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    Foremost >> All skills should have a short “activation” time and the performing soldier should automatically STOP moving as soon as the skill gets selected.
    I think this would also solve a few bugs when using some skills like Bazooka or Grenade.

    Rifleman; We have . Smoke grenade *Needs a buff.
    Fragmentation Grenade and a very accurate frag Rifle Grenade.
    Ideas >> Bayonet Charge. Hit this and your soldier will “charge” strait up for 200 pix and engage in HTH combat with the first enemy soldier he hits doing 300% damage on the first contact.
    Anti-Tank-Grenade. Same as Grenade but no frag since it is chape-charged. Does 500% more vehicle damage.
    Vehicle >> Give the Jeep to this unit (no getting in since it comes with a gunner) and give it this behavior.
    The Jeep moves with/ on the same horizontal line/ as the lowest allied soldier on the field.
    This way it will always be in the back as a support weapon till it leaves.

    Fix and improve Assassination so that soldiers in/on vehicle units are targetable.
    2nd is good as is as well as Eagle Eye.
    new >> Priority Targeting. For a short time the Marksman targets any enemy soldier that is using or is about to use an enemy skill like Flare or Grenade.
    AT-Gun (Boys-Rifle). One shot armor piercing round. Can damage tanks and other vehicle units. Negates enemy protection saves for things like HMG-gun-shield or Sand-bags and even bunkers.
    Vehicle Call >>> M8 Greyhound. This stays in the middle of the squad, is partially bullet immune in the sense that crewmen can get killed leaving the guns dead and is armed like the Stuart light tank.


    Somebody R. Other

    I’d say Rifleman is already plenty powerful and in no need of a buff- I’d argue it’s even the strongest class currently in-game. Smoke Grenade isn’t exactly godly like the Rifle Grenade currently is, but it’s useful enough and does a great job at providing cover for movement and whatnot.
    An AT rifle for the marksman is definitely an interesting idea, though it might be more fitting as a weapon upgrade/crate item than an ability. Those things are heavy as hell.


    Thank’s for your insights. Replies and discussions is what Forums are all about. 🙂
    The issue with the Smoke Grenade is not only mine. About half the people that play this game “feel” that it should be a bit better/ bigger.
    See these ideas that I am writing here are mostly not just my own but a gathering of information from all around the web that are related to these games.

    Engineer ; Bazooka is sure his greatest asset. Since he starts with poor rifle skill and only a shot gun it is well balanced for starters.
    Mines on the other hand really do not fit into an attacking role. They are luck based vs infantry and only moderately (save on roads) effective vs vehicles.
    However since it is in game and working we should keep it as a skill option for those players that like mines.
    Sandbag-wall was something that I considered not so useful but it does make sense. However it should come in second place since it is not really a top tier shill kind of thing.

    New skills ideas: The all time favorite all around is still a Flamethrower. Like Bazooka it be a one-time-use-skill with a mid-long-cool-down.
    It ignores defensive stuff and can set fire to vehicles. It would have a rather short range like a thrown grenade maybe.
    Currently the Commando has the TNT Skill but I feel it should go back to the Engineer since he is the specialist for blowing stuff up.
    Small change to that. After planting there should be a wire that the Engineer lays down as far as he moves away from the TNT.
    TNT gets detonated through clicking on it. Maybe the enemy can disable the charge before you can set it off.

    Traps Detection: Meaning mainly mines but maybe later on there will be more trap like items in game so this would cover all of them.
    After activation he “scans”, maybe with some sort of detector, about 300 pix up and down and reveals, thus nullifying, any bad device.

    Wire-cutter. We talked about making this a passive skill but then everyone would take him on heavy wired fields and just walk through as if nothing and I think that be kind of OP and bad for the game-play too.
    This skill would last for 30 seconds or so (test needed) and destroy any wire that he comes into contact with.

