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    Around 2 years ago, I posted up an alpha to my tribute game to Mud and Blood 2 here. This was a little game called Skirmish Line, featuring the unfair random brutality that many associated with the Mud and Blood series except in the tropical islands of the Pacific. Now after many, many updates later, Skirmish Line is fully released on Steam. I want to thank everyone in this wonderful community for their support. The game wouldn’t be what it is today without your input. Check out the new trailer on the store page by the way!



    A tribute, however….never seen the excellent people behind it ask anyone to pay for Mud & Blood.

    Consequently I’m left intrigued as to whether those responsible for Mud & Blood are aware that what could be considered their IP is being used to generate $8.49/player for someone else. And, this isn’t intended to be snarky or anything, I assure you this post is merely unfiltered yet genuine innocent curiosity by someone with nothing but the utmost respect for the developers enriching my life with fun games. =] =] =]



    Urb (the creator of the Mud and Blood series) and I are chill with each other and on this project. We talked a bit over a year ago about where he sees the series going. He’s happy to see more “mud-and-blood-like” games, possibly forming its own genre. There’s plenty of room for innovations on the core formula: from setting to gameplay mechanics. I’d personally be interested in seeing what other people could come up with as well.



    That’s righteous; Urb sounds like some rad ppl (person(s)?)!



    A real Dope has spoken. LOL §sorry had to… 😉
    Thank you for the possible wild advertisement catch but Snarks is a very old community regular and has recently advanced to become our co game developer all approved by this sites owner and the whole community as such.
    ~ Lance , acting Community Manager and Lead Moderator

    btw Go Snarks go !!!!



    Hehehe; it’s all good.

    I’ve been meaning to register here for some many months now, was just being lazy. But then I saw the Skirmish Line post and the game on steam and thought, well, now’s as good of a time as any, right? And yeah, I did second guess myself and kinda figure it was all on the up & up, but then again on the off-chance it wasn’t…yeah, I was torn- sorry if I offended or was otherwise overly audacious.

    -Just some Dope, clearly (hehe)

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