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    – M3 Satan does not appear in deployment menu after requisition. Sometimes it’s requisition is blocked if a squad requisition is selected first.
    – Started on a fresh profile. After the game it shows this in the stats menu:

    It seems to have multiplied everything by 7.

    Hope that helps!



    I’m pushing out a fix for the M3 ‘Satan” now. I’m not sure what is causing the stats to be misreported. I’ll need to look into that. Was that after playing an Arcade game or Campaign game? If anyone else can replicate this problem, do let me know!

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    It was an arcade game.



    That is very nice artwork. I love the classic comic style. 🙂


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    Is this just me or does everyone here got banzai charge as early as wave 3. It happens like every single time now.



    I haven’t tried it yet but the new special banzai sounds a good idea.

    Something i notices is that soldiers are quite big for the screen and one stepping on top of the other is too common and also makes the battlefield look too small. In mnb2 they were smaller.




    That issue has been fixed in the latest version.



    – If tanks are the only units you have left the message “deploy additional assets or you will be overrun” still appears. Also, you lose your tanks on the next battlefield, if you are overrun.


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    I found a bug when my soldier entered close quarter combat. I send my medic to him while he was finishing off that poor Jap (already in “dead animation”) and suddenly, the Jap revived, as if he was healed by my medic.





    – Flamethrower soldiers not gaining any XP for kills.
    – The stats still are not registering properly. This time everything was multiplied by 3. Really strange. I wish I knew what was going on here.


    Mud And Bullet

    ughhh..very buged…

    -command menu on the battle dont show nothing it isn´t avalible some times

    -clear field and my soldiers dont see the japs…

    -more then 2 springfield shoots to kill 1 jap(as i know only 1 bullet from springfield is a kill)

    -.30 take a full mag to kill 1 or 2 japs

    i will continue my tests on the game…cheers!




    Have you tried right clicking to access the command menu? I changed it some time ago to remove clutter on the screen. The latest internal version will include an option to turn the command button back on.

    Was there any fog obstructing the view? Smoke, rocks, and large concentration of trees/bushes can also obstruct your soldier’s field of view.

    Veteran troops have higher max damage with their weapons. Sometimes you might roll a low damage value, simulating a non-vital hit on the enemy. The machine gunner is less of a killer than in MnB2, with a bigger emphasis on suppression. Try using Raiders, Snipers, Commandos, or upgraded soldiers for killing power.



    Well, @snarks maybe you should have a small Intel page in your game to tell all player how to control the game. There will not be the first one ask where is command panel, and it will have second even more. The tutorial should provide concept of game, the basic setting maybe write in the Intel will be nice, in order to prevent some question be ask again then again. >o<

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    I was thinking of having a a quick play guide that pops up if this is the first time the player has played the game. For alpha testers though, I think the older versions have sort of trained people to use older control schemes. I’ll see what I can rig up for the next version.


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    Gurkha is probably the most badass soldier that featured in this game.
    The Jap (and me) learned 3 things about them:
    -If you go hand to hand combat with Gurkha, kill yourself. It is faster and less painful.
    – 3-4 Banzai dudes will lose against one Gurkha (Every single time)
    -They are very easy to play. Just give them SMG, put them on the top of the screen, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show
    Pls dont nerf them. They are my fav so far.


    Nozomi Tojo

    A lot of people talk about raiders being overpowered. Played for a bunch (got to 60ish with regular deploy, 85 with a raider squad) and I have some suggestions:

    Raiders should spawn with either random shotguns or garands or maybe just garands. The shotguns basically make them unstoppable if you just put them in the front, because they one hit kill everything.
    The grenade spawn is a bit much…there is an easy fix. Right now raiders spawn 2 or 3 grenades at a time for some reason, just make that back to 1.

    I would also reduce their cost to 4 to make up for it, and there you have a pretty balanced unit. I feel the engineer could be reduced to 3 since it’s pretty useless combat wise, or riflemen could be changed to 2 because I’m pretty sure no one is buying them.

    I think buffing the machine gun would also work with the addition of some killing power. Although I too believe MnB machine gunners are way too OP, right now the machine guns lack both suppression and killing power. It just feels weird to see a guy get hit 3 times by a 50 cal and not die. Since there aren’t pillboxes either, it makes sense that machine gunners should be a little buffed. The price could also be increased to 5.

    One thing in MnB and also in this game is that buying weapon upgrades for infantry is pretty useless, since they’re so disposable and other units are way more useful. Camo nets also doesn’t stop artillery from coming when I use it either, so I’m not sure what the algorithm for this game.

    Okay now to my main point…the game really does well at creating the feel of MnB, but it doesn’t really do anything different with regard to the Pacific setting. It just feels weird to be playing the Americans and having to go against Japanese armor and flamethrowers; it feels like you’re playing the Japanese.

    Since the armor is basically just a flamethrower/machine gunner with a lot of health, instead of tanks, focusing on huge amounts of Japanese infantry and snipers with less flamethrowers would really test the player’s ability to CC. Runners who throw grenades would also be more interesting and make it feel more like the Pacific theater, similar to the volksgrenadiers from MnB. Banzai is also a good idea, as well as the jihad exploding guys (which are really annoying). Some American mortar would be nice as well, to replace the bazooka spam.

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