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    Commander Deltor

    Okay, so I’ve been thinking, and I have more ideas (Stop cringing)

    We all love the Engineer, right? He’s smart, funny, has a Garand, etc etc. However, I think that, depending on what Urbzz goes with for skills, he might be a bit overburdened. So, I proudly introduce to you…


    The regular engineer stays how he is, but we switch the bazooka skill with another defensive thingy, say… foxhole or palisade or something like that. He’d be very defense-oriented, for when you’re ahead a few days and Axis reinforcements get called in, or when you just need to let your medic heal your squad and don’t want to be exposed. The Sandbag skill would stay, albeit moved to second-tier. This guy would also have a (maybe passive) skill to fix broken Allied vehicles like the Stuart and the Jeep.
    He would also, due to the amount of stuff he has to carry, be slower than normal, though not as slow as the Gunner or Signaler.

    Now, for the new guy. The COMBAT ENGINEER.
    While the regular engineer is defense oriented and stuff, this guy packs the punch. He’s more of the demolition oriented engineer. His first skill would be planting a TNT charge, which we would switch with the Commando (give the Commando a skill to increase CQC or something for a bit). More on the workings of the TNT later.
    The Second skill would be the Bazooka. ‘Nuff said
    The third skill, I have two ideas. Say you’re up against a pillbox or an 88 or four HMG positions (I’ve been on Mortain recently, so that’s fun). Either you give this guy the mortar skill, OR he calls in a towed 37mm M3 anti-tank gun for a little while. The downside to this would be that this would require the Combat Engineer (and possibly another unit) to work the gun while it is on the field.

    Weapons-wise, the Combat Engineer would be normal-ish, I think, until the final weapons tier. Then he gets a Flamethrower. However, this would slow his movement by AT LEAST 25% or whatever the Gunner and Signaler move at. He would also, instead of dying, have a slight chance of being caught on fire when hit, and a slight chance of accidentally setting squadmates on fire if they happen to be caught in the jet of flame.

    That’s all for now. Someone stop me if I’m being insane. For my next trick, the Officer/Siggy duo, and the Wild Wild World of how many vehicles you should be able to call in. More on that tomorrow.



    Has Prone-Firing. Mortar. Calls in a Jeep that stops exactly here the call was made with 50cal that he needs to man himself.
    New >>>
    Covering Fire. An area suppression (pinning) skill would be great. Half the chance to hit anything but twice the chance to pin all enemies in the target area. Works for some 10 seconds. Different weapons may effect this skill differently.

    Targeting. Select the target. Upon selection the current weapon is reloaded. Then the whole mag/belt (max maybe 30 rounds) gets unloaded onto the target with a 15 point higher combat.

    Tracer Rounds. This improves the whole squads accuracy during the current firefight for 5 seconds by 10 points.

    Marching Fire. (This is a real skill used by the 3rd in WW2)
    A suppression fire where the gunner slowly, half his normal speed, moves while firing.
    -20% to accuracy but 50% to pinning and double the target switching as usual.

    As a vehicle call the Jeep is still good but it needs to act more like the tank and have 2 man on already.


    Commander Deltor

    I second Lance’s ideas for the Gunner’s new skills, specifically Marching Fire. (John Basilone anyone?)



    I like these ideas, but have few suggestions of my own:

    Covering fire
    Increased reaction time by x2
    reduced accuracy by 25%
    morale damage (suppresion) x2
    fires ONLY at the enemies who are aiming/preparing to fire.

    This skill is supposed to make the gunner effective at preventing enemies from firing at your soldiers, thus allowing them to move forward.

    Suppresive fire
    Forces a reload.
    Temporary increases firerate (length of burst) and targets all enemies in sight.
    Effectively suppresses all hostiles in sight.
    Effect lasts until end of the magazine/belt.

    Honestly, I don’t like the idea of Marching fire and Tracer rounds.

