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    @ Fotis My bad! I seem to have forgotten to readjust the spawn values for bike troops after bug testing. Uploading a fix now! This is terribly embarrassing! The game must have felt strange indeed!

    Build 0.23
    -Hotfix for bike spawn rates






    Haha it was like tour de France. Thanks for fixing it. And fast too.


    Mud And Bullet

    i cant play this the game dont enter just show the deploy menu and i can only abort the game dont enter it dont show the battle god i love pacific battles but i cant play this game it look very good but it dont start i press the play button then depoly and dont show the battle only the sounds of the battle can you guys fix this up?



    Hi Mud And Bullet.

    That is really strange. Can you confirm that you are past the menu scene? It sounds like you can hear the soldiers and fighting, but the screen is blank? Let me know if this is the problem you’re having.



    I am highly impressed by this game that I have but played once.
    Although it firstly seams to be almost a clone of MNB2 it is surprisingly not so much when it comes down to the actual game play.
    Your explanations on how to make a “better” mnb2 does intrigue me.
    The starting page graphics up to the actual game play are nice and clean.
    Sweet reminder of the beginning of free Flash games and the rise of such sites.
    Game graphics are very nice. Background is good and the units well done.
    Sounds and voices rock. Very similar to mnb games.

    Quick assessment of the mechanics:
    Bullets could generally do more damage or Rifles be more accurate.
    I can not say that a shotgun performs well at close range.
    BAR is the best. *was there not some contradiction in the planing here*
    Most my men end up having Tommy-guns to stop them bikes since they tend to outrun mine explosions.
    Banzai charges are deadly without something to stop them. Mines and barrels work but TP is always low through placing them.
    Had a signaller but did not call anything. Maybe next time an arty-barrage will help.

    Issue with LOS and Cover.
    It seams that when my men stand in/near trees or rocks that they are nearly blind until an enemy is only some 30 pix away from them but they also do not get targeted.

    BUG? Send someone away to get “improved” for 4 points. He ran away and never came back.
    This is already a fine game to play.
    Keep up the excellent work! 🙂


    Mud And Bullet

    the game just freeze in the menu it start the intro music then the soldiers killing the japs but dont show the battlefield it freeze in the deploy menu and yes i have pasted the menu when i downloaded the game it sometimes enter in the battlefield now it dont just freeze in the depoly menu were you can make the requisition of m1 garands,ANZAC…and then the sounds of battle



    I like this game! It has real potential. One thing I’d like to mention:

    – Some of the dialogue is a bit kitschy… The game could do without the remarks about Pearl Harbor. Also, one of the voice actors is pronouncing Corpsman wrong. They say “corpse-man” instead of “core-man.” I know this is nitpicky, but stuff like this kills the immersion.

    Keep up the great work! I am addicted already.



    @Mud And Bullet Could you give me the specs on your computer? Window resolution?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I took 3 reads of each line on the script I had. At the moment, I have all the lines added in so I can get feedback on what people like and don’t like. It’s likely that I might get a reread on the lines later on, so feedback on what sounds good and bad is definitely helpful!

    I don’t like to keep posting new builds, but I think this one for sure has the LOS system fixed (fingers crossed). I ran a bunch of tests on it to make sure it was working.

    Patch log
    -Reworked the concealment and cover system again. I think it should work this time. I ran a bunch of tests to make sure this time.
    -Removed the “Where’s the ‘Corpseman’ lines
    -Up the cost on the BAR to 6 to make it more of a trade-off versus other weapons


    After this last batch of fixes, I’m planning on getting a decent play session in myself. The plan is to currently get a stable, working version so I can start planning ahead based on the gameplay and balance before late game content like vehicles get put in.



    Apologies for the double post, but I came up with a solution for posting new links without making new posts. I’m posting a link to the Dropbox folder with the public builds. This also lets me fix small bugs without having to make new posts, such as me forgetting to reset the starting resource value in the last build.

    Please disregard any old posts and their links!

    Official Post for Downloads



    Sounds good bud! I’ll get some more playtime in myself and see if I can pass over any suggestions. I’ll record a short little session too, just for the hell of it.

    Good luck!



    Hi in latest version (haven’t tried it on older versions) Field Promotion seems to have a bug. When i used it on one of my soldiers the game bugged and kept spamming me with your commander gave you an aditional tactical point and actually giving me tactical points. I reached 3000 tp. I have to mention that i allready had an officer in the field.



    @jafarcakes & @Mud And Bullet

    Can you guys let me know if the latest version 0.26 works for you guys? I want to fix the issues you guys are having, but I haven’t been able to replicate it myself. Could you guys let me know what OS and screen resolution you are running?

    Uploading 0.26 build now…

    Patch Log 0.26
    -Fixed Field Promotion bug
    -Fixed Bazooka aiming bug
    -Fixed Grenades so they are only thrown after an enemy is within a certain range
    -Slightly increased the lower range for damages on a few weapons. I want to get some playing time in myself before I start making big changes there. I’m thinking about a normal distribution for the damage values rather than a uniform one. Any thoughts on that before I start?
    -Reduced the frequency of some Pearl Harbor lines by removing a couple of the variants


    Mud And Bullet

    my resolution is 1366 X 768 i could not play the last version i download it but the same thing happens it freeze in the deploy menu only the sound of battle start My OS i dont know…



    I like the way it feels and the GUI is really understandable (that’s just my opinion) and it really forgiving when you do a fallback to the next point as if you had extra lives. The thing I would say though would be if you could advance to another grid plane so that you can get more extra land but in turn you get more enemy defenses and well trained men to fight against. But until I play more thats all I can say for now. 10/10 Michael Approves “Would play again” – 2K17




    @Mud And Bullet

    Try using this website:

    Tell me what it says!

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