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    I’m playing on version .331 Windows



    Howdy folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted new info, as most of the changes recently have been bug fixes, small balance changes, and other small improvements, which don’t warrant new posts. Today however, I am excited to share something new!

    Build 0.37 is going to shake things up! I’ve added a persistent campaign type game mode, where you build your squad beforehand and surviving squad members will be retained for the next mission. There is no reinforcements and currently no retreating in this new game mode. At the moment, only the core fundamentals are implemented and likely in need of adjustments.

    Things to look forward to:
    -Further development of the persistent campaign, including new mission types
    -New weather: rain



    Very nice update, I am going to put your game to my blog link as it is really awesome.
    Keep up great work @snarks. We are all your big fans.



    Hello again folks!

    Build 0.38 is out, bringing with it vehicles! A couple of special vehicles are still planned. There’s still some polishing to do for endless mode (now dubbed Arcade), but I will be shifting my efforts towards fleshing out campaign mode.

    As usual, let me know of any bugs, thoughts, suggestions, etc!

    Patch Notes
    -Added in 4 vehicles in the game (3 Japanese, 1 Allied)
    -Added in supply drop orders
    -Added in SitRep order (to restore bypassed enemy counter)



    Hey @snarks, I just have some run on Skirmish Line, one thing I notice is the Alley soldier will target the disable Japanese soldiers and waste the bullet on it until he die. Is that be possible to set only enemy will try to kill the disable soldiers? As most of time I feel I am run out of firing power, but those guy just keep shooting on the men lay on the ground and ignore those guy can shoot the gun.



    Alright, guess this is cause my men is not experience enough, so they always hit on the dead body.

    Damn, The Japanese is so strong!




    Actually, the soldiers don’t treat unconscious enemies any differently than normal ones. But you bring up a really cool idea about experienced soldiers. I’ll modify it to have unconscious soldiers be lower on the priority list, which in turn is modified by how much experience the soldier has.



    Few Things I believe can take as a bug or issue in this game.

    *The Fog or cloud is too deadly, it let the enemy become almost un-target for behind troop so I can not provide cover to the front troop.
    *The Medic can heal himself while he is been disable.
    *Somehow soldiers will sudden change direction, and this lead a deadly result for flamethrower. It cook the men all behind him, that is terrible.

    *I think the Arcade mod bring to hard to break the game too quick, I can not see any my men be able to achieve high rank before they die.
    *Some kind of Knife Blitz is too deadly in the early game, I guess I need 4 Flamthrower to block the line in order to stop them. But they can come just in 10+ wave.
    *Enemy Shell come too early also is a big problem. I think this game should be able from easy to hard and suit all level of player. Like MNB2.
    *Not sure does this in or not, but you can add to let multiple soldiers be able contact with hand to hand combat on one enemy soldier, that is a great result we test in MNB3.
    *Crate with, “Home from letter” is too common I guess.
    *I am not sure how this to work but maybe you can add a effect that all enemy soldiers will be pin when they are close enough to the gunner bullet landing place. Another version like switching target but much more real in the mechanic.
    *Japanese weapon also can give some level to show up chance. I did have full auto troop in first wave but my men just have Springfield. That is too unfair!

    Nice one on the burning men and keep up great work!



    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ll take a look at the medic healing. It should be an easy fix.

    Flamethrowers are supposed to be deadly but come at the cost of friendly fire. We have a potential solution where you can order the flamethrower to switch to a normal weapon, but I’m still waiting on the art for that one.

    I can decrease the sight penalty from fog, but it’s supposed to shake things up by encouraging more automatic weapons or moving troops closer to the front. I might also just decrease the frequency in which fog occurs.

    Multiple melee is already in, but depending on the troop type, sometimes it’s better to let them shoot into melee. I’ll take look into changing the variables for when automatic troops show up and the likelihood of artillery strikes. The small count banzai charges are meant to be defeatable or at least survivable. I can go about making sure only the weaker Banzai charges spawn on the earlier waves. I’m not sure if I want to implement something similar to the 6 man rule, but I can adjust the chances of the really bad strikes from occurring as much. Adding more variations for the supply drops can probably make it more interesting as well and lower the chances of the same drop from occurring.



    Last round on it.

    That is why I say the Japanese Force is too deadly! I don’t even have a enough men to start up, they already tear my troop apart. Sadly! QAQ

    I guess weather, wave, resource, enemy Unit show up chance should be balanced, otherwise they are acting like a hell. >o<



    I’ve added some changes in build 0.384, primarily moving SMG troops to wave 10+, MG troops to wave 15+ for arcade mode, in accordance to your feedback. We’ll see how those changes work out. I do agree with the idea of ramping the difficulty up more steadily though.

    Have you tried having an officer around to retreat? Position A isn’t meant to be always defendable.

    So part of the balancing issue I find is that if I ramp the difficulty down enough so that A is always defendable, then people who retreat early on tend to build up resources more rapidly. Perhaps removing the bonus command points on retreating could work out.


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I managed to survive to wave 48. Damm that was hard. Those suicide bombers appear way too much. And Tojo have tanks !!! I did not see that coming. Anyway, I think all ANZAC units in game are way too OP, pls nerf. MGs seriously need to be buff. I mean, they cant kill anyone. What is wrong with those smoke grenade ? My men didnt thrown a single nade in entire game but the Japs toss like 5 smoke at wave 40 ??? That’s bloody brutal. Not even Nazi can do that in Mnb2. Anyway, nice game, I love these art. Looking forward to the next patch



    In most parts i can agree with the guy above.

    -Grenades are very rare.
    -Mgs dont seem to kill anyone. I only had one mg kill some guys from close enough but for that purpose i have flamers and special forces.

    I still think flamethrowers are a necesity to kill enemy troops. All the rest units that i buy are to supress the enemy so they dont sypress my flamer, so he can kill the enemy. I like the idea that you have a strong guy that needs support, but if your flamer gets killed and you dont have enough tp, the rest of the troops can’t do anything and you just get overwhelmed. Even troops with around 40 rifle skill.

    Not sure about how op ANZAC are and haven’t played 0.38 with tanks.



    Version .384

    – Campaign mode is broken for me. no troops spawn.
    – Soldiers take too long to acquire, aim, and engage targets. This is a critical issue especially in Campaign mode where the number of deployable troops is very small and fixed. When combined with their lethargic reaction times, the volume of fire is unacceptably low. It has to be higher or else a small squad (3-5 men) cannot hold their ground, not even with automatic weapons. They just don’t engage targets frequently enough.
    – I think SMGs should receive a slight effective range increase. Maybe 10-15%? I say this because it should not take ANZAC Troopers 8 mags to down a single Jap who is less than half a screen away.


    Mexican Batman

    My Skirmish line is not updating so I would like to know a way to find the latest update to it. My opinion on it is that the Marine Raiders need to be a lot better . For the way they were trained and they way they actually performed they need to be greatly upgraded. The Anzac Commando’s also need to be upgraded greatly.

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