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    I was thinking that maybe you can have one soldier that you could customize,Like change his portrait and name, he could maybe be your avatar in the game, like how you ranked up your avatar in mnb2 so you can play certain opps but with this one your avatar can head out on the field, you would level him up like every one else but I was thinking that the only difference could be that if you HALT or give up for the day he would be the only soldier that you don’t lose. however if he dies thats it hes dead, maybe you can level his stats up as you go on more missions with him, or give him certain buffs, I am asking that you include this because I am sure that we have all in one point in time added our selves into a game where you could change the characters names. it would include another sense of progression as your avatar levels up and get better, feel free to comment your ideas about this…

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    Aaa, I recall similar suggestions for mnb2 called “Playing as yourself” meaning the same that you can or will have your game profile character on the field.
    While this is a very nicely described suggestion @fady I see more problems then benefits and game concept conflicts.
    You suppose to play in the third person and not have a character in the actual game that can die.
    In case of character death you would have to start with a new profile and that would be real bad.
    Currently in Recon players get shocked when not making another tour.
    MNB3 is suppose to be more player friendly ans arcade like.

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    Since there are plenty of vids up of MNB3 to follow the developing process everyone that does follow could reply here.
    I posted similar before so this is more of a re-post since it been months since the last.

    Engagement Range is to far and not player friendly.
    The field is 600 pix long and exchange of fire from normal weapons can easily go to 700 pix with a Scout / Binoculars / Enemy with long LOS leaving your view field and therefore taking away the action.
    Maybe reduce spotting to 500 pix and have a max of 550 pix for Scouts and such units.

    Allied Weapon Balancing;
    Pistol. ROF is still to high. Jams way to often. CQC hit chance is way to low.
    Springfield also jams a lot. Unsure if this is historical, due to low xp soldiers or wanted for the URB factor.
    Carbine has better hit chances now but still could use a bit more since it’s damage is not so high.
    Sten-Gun and all other SMGs still need a CQC buff. It is silly to stand some 20 pix from an enemy and not hit him at all with this unless your Rifle-Points are high enough.
    The whole point of these weapons is that relative poor shooters or for those in need of quick reactions will surely hit someone at close range with the Bullet-Spray-Method.
    Shotgun seams to have to far of a max hitting range. It should not be possible to drop an enemy with this weapon at 500 pix range.

    German Weapon Balancing;
    HMG definitely needs an accuracy reduction. This thing is currently worse then the 222 in mnb2.
    Reload? It does not seam to ever run out of bullets or needs to change the barrel.
    Enemy Mortar also is to accurate. This thing almost always gibs someone or at least hurts my team badly until I can either chare him or retreat.
    Ammo limit is also not seen. Should be 4 shots and then a cool down as with our man.

    The Pack88 seams a bit big for our engagement ranges.
    Currently it will shoot almost right in front of itself short of FF.
    The blast is so big that any shot that even comes close will kill anyone near it. May be overkill at times.
    This may be bad for the players but the Pack88 should have a much farther firing range.
    However some 50% of the shells should fall way off from your position or out of the game field.
    Be a good scare.

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    Mexican Batman

    @ Lance , we have often had very different views of things in this game but I agree with these the 88’s will nearly blow themselves up with their shots and I don’t think they should hit that close. Shotguns aren’t as nerfed irl as they are in games but to make them not OP they should get a range reduction since they are meant to be close quarters weapons . The shotgun was meant to be used at point blank range I believe. The HMG accuracy I believe definitely should be reduced, it is more accurate than a full auto sniper at close range when you are at least 400 pixels away. The enemies have no cool down or limit to their mortars and it should be addressed. Carbines were like replacements for troops who would normally only get pistols so I wouldn’t mind if they were kept the same or made a bit more lethal.

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    Flak 88 suicides could probably be solved by having the crew dismount the gun once an Allied soldier crosses a certain distance threshold (too close to consider using this thing for anything, better get pew-pewing). Minimum engagement range is also very necessary, and on it’s own can probably solve the Flak suicide problem too.

    HMGs should have either a barrel change or reload phase to give the commander some tactical opportunities that can easily be negated by the presence of other German soldiers nearby, or if it remains with no reloads, it should become a pinning, rather than a killing machine.

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    “Flak 88 suicides …”
    That already got fixed. Crewman will jump out once you get someone close enough just like with the HMG.
    But without LOS cover to get close enough or luck that the first shot is an overflight this will kill the GI(s) that is closest. Just like the HMG does.
    Expanding the minimum engagement range to some 400 pix would be nice in addition to my previously mentioned random sporadic field bombardment up to 1000 pix away as long as there are no enemy units there.