    The first one is somewhat against (in my opinion) the theme of a gunner, which is low mobility. Allowing him to fire on the move is more of a Commando/Scout thing.
    As for the latter, that once again is something I’d rather see a scout or an officer do.

    With that being said, I’ve got new concept surrounding promotios and wider range or skills:

    Put active and passive skills into one bag, shake it and then pull out random 3.

    What I mean:

    Limited and predictible randomization. (The bread and butter of all URB games.)

    How does it work:
    Every time your soldier is promoted, they get to pick one upgrade, out of 3 given at time. The upgrades are taken randomly from a pool of upgrades available for this specyfic class (no healing snipers or airstrikes called by gunners.)
    By upgrade, I mean any Skill, Weapon, Passive ability or Combat upgrade (current promotion)
    Also, every time an upgrade is picked, it’s removed from the list, to prevent a soldier from receiving several of the same skills. (3 bazookas)

    This gives few things to consider:
    – gives some more randomization which can make games more fun/unfair/unpredictable by making 3rd skills just as (un)available as the first ones.
    – allows us to mess with the number of skills and passive upgrades.

    Right now, you have 3 weapon upgrades, 3 active skills and 3 combat upgrades + a wildcard medal. and this goes for everyone.
    With the system I suggest, we can change that to uneven numbers, by increasing or decreasing the number of certian upgrades for certian classes.
    For example:
    Marksman can have 4 combat upgrades, but get’s only 3 skills and 2 weapon upgrades.
    Radiooperator get’s only 2 weapons, 2 combat upgrades, but can pick from 5 different skills
    Rifleman get’s 3 combat upgrades, 2 skills and 4 weapons to chose from.

    ETC. you get the point.

    What is also worth noting is that we can increase the sum of all possible upgrades above the maximum available promotions limit (9). This way you can have more possible skills and weapons to chose from, but still balancing all classes by allowing them max of 9 upgrades per soldier.

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    @kacpo Vouch



    I really like that idea about “Limited and predictable randomization.” @kacpo
    Including lots more passive kind of skills into the mix would be great.
    Reducing weapons, rank or skill trees in favor of another is a great idea.
    Someone like the Signaller really does not need a big choice of weapons nor would the Medic.
    Some could have more Rank upgrades available like the Officer or the Rifleman.
    Some even more weapons like the Commando or Scout so that we can customize him more to our needs.

    Also there could be the option to downgrade a weapon free of charge (or a small fee but not an upgrade point) since it was already unlocked.
    This would be great in game for when you go from open terrain into dense areas and back again.

    The MEDAL (heal-all +Moral-max) could also be upgraded.
    Could start with +40HP and Moral. Then +80hp+M and finally +110hp+M+Fearless.
    Other Medal wise effects could also go in.



    As for weapon (and in fact all of the promotions) balancing, I’d prefer more of a side-grade, rather than stright-up-grade.

    Like, you can unlock a M3greesegun, Garand and M1crabine for a radiooperator all at the same time. They are just effective at different things.
    M3 gives more suppressive power and CQC effectivness, Crabine is medicore in all aspects adn Garand is for long range.
    Most people would most likely stick to garand, because it suits the need the best, but you get the point.

    Unfortunately it get’s harder with classes like Marksman (LeeEnfield is just springfield but with double the mag capacity.) and Gunner (BAR vs Lewis vs .30cal)

    As for medals, I’d just leave them in the pool of available options for every soldier. I don’t really believe they need to be changed as a power-up.

    In case of skills, you can’t really say that one is definitely better than other, and if you can, it could be changed:
    Rifleman and grenades. Right now rifle grenade is definitely better than frag because it’s more accurate adn has longer range.
    How about making it less accurate at extreme distances (unlikely to gib a German at max firing range) and deal less AOE damage than a frag?
    This way a normal grenade will become more viable option, while rifle grenade will still have it’s advantages (range and AT capabilities.)

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