will be too deadly if they start shoot you when you into the map. If the map can be much wider(probably double of screen) Some of interesting element can be in and still give player a possible way to win without any wounded or dead.

    The wider screen can use mouse to roll up or down, then the attack mode will be perfect. also give a max detection range for different unit. But I know this might have a big problem with some source code so if it is too hard just ignore it. XD

    *How about a small page that you can choice different objective in attack mission. So they will not always be a assault mission with 4 board, somehow might be shorter or longer. Or some mission with an target like a Bunker to destroyed, or even a arty position to secure…..etc. So does the sector defense, some attack should be big and like a hell. with tons of charging Japanese. !!!! ( Of course with better price. $o$ )


    It seems that some bug still happened in the game, after I play for a while, all of my men can not be clicked. I don’t know why this happened, but it seems got no way to repair by myself, I have to close the game and it will back to normal.

    For some detail, you can see my game play video:

    Waiting for new update. XDDDDD


    Thanks for the feedback Arise!

    I’ve gone ahead and made some changes in build 0.50 (currently uploading) that addresses some of the things you’ve brought up. It’ll take a fair bit of work to get some of the bigger changes in, so build 0.50 is mostly a quality of life and refinement patch.

    Edit: I just saw your latest post. I’ll try to reproduce the bug and see if I can’t find the cause of it. From your video, it looks like it happened after moving on to a new area?

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by Snarks.

    Yeah! I encounter with this twice, one did not record. And I do have a experience that it auto fixed, but I can not find the cause, as it is not easy for count the problem just with a few round. If debug can not found something weird, maybe call some man to play some more time and record the video to see what happened before the bug point and after the buged point, just like what we do in MNB3. >o<

    I also believe this might be a problem like:

    *Field change.
    *Soldiers status.( It is because there are a soldiers status remain in my screen but I can not open or turn it off. )

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