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    I clicked on the link and it brings me to and error 404 page




    Try this link:

    I assume you tried the link on the first page? Unfortunately, that’s a defunct link, and I can’t change it as the window for editing the post has long past. I think I’ll make a new thread when the next version comes out.



    Make a new thread is good, maybe have a title like ” Skirmish Line 0.46+ ” Can be good for member read. I guess, a little bit like what we do in MNB3 forum. >O<


    Mud And Bullet


    no there isnĀ“t rocks or something in the field it was an clear field no cover when i re-started the game it come back to normal…



    Hello again folks!

    I’m releasing build 0.27 as an interim build. It’s taking a lot longer than I had expected for the campaign overhaul, and the change list has been piling up, including a few fixes for some rather critical bugs. Rather than delay passing along changes that can improve user experience in arcade mode, I’ve decided to release the changes available thus far.

    There are a few half-baked features along with this build, mostly for campaign mode. Although a lot of legwork has been done for campaign mode, it’s not quite ready yet! That said, campaign mode is technically playable, so feel free to check it out if you wanna see where things are heading. I just can’t guarantee how playable it will be.

    Some important changes for 0.27 (see Dropbox notepad for all features)
    -Drift firing added, allowing machine guns to switch targets mid-burst
    -Smoke grenades and satchel charges added
    -Banzai charges now rally soldiers on screen to join in the charge! (arcade mode only)
    -Raider price increased to 6 in arcade mode

    Drift firing is a weaker form of the multi-target firing mechanic from MnB2. This should improve the suppression capabilities of the .30 Cal machine gun, allowing it to suppress clusters of infantry. The increase in Raider price makes it on par with recruiting a basic soldier, arming him with a SMG and grenades. Recruiting Raiders will still produce a better short range combat trooper on average than recruiting a normal soldier and arming him, but the high cost imposes an expensive opportunity cost in the mean time. Rallying banzai charges should stop smoke/LoS delaying strategies, as leaving too many support troops can lead to devastating banzai charges. Finally, smoke grenades and satchel charges offer some precise ordinance delivery and will be critical for campaign mode next build.



    I thought that should be 0.47?! XDDDDDD



    Haha, you’re right! I must have been coding so long that I lost the ability to count!


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I have to say the campaign is very difficult but really fun to play. One thing though, I only get supply point occasionally and cant buy anything eventhough i completed the 11th developement, noone die and 100 success rate. Is there a bug or this is kinda like a last stand mode. Anyway, with only 3 guys (1 Gurkha, 1 ANZAC and 1 medic), I managed to win every single time so that is really doesnt matter.



    It’s a bug/incomplete feature. I haven’t added in supply awards for beating missions yet. I’m surprised you’ve managed to get through 10 deployments!

    Next update will fix the above stuff along with adding in assault missions, where you have to clear out several screen’s worth of enemies hunkered down behind defenses. There’s still a decent amount of work, so I might just push a small update to 0.47 for bug fixes and a small update to the enemy AI.

Viewing 9 posts - 151 through 159 (of 159 total)

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