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    Good job,

    I think that the retreat point A, B, C at the centre top of the screen should somewhere else.



    I’ve played a few more games. I have a few balancing suggestions.

    First off, in my opinion, there is too little damage being done. I mean, it takes 7+ bullets to kill (in my games, I’ve tried all weapons but the BAR). Good for us, but it’s a double-edged sword.

    Second, the support MGs for the IJA seem a little too accurate. They were hitting above 65% of their burst, every burst (I faced two at once, a long with like, 6 other people who spawned the previous round, their accuracy made it impossible to go anywhere haha).

    That’s it so far, I don’t expect changes, and I don’t expect it to be drastically changed at all. Personally, I think it would be better with a faster TTK (time to kill). I don’t mind anyone being more or less accurate, I just noticed that the MGs seemed to hit more (I’d like it to suppress more, a LOT more).

    I haven’t played too many games, but this is what I’ve noticed so far (repeating myself).



    I am wondering why I can not see the text? I can saw the picture and some icon but without text I can not find the button to start the game.

    Is that my specific problem on ubuntu 14.04?

    Like this one:

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    I’m uploading a Linux build. Let me know if that works out for you! We haven’t been able to run tests on many machines, so even something as being able to run the game correctly would be helpful to us.


    Thanks for the feedback! The game currently uses a linear distribution for its damage, so equal chances of all damage between two values. We can tweak that by using a different distribution. I’ll experiment with that and see how it turns out!



    Hi Snarks, I run a mac and just wanted to let you know that everything works until I get into the game. Then it’s just a black screen, HUD icons and sounds still work though.



    @jafarcakes I think I may have a fix for that. I just had to fix that issue on my dev build in the editor. Not sure why that happened. Here’s a link to a build where I just fixed that issue on my own end. Do let me know if it works!



    I can play now. But there is a bug in the Linuz version or just the problem with my computer.

    I can not move or click my soldiers, the only times I found it be able to move is the time when I fall back. My officer be able to move for once, after that non of them be able to move or click.

    Here is my game play video.



    Hello again folks! Instead of posting many small updates, I decided to take the week to work on more substantial changes, taking into account feedback I received alphatesters such as yourselves! Hopefully some of yall can do a little bit of playtesting here in between your MnB3 sessions.

    Here’s a small patch log:

    -Added in some revisions for the Linux build (hopefully it should work now)
    -Added in a tutorial mission to explain the game mechanics
    -Changed the suppression mechanic from single target to area effect
    -Adjusted the colliders for the trees and bushes (basically made it easier to hide behind them)
    -Adjusted the values on the trees and bushes (LoS should be more meaningful now)
    -Added in directional cover for rocks
    -Added in Japanese bicycle soldiers
    -Added in Japanese camouflage fighters
    -Increased the accuracy falloff for machine guns when firing beyond their effective range
    -Fiddled with the camera options (you can play the game horizontally or vertically, depending on your view options in-game)
    -Updated the UI based on player feedback. It’s tab based now!


    Current planned features
    -Weather effects
    -Air strikes



    Looks promising.
    I’ve downloaded the .zip. Will extract and give it a spin tomorrow; I’ve got a film project to do. Have never edited before so it’ll be a thing… but I’m digressing.
    By the way, mind if I ask about the dev team? How many are you guys? Influences? And if you don’t mind being asked, where are you from? Kinda redundant, but hey, It’d be nice to get to know you guys. Just imagine what you’d do coupled with the Urbanian community.
    Anyways, best of luck to ya.

    (By the way, not sure if they’ve told you, but apparently WordPress’ forum system [at least from our 2nd and our 4th {current} one] will only allow edits within the first five minutes. Stupid, I know. You could do an infinite number theoretically, but once you’ve refreshed after five minutes, you can do nothing. However, I have found a way to circumvent this: Open up your browser history and look for the link from right after you made the post. You can still edit because you’ve essentially time traveled. :O 😛 Obviously it’s not exactly the most reliable for posts from a really long time ago, unless you can save a point in time in the browser history. Hope it helps!)



    Sure, I’ll be happy to release some details.

    The development team consists of three people: Clark, DeadlyAnt, and myself. Ant and I handled most of the programming and design. Clark produced all the art. There’s some contracted work as well for things like music, voices, and some sound effects. Clark is from the UK. DeadlyAnt is from Ecuador. I’m from California.

    The project began roughly a year ago. At the time, I was completely new to programming and was working on a different mobile game. I wasn’t making much progress and the other members of that team weren’t making much either. So after venting my frustrations on that project with my friend and programming guru, DeadlyAnt who was also getting burnt out on his normal programming job, we decided to do a cooperation project. I got Clark onboard, who was one of the guys working on that other project. To be honest, I had wanted to do a game like Mud and Blood 2 even before the project started. I had proposed the idea of making a clone of MnB2 with the team that was working on that first project, but there wasn’t much interest in it. So when I broke off that project, I had another shot of pursuing the project.

    I have a lot of dissatisfaction with mobile games. I’ve always felt they were some of the most boring games, and it seemed like such a waste that no one was doing something meatier. The original premise of the game was to make MnB2 mobile friendly, and then make the game to our liking. We played a lot of MnB2 to get a feel for what we liked and didn’t like. The UI was definitely something that annoyed us and wouldn’t work very well in a mobile device setting. The dominance of MG + Bunker strategies and hiding everyone else under camouflage nets suggested to us that the game kind of had a best strategy to it. So we took away bunkers, MG multi-targeting, and the 6 man rule (rather we never implemented any of those things). You’re never completely safe from artillery in our game 😛 but you can reduce its likelihood and mitigate its effects.