    Terrain Crossing Assistance. One of the main tasks was for them to build bridges or otherwise get troops faster over obstacles. Upon activation all allied units move at full normal speed over any slowing obstacle regardless of where on the field they are for 30 seconds.
    Here I first though about only river/steam crossings but that be to rare to be of much use.
    So unless there gets more “slowing down” terrain implemented like muddy fields, broken terrain (rubble) or hills/mountains I think a general speed increase would be nice.

    We have Sandbag-Wall but how about also building a Trench. Better defense vs explosive splash damage.

    As a vehicle call skill >>> M7 Priest. This stays behind the first man some 1000pix and shoots an Arty shell every 10 seconds. After it fired 10 times it be out of ammo and retreats.
    Also has an MG. It is slower then the Stuart Tank so it will take a while to catch up but once you get all soldiers behind the end line the game will stop regardless of where this vehicle still is.


    Traps detection would be a great idea, but for the M7 priest thing…well…the siggy is already, rly OP with the arty strike, are you sure you wanna have more arty? I don’t mind having more OP arty……but :3

    Commander Deltor

    Just going to throw my two-cent ration tickets in here:
    1. I’m sure that someone’s already mentioned this, but the glitches with the signaler’s call-in skills and with the rifleman’s refusal to lob grenades sometimes. Also, the inability of some classes (like the Signaler) to use their skills at the same time, i.e. two Signalers using Arty Strike at the same time would be possible). Before any NEW skills are added, I think that we should get the skills we have now all tidied up and such.

    2. Scout: What do the second and third tier scout skills do? I’ve tried them out and didn’t find any noticeable impact on my squad’s reactions. Also, I think that the scout’s abilities should include the air recon option. Maybe once per match, the scout could call in a plane that would/could spot large enemies such as 88s and/or HMGs. These would stay on the map, but there might be a penalty for your squad or something, such as a higher chance of enemy reinforcements because the plane would tip them off to Allied activity in the area.

    3. Officer: I’m not really familiar with this guy, as I’ve only used him once or twice. The Stuart tank, I believe, would be better used if it could be controlled by the player. Also, perhaps the Reinforcements opportunity call could be moved to the Officer’s abilities, maybe a once-per-MATCH (not map) thing.

    4. Gunner: I personally like the Gunner’s skills, except for the Jeep, which I’ve found to be useful only once or twice. By the time I unlock the jeep and it gets to the area, my squad is at a high level and usually has mowed down the Germans. Also… and this is just me, but the turn rate/rate of fire/target acquisition is terrible.

    That’s all for now. I’ll play a few matches with the officer and get back to everyone with what I’ve found. One last thing: Maybe add another class or two? Especially with the engineer, it seems like there are sub-classes that could be made from this. I’ll do research into different soldiers during the war and get back to that as well.


    It was a while since I last play-tested the 3, but I don’t think there have been any drastic changes to the gameplay. That being said, here are my two cents on the topic of skills and classes balance:

    He’s supposed to be “general combat unit”; effective at most situations, thus:
    -He should have Better accuracy than regular unit.
    -most importantly: should have faster reaction times and better defence/cover usage/incoming accuracy, allowing him to stay under fire longer than others.
    -His skills: 2 grenades on one guy seem a bit too much. I’d leave him with rifle grenade and moved it to 2nd skill.
    1st skill is still smoke grenade.
    His 3rd should be bayonet for temporary CQC boost and suppression resistance

    He’s a leader, supporting the troops by coordinationg their actions.
    I see nothing wrong with him being weaker at direct combat, as long as he increases the effectiveness of his comrades.
    His passive skills should give reaction time bonuses and maybe accuracy bonuses. I think the system where reaction bonus is permanent for entire squad and accuracy is given only on some occasions would work well.

    Active skills:
    Morale boost for one soldier
    Unpin of entire squad
    Calling in favor from the battalion. Be it tank support, quick artillery barrage or a recruit from reserve.

