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    Man would I love to play a game like this in my phone.
    Anyways, a bit more feedback before I slip back into the weekdays. Literally 13 minutes before Monday right now.

    • Accuracy has improved to a degree. Nearing MnB2 level, I think.
    • Tutorial: Benjamin is not called Benjamin when you click on him.
    • Soldiers tend to target dead enemies (not just when they’re already aiming).
    • Raiders throw ‘nades at their own lines without regards to who’s near them and in front of their own faces.
    • Arty and mortar rounds have small blast radii but are way too precise.



    I would say this game is pretty hard if you don’t handle well at start, but I really love it. As it is a really URB style game. But I guess I still not good at it so my video is just like a slaughter of American by Japan troop. 0o0!

    Maybe need more practice! And also sorry I forgot to turn on the sound in early game. >o<

    Please enjoy! XD



    Thanks for the video Arise! I have to say that even after all the playtesting I’ve done myself and all the games I’ve watched of others playing, I’ve never seen so much URB in a single game before. That was both enjoyable to watch and very helpful as feedback.



    I believe it too! XDDD

    It just like MNB2 send you a Wepse Blitz on wave 2! 0o0!!

    You will die for honor and being tear apart!

    …….Orz………<<<<<<<<<-BLITZ………. (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!)



    It’s been raining a lot recently, so to celebrate, I added in the weather system! At the moment, there’s only sunny and foggy. Fog will reduce everyone’s sight range by 50% once it starts getting onto the map. I suggest resizing the window/changing view modes in order to hide the blank areas. It looks better that way!

    Uploading Build 0.28 now. If you don’t see your OS build, then it’s still uploading. I’ll go ahead and repost the download link here for convenience.

    Here’s the video I used to model the fog 😀

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    Sorry that this post is all over the place, I updated it as I found new things. How does the end screen work? Is it I killed 78 soldiers which in turn gave me 1288 points?

    Here’s a link to an imgur gallery that keeps track of the battle from wave 20 onwards. Most of the images are labeled so you know why I uploaded them. IMGUR Gallery

    Finally got around to playing. And, let me just say, I am LOVING the new damages for the weapons. However, the M1919, for a .30 CAL wasn’t doing all that much damage. I do love its suppressive capabilities (it did better later on – yea, he became a god later on, rank 40 by wave 34).

    Also, I just couldn’t get the Thompson to be an effective weapon. No matter how close I was, it just didn’t do all that much. Same can be said for the BAR.

    Also, the Flametroopers that the Japanese had did more damage to themselves than it did to me. it seems that it never burns me like it does them, but instead just does low amounts of damage. — Scratch that, flamethrowers finally did a lot of damage.

    By the end of Point A, all my soldiers had 50+ rifle and high ranks… Do you want soldiers to be good that quickly?

    Overall, had a blast.



    Whoa, something’s off with those values. So Soldiers Killed are your soldiers that were killed. Note to self: make that more clear. Things must be double/triple counting somewhere, since 1288 enemies killed is insane!

    Could you let me know which build you were playing exactly? 0.26? 0.27?

    So the requisition points formula is this: GoldEarned = (WaveCount*4 + EnemiesKilled – SoldiersDeployed) * 1.007

    It’s supposed to be a metric of how well you did and it increases in a nonlinear pattern.

    The BAR is sort of a upgraded, premium rifle but with shorter effective range. Oddly, I’ve found both the Thompson and BAR to be fairly strong weapons in my own games. The Thompson is particularly useful early on for when you need that extra firepower to stop bikers from riding past. I like to keep a Thompson soldier roaming around the top in the earlier waves when he isn’t at risk of being mowed down.

    As I get more of the weather system in, the BAR and Thompson should hopefully gain more utility. Right now, the idea is that fog will cut down on the effectiveness of long range weapons, making automatics and shotguns more useful. The next weather type, rain, will dampen (pun intended) the firepower (double pun) of fire weapons.



    Yea, I figured the values were wrong. I was like, 1200 kills? In 50 rounds? Sure… The version I am playing is 0.281, your latest one.

    Yea, I also set my Thompson further ahead. Along with my shotty guy.

    The BAR worked decently later in.

    ALso, it seems like the AI get unstoppable wave 50+. They were one-shotting my men with those LMGs I told you about last time haha. Still a lot of fun.

    Also, can’t wait for more weather.


    Mud And Bullet

    hey snarks i have maded somethings here and now i could play but tanks u try help me i apreciate the help



    Hi Mud And Bullet. So are you able to play now? If so, that’s fantastic news. We’d love to hear your feedback!


    Mud And Bullet

    hummm strange for me only japs officer spawn not a rifleman,sniper… only officer its normal this happen? ah i almost forget i have some very good ideias for the game here is one:ADD STUARTS the USA marines was the stuart on the pacific the tank against the japs tanks were a moster it was fast and could destroy any jap tank if u add some banzai with tanks would be a good ideia for the game also add japs medic sometimes wounded japs dont have medical atention because at least for me i dont have seed a jap medic u could add too…i have a few more ideias if u want to know talk to me!



    Ah, sorry about that. I was debugging by setting the officer spawn rates really high. I’m compiling and uploading a fix now. Should be ready within 5-10 minutes.

    Stuart tank is definitely in the planning boards. The Japs have a lot of fun options too, but I won’t spoil anything until we get them in!


    Mud And Bullet

    im curious now too see what have add but we shall wait then



    Hey Snarks, I’ve been playing your game a lot and I have some stuff to report:

    – Sometimes a soldier cannot be unselected. This usually happens during framerate drops.
    – Sometimes an officer will become frozen for several minutes.
    – Sarge ran away from the battlefield. Unacceptable. Elite units should never run away.
    – Idea: Snipers should be less affected by fog than other units.
    – Many of the ribbons do not work, including the Distinguished Service Cross, Medal of Honor, Defense Superior Service Medal, among others.

    Keep up the good work man! I really believe in this game!



    Thanks very much for the bug report Anomie. For future reports, it would be really handy if you could let me know what builds you were playing on. There’s been issues with soldier selection, and soldiers “freezing” up so I’ll be focusing on resolving those issues.

    Retreating is a core mechanic of Skirmish Line, so I’m not sure if I want elite units to be fearless. Perhaps we can try having elite units stand their ground on the final position, or we can experiment with it being on select units. I’ll fiddle with it and see what happens.

    Most of the ribbons have not been implemented yet, but that’ll probably be one of the last features added.

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