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Skills, Weapons and Ranking-Up Suggestions Changes Discussion

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    I like the officer suggestions. Currently, I rarely pick him because he seems to be a one trick pony if you can actually manage to get him to the Stuart tank upgrade. Other soldier classes seem much more useful. Making him specialized to help aid in breakthroughs or other difficult situations where getting pinned is a given seems better and meshes well with his big thing, which is tank support. Having him as the prereq for general move orders too seems good too.

    Medic to me seems fine where he is, though that last skill suggestion I think is a good idea. A temporary heroism seems like a good way to give the medic a bit more offensive support capability, though you’d be surprised how deadly a medic with an SMG can be.

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    Today let’s talk about the Scout.
    Passive skill is further spotting range then all other GIs. Currently enemy snipers have more.
    1st skill is almost to good since it has no distance nor line-of-sight limit but since it only spots a single closest enemy we gladly take it as is.

    2nd skill Flare is currently not giving a message so it is technically broken.
    But even when it worked it’s range is comparably short and the action is a bit guess based for success.
    The enemy uses the same Flare sprite to call in Artillery on that position.
    Artillery is already assigned to the Signaller so maybe some other sort of support option could be called in this way. Another effect besides spotting enemies?
    Any ideas folks?

    3rd skill is also bugged but when it works it would be great to keep all revealed enemies from going into hiding for the next 3 minutes.
    This however may cause problems with how he enemy soldiers spawn right now.
    Alternative 3rd skill?


    This is kind of in the range for the discussion of “Ranking-up” as it has to do with our commanders ranking up. Instead of waiting until next mission to rank up… that seems kind of silly to me… why not rank up instantly? Either through the battle(s) itself or after the battle(s) are done (you know, in the profile screen). That would make much more sense and overall would seem more satisfying. But that’s just me.
    Once again, thanks for listening and happy hunting!

    Nicholas Andersen

    @Lance, how about a second ability to cut barbwires? As a third one, he might be able to call in precision arty with 2m 30s cooldown, that lands within 75 px of where we aim.


    Profile ranking while progressing would mean that you could rank up at some point during a game even if you fail (game over) later in the same game without having called it a day.
    See the problem there. You could gain rank despite overall failing your mission.
    Am I even interpreting your idea correctly @darkblacky2 ?

    @joacobanfield2 I assume you are talking about the Scout.
    Cutting Barbwire seams more like a skill for the Engineer.
    Automatically cutting Barbwire would be a nice passive skill for the Engineer.
    Simply move him into the Wire and it gets cut. Maybe with a small chance to fail just because.

    precision arty as 3rd skill?
    hmmm we already have an arty caller. How would he even call it in without a radio.
    Something more Scout related seams better.
    Any other ideas there?

    Nicholas Andersen

    The passive idea is good. Maybe a 10% chance of failure?
    As a thrid skill for the Scout…maybe reveal all enemies in a 500px radius?


    @Lance Yes, kind of. I’m not saying to apply the rank, but to notify you of the rank up. Lets say a mission fails where you ranked up. Negate the exp earned after. Problem solved 😀 Like at the profile screen it says a -exp number, that should definitely be applied there to a rank up.
    Thanks for discussing this with me!


    The promotion battle makes little sense, we are on the field during the attack and the high command is contacted at the end of the day with the results of the advance. Failure gives little xp while successful attack gives a big reward. The high command, Patton’s staff, decide should the forward section commander be promoted based on their actions and success at the front during the last few days and weeks. Promoting a commander mid-attack does not really work.

    Cutting barbed wire is currently planned as engineer passive skill.

    And precision artillery feels bit weird when we already have smoke grenade-air strike combination which does the same.


    Hi Hyyppa. Delayed promotions… Interesting thought.
    Currently rank has not much of a meaning save the extra opportunity calls.
    Be cool if with rank gain we could have more skills per specialty or more opportunity “events” that are not tied to the Signaller.

    Your last lines give me a great idea. (see it’s helpful to all to be active)
    We are still locking for a good use for the Scouts Flare Skill.
    Simple= Make the Scout Flare Shooting his 3rd skill and change it to Artillery Call.
    The enemy does it like this so it seams feasible.

    Now give the signaller a different 3rd skill. Navy Artillery ..muhhahhahhha..naa just kidding
    Seriously now. Signaller 3rd skill change to Acquiring Detailed Orders.
    That’s right. This allows you to reduce the amount of enemies the game will spawn on you.
    Basically cancels one extra enemy spawn.
    Great to break those bogged down games with endless enemy reinforcements.


    3rd Scout skill would make no sense even if it wasn’t bugged, since Snipers are a long range threat, and the skill works on mid range. It would be better if it could mark a single enemy to be always visible. So it would become a skill-based-skill (sorry XD). You should spot the sniper while he’s shooting (Not always so easy to do), and mark it with the skill. Maybe a little AoE (30 pxls?) to mark the piont where the gun smoke is coming from.
    For the other one… I would make a skill which allow you to search for a specific object, like HMG or Bunker, or tanks. It needs a second button to press, and i don’t know if it’s possible, but it’s still a scouting skill.


    That gives me a great idea for Scout 2nd Skill.
    Predict or better ‘he scouted it out in advance’ when and where enemy reinforcements will come.
    So basically like in mnb2. The game then tells you the direction (front, right side…) and estimated time for them to arrive.
    Since reinforcements can come on a road he should be able to then say if it is safe to cross it.
    I heard that there will be reinforcements (flankers) from the sides and behind in future patches and then this skill would be great to have.


    I heard that there will be reinforcements (flankers) from the sides and behind in future patches and then this skill would be great to have.

    Hope that Reinforcements will be fixed before. The magic german popping teleportation is the main cause of death now. I had a “German pushes back” (Or something like that) yesterday (Yes, after tiger panzer, which i managed to sneak behind) which made about 20 germans spawn right under my ass, since the screen was over.
    And flanking it’s a terrible idea. It could had a sense in M&B2 since was made to scramble a defensive position, but here, where even camping gives you a minimal advantage (A full veteran party could be torn in pieces very easily) flanking is just free URB. Just like V2 in m&b2, with the difference that you can’t be back to full forces here.


    Im thinking of adding CQC bonus on Spec’s camo skill and extending time of marksman’s eagle eye
    Also, how about we add a special armor-piercing rifle for rifleman?Because there are some of a few historical weapons can fight tanks


    1) seams OP since it would boost the 1st skill to a higher level then others.
    You can get a whole bust of bullets into an enemy while in stealth without fearing to lose the reaction roll so I say that is a good thing as is.
    2) special armor-piercing rifle for rifleman
    I suggested an Anti-Tank rifle for the Marksman once since it is a weapon that they actually used for that field of specialist.
    However in RL it was not used much by 1944 anymore due to not being able to penetrate Panzer4 armor.
    Aside from the Bazooka US infantry did not have weapons to combat tanks. They used Vehicle mounted systems (Tanks, Artillery, ect) and Air Power to defeat them.

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