    All about that stationary firepower
    I believe that bipod should remain passive skill like in MnB2.
    He should also be firing longer bursts than anyone else using similar weapons.
    Also; mortar is an overkill. I’d remove it.

    Active skills:
    Sustained fire – shoots faster and at multiple targets, effectively suppressing all enemies in sight.
    honestly, I can’t think of better things. Something with deployable .50cal is coming to mind, but I can’t think of any suitable idea.

    He was and still is one of the deadliest soldiers in the game and picking him is almost equivalent of “easy mode” for most missions.

    I agree, he should be accurate and have long range. These are his main attributes. But that should come at a cost of not only reduced fire rate, but also increased aiming time.
    At medium-short range, Rifleman should outperfomr the marksman.

    That being said, I’d give him following skills:
    -priority target – designates single target for marksman to shoot at. Simple, yet powerful tool to use when fighting groups of enemies.
    -Firing position: ignores cover and prone bonuses. – for extra lethality against entrenched enemies.

    He’s supposed to spot enemies which is arguably the most important part of the game.

    -tosses / fires a flare, revealing enemies around it.
    -prevents spotted enemies from getting un-spotted for a while.
    -performs detailed sweep, instantly spotting all enemies and traps in his line of sight.

    He was good as he was before, and personally I don’t really like his “summon frenchy” skill. That’s more of a special / officer / reward thing rather than Commando related.
    His passives are good: faster, stronger melee, high morale
    I’d restore his skills to:
    -TNT bomb
    -either smoke for concealment, or flanking manouver to appear from the edge of the map.

    I remember writing an extensive idea for his rework, in the previous forum, before wordpress.
    But since that is pretty much lost, I’ll bring it up again:

    You know how there are the “special/limited use” calls, right?
    REinforcements, care package, recon plane, etc.

    My idea was to tie signalcallers skills to these calls.
    The way it would work is by using signalcallers skill, you ask command for support, then they give you one extra call (of certian type) to use.

    So, you use the skill
    Radiooperator makes a call
    an orange square appears in the corner
    after clicking the box, you can designate target for the ability.
    If you don’t press it within certian time (30 sec?) it disappears.

    Using one RTO skill, resets timers on all skills:

    The skills would then be:
    -Tactical aid – 60 sec – (grants reinforcement, scout plane, smoke barrage or suppy drop)
    -Fire support – 120 sec – (grants 75mm barrage (quick, grenade-sized blasts), WP barrage (smoke that burns), starfing run (suppression, rather thna damage))
    -Heavy Fire support -180 sec – (grants bomb drop (one bomb, but very precise), 150mm barrage (prolonged fire, stops enemy from advancing) 150mm Time on Target barrage (more accurate, shells hit in rapid succession) or Naval guns (you’d better be nowhere near when these hit.))

    I believe that his passive should include automiatic obstacle disposal. The higher the experience, the faster it happens.

    That being said, he should have some extra skills:
    -bazooka – nuff’said
    -digging a foxhole –
    -minesweeper – active for some time. during that time, automaticly detects mines in proximity to him. detected mines can be then disarmed by him.

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    [sorry for double post; forum does not allow me to edit anymore.]
    Here’s that entry I made back on myBB-forum :
    (kudos to Arise for making a backup)

    The Pig

    What the hell does the Commando use to conceal himself? Camo netting of some advanced kind?


    Commando simply uses his surroundings like moving through high grass in a stealthy way.
    Nothing fancy like what SpecOps do today therefore only effective for a very short time.
    Awesome feedback!!
    I totally forgot to mention something in my first post.
    The main reason why I opened this new topic thread is that there “may” be a new implantation to the game where players can chose among more then the current 3 skills per specialty so we need to have more skills options that are worth putting into the game.
    Of the bat I’d say at least 6 options per specialty where as the player can still only unlock 3 per soldier thereby giving the game a much larger variety of tactical play.

    Towards Editing and Double-Posting.
    Editing seams very risky cause even when I do so it sometimes eats the whole post or worse bans it as it did with my last topic creation so just maker a new post and no worries if you double or more post in a row.