    I once again address the Ranking UP = Rifle Skill balancing.
    Suggestion; Reduce both sides max rifle skill by 5-15 points depending on the class.
    Both sides seam to have OP marksmen after the 3rd field+ and while that is a way for the enemy to become stronger per field advanced it makes the game eventually a first shot-win game for both sides and thereby not so much fun for those that rather see a longer more realistic fire-exchange.

    Furthermore with patience and good tactics the players can currently go on for many consecutive fields with maxed men unless getting hit with a lucky enemy one-shot-kill.

    To reduce this Max OP GIs runs I also suggest to increase ALL cool-down-timers.

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    Talk about the HMG, I agree to nerf it’s accuracy to as close as our Gunner currently accuracy. In this point, to let in come to real, the each bullet shoot should be very high, and also have a chance to gib a unit instantly, this is the point to stand.

    50 caliber or bigger actually is much more accurate and stable then normal bullet, as it’s mass is larger then others so it gain the higher stability and effective range. The common in-accurate cause is come from the gun itself, not the bullet.(That is why now the longest effective range sniper rifle is using 50 caliber) So this weapon should still be powerful in mid-close range.

    Back to game maybe give it a suppressive range about 300 pixels, so team can clean this guy with marksman or some rifle specialty much safer, as what usually happened on the battlefield.

    For the Flak88, I believe the crate should be smaller and burst range to shorter, just like what we do to the tank shell. Also, as this weapon can’t put its angle down enough, so give it a minimal range is needed.

    I also got an idea to give the Bazooka a nerf, let this weapon require two men to use, it can just like what we give the LMG, when the LMG reload, the nearest men will stop and help to let the reload process faster. Give some process like that.

    Bazooka now will be a little bit slower while firing so it can not be use so good to against the German infantry to slightly prevent the over use of Engineer. So the hit of Tank or truck also require some skill to use.

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    I don’t think the HMG should be nerfed.
    Historically it’s as accurate as any sniper rifle (just ask Carlos Hathcock) so maybe have the first shots be accurate and the remainder of the burst go downhill precision-wise from there?

    Enfield shooting fast is OK with me too. The Enfield was famous for being the fastest reloading bolt action rifle around so it makes sense that you can pop off targets really quickly. Otherwise it’s just the Springfield with more ammo.

    The M1 Carbine fires what is pretty much a high velocity pistol cartridge. So the recoil is low. I’m thinking it could get an accuracy and fire rate buff (slight). Otherwise it’s hardly better than the pistol, and the pistol at least has suppressing abilities.

    The Lewis Gun is actually a better support weapon in real life than the BAR. If you ask me the BAR should be the rifleman’s top tier weapon instead of the Garand. Garand seems like a small upgrade from the Springfield (considering that the Scoped Springfield is supposedly better than the Scoped Garand) and the BAR was a common infantryman’s weapon. It should be Garand-M2-BAR. Or Carbine-Garand-BAR. I just don’t like the idea of the BAR being a support weapon.

    The Panzer MG might need a nerf. It is too accurate! In real life you can hardly see out of that thing yet it mows down my men left and right. One Panzer shredded my squad without firing a single shot from its main cannon.

    Explosions should be more powerful in holes and water, have normal damage in open ground, and do less damage near trees. I think it’s already more powerful in trenches, which is cool.

    Rifle grenades should force the shooter to reload a magazine that can actually shoot rifle grenades. And then afterwards have to switch again. Tricky process but that’s how it’s done unless you want to kill yourself lol.

    Just some thoughts.

    Also, will there be different Wehrmacht soldier types in the future? These dark grey guys are getting a little boring and I liked the excitement of random unit sends in MnB2.

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    What’s more, the Carbine is typically seen as a secondary, or a light weapon for close quarters. I’d support the Signaller having the M1 Carbine right off the bat instead of the Springfield.

    Commandos have the BAR for their top tier, which is an OK idea. But maybe there should be more sub machine guns like the Lanchester or Stirling.

    I don’t like the T26 either. It’s not a high improvement, also it’s not historically accurate because it was never actually used in World War 2. Replacing it with the BAR would be optimal.

    A good low tier machine gun to replace the BAR could be the Johnson MG, which was used by US infantrymen in small quantities during WW2.

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    Edit: T26 was a lot better than I thought. Still don’t support it’s naming the Tanker Garand, T22 should do fine though.

    Also, yeah. HMG should get a Nerf if only to balance the game. They are OP if you don’t take them out fast enough.

    Sorry, I am still new to this game so forgive any contradictions I may have in my posts.

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    Mexican Batman

    did someone make the HMG immune to strafes ?

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    well I was thinking that you would loose your character and have to start with another one but still keep your progress, like where u are at on the map but not keep that character maybe start over with a new character

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