    Something else that bothered us was the lack of a need for having close range weapons in MnB2. Even throwing aside the dominance of MG+Bunker strategies, there never felt like a real need to try out different weapons. We felt most of the game emphasized either too much on the machine gun or high damage dealers like snipers or BAR gunners. Things like barbed wire and flamethrowers were rarely ever used. In general, a lot of our inspiration was to make a game that had more viable options for the player to pursue.

    Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm was a great source of inspiration for us. Even before the project materialized, the banzai mechanic in Rising Storm fascinated me. The feeling of panic and claustrophobic fighting was a fresh takeaway from the usual ranged fighting. This is reflected in the Banzai waves in our game. At a first glance, they just seem like Blitz waves in MnB2, which is a fair assessment based on the similarity of the design. But whereas MnB2’s Blitz waves usually involved a huge amount of URB from range, Banzais were about waves of Japs getting real close to your men and drawing steel. They were something that was fearsome, but also something that you could mitigate. We felt this kind of mechanic really gave short ranged weapons and barbed wire a purpose that didn’t really exist before.

    We also changed how the terrain features affected gameplay. In MnB2, it was virtually always preferable to get to an area without trees unless you were doing something specific like getting the jungle/guerilla fighter badge. We have a soft concealment system in our game, where we take into account the number of objects in the way and their distance relative to the observer. To further reinforce the idea of the player having to deal with the terrain, we didn’t implement an advance ground mechanic. In addition to reducing the likelihood of awkward melee combat the top of the screen, this approach lets the player make a clear strategic decision on abandoning the position without what we felt was an annoying fear of a random soldier forcing you into a never ending melee. This worked well with the banzai mechanic too because the player plays a game of chicken, deciding whether to go head first into a bunch of angry Japanese soldiers with bayonets drawn or chicken out and retreat.

    There are a decent amount of differences between MnB2 and SL. A lot of this had to do with the fact that we had no idea how Urb had implemented his stuff, so we just did it our own way. But there are also definite conscious decisions to be different. We were definitely nervous about the community here having a negative reaction to the game. If it weren’t for the fact that MnB3 was announced last summer, we may have just avoided posting here entirely. I think this just about wraps up why Skirmish Line exists.

    On the note of editing, I don’t have a link to the first page timestamped on when I created it. I would have definitely preferred to be able to just update that post with new links rather than making new posts.

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    Downloading the update now, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow (going to sleep in the morning, hehe).

    As for the information you posted about you and your “goals” essentially, I’m fairly interested.

    I agree that MnB2 feels like it is emphasized on weapons like the BAR (I like to use the M1 Carbine personally, coupled with a BAR of course). Your attempt to make the game more versatile by adding more options via weaponry and tactics gives me high hopes. It really improves the longevity for games, and it could mean great things for yours.

    Oh, on the case of your damn artillery… It’s rather stressful trying to dodge it ha. It’s like it follows where your men move.

    Anyway, I look forward to future updates, and I hope I can rid along side you on your wild ride. Good luck to you and your team, Snarks.



    Thanks for the post, Snarks. I appreciate your telling about you guys.
    Yes, I would have to agree that Urb’s games do kind of have dominant strategies, but with MnB3 looking the way it does it seems there’s hope for more unpredictable experiences demanding flexibility and effective decision-making and observation, as war should be (and gaming too!) Glad you were able to notice that.
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to finally getting back in the Urbanian community again after a bit of a long absence, and this opportunity might also help me slide back in to Recon, MnB2, etc. as well. Hoping to get back down with a bit of added velocity.

    Also, sticking with updates, every time you update a forum post you add an extra activity log to the front page, even if you uncheck the “Keep a log of this edit:” box. Please do delete the past excess ones. It can clutter the site.

    Rock and roll.



    Just have few round on the computer, I would say it work fine for me. Linux now can play very well and steady.

    Game testing:

    *The Bazooka looks a little bit strange as he continuous shoot at the wrong place. Maybe should check it AI coding on lock, as he hit the back side for almost every time. XD
    *Sniper Scope icon looks pretty nice.
    *The mortar or Arty round come from the sky is pretty deadly. (It gib three of my men)

    More will come after I release another MNB3 video. >o<



    – In the new patch the japs spam bicycles. In 70 waves or something i encoutered only around 20 infantry men (not in bicycles) and i can’t remember how many bicycles. There were around 50 waves with only bicycles. But the bicycle as an idea is generally a good one.
    – The flamethrower seems to be too op, and the only weapon actually doing damage. It’s like the mg in mnb2. The only drawback is friendly fire but even with that it’s still the only solution to deal with the enemy.
    – Barbed whire is also very important, while other defenses are falling back, because bullets dont do such a great amount of damage. Don’t know if other defences give supression resistance and i have no idea what camnet does.

    Generally i find the idea of non-meta units really good as it gives the oportunity to try different tactics. Also the use of environment for cover and LOS block is nice but yet i don’t get exactly how it works.


    Mud And Bullet

    I Have Tried To Much Times To Play Some Times The battle enter others not i click in play than deploy and dont show the battle just the deploy menu my version is windows

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