    My feedback: Deltor has nice ideas about the Scout how he could call the Overflight Plane and that that plane only spots stationary targets.

    Kacpo Officer idea “Calling in favor from the battalion. Be it tank support, quick artillery barrage or a recruit from reserve.”
    And even better for the Signaller ” … using signal-call-skill, you ask command for support, then they give you one extra call (of certain type) to use.
    Brilliant!!! That is a good random way it should be in an MNB game.

    Continuing my list;
    Scout ; Area Scan to locate the nearest enemy is ok even if it is sort of OP since it has no range limit.
    Second and third are not working right now so what can there be made of them.
    Second is/was a flare that located enemies around it. This did not works so well since you had to guess where enemies where or you fired it where there where enemies for sure (shot-smoke ect)and then it mattered little if there where 1 or more enemies near by since it only showed those in a small area and that made this skill very weak.
    Flare __ Calls in one precision artillery strike. Would make sense since the enemy does so too.
    Starts a small fire like from a grenade that can spread.
    Highlights nearby enemies giving your men a 30% bonus to combat them as long as the flare burns.

    Cover Movement.
    Activated he gets a cover bonus as if in a Trench for the duration of the timer and he can not get pinned during this time.
    This skill would then simulate that he can move into enemy weapons range safer then most units to get a “closer look”.

    Fire and movement.
    Like in mnb2 for a short time.

    Ahead scouting.
    Gives the time of arrival (T-minus = seconds) and kind of the next enemy reinforcements.
    Includes number of soldiers or on what road a truck will come or enemy vehicle.

    Items Finding. Scrounging
    Upon activation has a chance that an enemy Weapons or Supply Crate pops up.


    Awesome feedback guys thanks!!


    Indeed. 🙂
    hmm forgot to list Passive Skill things.
    Rifleman = +25HP and +5 starting combat. OK

    Scout = +100? pix detection range. This makes this specialty the best first upgrade over anything else. Maybe to good. Reduce to +50xp?
    Additional idea; speed increase by 25%.

    Marksman = High Combat Skill but low ROF. OK

    Engineer = Currently none working.
    ideas: Destroys Barbwire 80% of the time upon contact, auto detects mines and traps to 50% per scan (LOS or 400 pix box ) every 5 minutes.
    Movement reduction by 15% due to the heavy gear.

    Officer = Combat bonus to everyone , random timer, when not moving. I think this got seriously nerfed to the point that it is not useful anymore.
    Ideas: Random Field Buff lasting 10 seconds. Chance to happen be 10% every minute.
    Buffs can be >> +20 to combat,
    General defensive bullet save chance of 20% for everyone anywhere ;stackable with other defenses
    Moral Boost of 20 points for everyone.
    Reaction speed increase by the value of 20xp for everyone.
    All skill-timer-cool-downs decrease by half.
    *memo-he needs a new weapons tree. Pistol is to silly for an officer to start with, ect.

    Gunner = Target Switching. *this could increase with xp.
    *needs longer firing sequences.
    Movement -25%.

    Signaller = Movement -25%.
    Current passive skill is the Opportunity Calls. *his is to good to be tied to one specialty.
    Makes him OP over all others considering that he has no combat malus, starts with a good weapon and has by far the best mass killing skills in game.
    ideas: Change Opportunity calls to something more universal to either be used by any soldier or make it random in game.
    Reduce combat by 10 points per level.

    Commando = +50% movement, HTH combat bonus, no Panic. *No panic is a game killer at times and needs changing due to the forever pin problem.
    Change to Moral Recovery +200%. This way he is not fearless but close to.

    Commander Deltor

    Okay, so I’ve been fooling around with the Officer (side note: the Stuart tank did next to nothing in firefights, so… maybe go back and re-work the tank mechanics in the game?) and here’s my humble opinion:

    Courage: The Officer’s first skill is, when I was able to time it correctly, very helpful. Unpinning men in a firefight is a really important thing, but they need to stay unpinned. So, here’s the idea. The skill would unpin the soldier in question, AND raise friendly morale by… +5 or +10 or whatever Urbzz feels is a good number. That way, the issue with unpinned guys immediately being pinned again would maybe be solved.

    I forget what the Officer’s second skill is, but it’s not particularly useful, in my opinion. I think that it could be replaced with something that raises the morale of all Allied squadmembers by a substantial amount. The cooldown would be on the lengthy side.

    Speaking of cooldowns, here’s something that could either replace the Stuart tank (it’d go to another character) or be added to the Officer’s abilities. We all hate waiting for any squadmember to do anything. So, his skill would be like “Orders in the Field” or something, and it’d reduce the cooldown of all skills by… 1/2, say, for a minute or so.

    Regarding Lance’s recent posts: 1. Thank you very much for calling me out. I didn’t expect it, and I’m glad to contribute to these games. I love them.
    2. If, as you say, there will be six skills to choose from, the Officer should have a range of abilities focused around morale recovery, better skill use/cooldown for the rest of the squad, and maybe like some ones focusing on specific orders, like concentrating fire or increasing accuracy.

    That’s all for now.


    Have not been on the forum in a while but don’t worry I’m still urbing on.

    My suggestion for the Radio operator would be remove the current skills and replace them with the old MnB supports but each level into radio skill unlocks a set of radio calls.

    For example
    1. unlocks Smoke screen, Sit rep
    2. unlocks Bomb drop, Close air support, Air Superiority
    3. unlocks Artillery strike, Naval artillery, the ability to call paratroopers if down a man
    When you get a radio man it will put the MnB2 radio icon in the top left allowing access to radio skills.

    How the radio call should work
    Smoke – designate an area and drops a bunch of smoke
    Sit rep – every 4th of a map have an opportunity to send a sit rep gives everyone 1 exp also allows for chain of command ribbon after 100 sit reps allowing you call a sit rep every 5 minutes and every 4th of map.
    Bomb drop – leave as is
    Close air support – leave as is
    Air superiority – clear skies for 60 seconds can be called every 90 seconds
    Artillery strike – 2 min cool down fires 4-8 arty shells depending on rank of RTO
    Naval artillery/allied arty barrage – 20-30 min cool down calls arty from the biggest baddest guns available and shall rain until given the cease fire order.


    Recently,I have some ideas.
    Firstly,the Stuart tank need buff on his speed(since his armor is already weaker than any other tanks in the game)
    Secondly,Spec is supposed to do danger and fast stuffs so i think that TNT charge skill need to change a little bit.Spec should run to the nearest vehicle and plant the charge(rather than we manually plant it wherever we want) .It should have a 150-sec duration
    Thirdly,I think the At gun should be in the engineer’s weaponry(technically he take care of buildings,mechanical stuff as well as blasting tanks)
    Fourly,the Scout haven’t been given anything special other that the arty-flare gun.I suggest we remove the spotting ‘nearest’ Kraut and the ‘Sentinelle’ skill.Those are the worst skills i have ever seen.Scout should have a binocular skill: Scan the area(Able to see through walls,etc) and ”Mark a target for the squad to blast”.The Scout’s weaponry is really need a HUGE change

    Well,That’s all i think.The other class are you guys’s discussion

    Commander Deltor

    So, I was mowing my lawn yesterday and thinking about MnB3 (because I have no life), and I had an idea.

    Why not make another class for the Mortar? Mortarmen were part of some squads in WWII, so we can kill two birds with one stone. We free up a skill slot for the Gunner, and we get more skills for the game.

    Mechanics-wise, I think that he should be slow AF, and have a slow rate of fire. The skills could deal with fire-rate, priority targets, and stuff like that.

    In addition, I was thinking that we could re-work some classes to work better when paired, like Scout/Sniper or something like that. I’ll get back to you on that

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