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    Please please make the numbers 1-6 hotkeys for soldiers instead of having to click each one each time. Thank you!


    It is in the game already man.


    What strikes me more so is that apparently this person did not even try to use the number keys.
    But on the other hand it shows again how important a simple Game Mechanix Page in the main screen is these days.
    This is a top community suggestion BTW.
    More so for Recon. 🙂

    While I am here I will ad something to this request.
    Number Keys for soldiers is fine and I really dig the 9, Skirmish Line = Move all key, but it is kind of hard to remember what soldier has what key so how about a way to distinguish that?
    I am thinking of a transparent number (roman) on the soldiers face icon or something along that line coupled with some sort of identification on his helmet.
    Roman numbers perhaps.
    That could look cool too.


    If I could also make a simple request…POWs are our captured brothers right? Which means they are trained solders right? So shouldn’t they also be able to follow basic orders movement orders like when to move and when not to move. If we could just be able to give them move orders and assign them to the 6,7,8 & 9 as hot keys, that would be super cool. I remember I once tried to ambush a group of NVA but the POWs literally walked out into the kill-zone I established and prematurely started the firefight like they had no comprehension of military tactics. Easily avoidable if I could tell them to stop moving. Sometimes I have the opposite problem where I’m being rushed by the enemy and when I try and get my men to the LZ as quickly as possible the POWs decide to take their time or stand their ground against an army. Easily fixable if they would move on my command.

    Don’t even get me started on how frustrating it is when your whole op has been covert and your stealth 4 super soldier has been taking out all the of the enemies with his trusty knife Rambo style, but one pesky POW decides to pick up a gun and since you can’t tell him to fire only on command he starts firing off shots like an 18 year old with his first machine gun and alerts the whole AO to our presence.


    It would also be good in recon if you could make the all squad move key less random in where it your troops because it throws them randomly all over the place and it is kind of annoying.


    You realize there’s a key that allows you to move them while maintaining formation, right? so that they stay in exactly the same places relatively to each other as they did when they started moving.
    It’s 5 or 6 if memory serves right.


    While I think it might be a little too strong to have direct control over encountered allies like Montagnards, Kit Carsons and POWs, I think any weapons Free or weapons locked commands should absolutely apply to them. Same for pilots too. They should also all probably obey the rudimentary command of “Stick very close” or “Feel free to wander”, with the latter command only givable to the Kit Carsons and Montys.

    Would help ease up on the frustrations, I think.


    The weapon locks and free option would be a god send. Plus the “Stick very close” and “feel free to wander” would help, after 3 years of playing Recon on and off I still have no idea whats the general distance of “[Blank] is now following Ranger [blank]”.

    If we rephrased it with the “stick very close” and “feel free to wonder” to “[Blank] is now following ranger [blank] at a distance” or “[blank] is now closely following ranger [blank]” and other phrases would help.


    You are discussing Recon stuff in the MNB3 forum and you are totally going off topic.

    This is sadly way to off to leave like this so I will have to re-post most of this stuff in the proper places.
    I will also lock this thread since the question/request has been answered and it therefore serves no further purpose.
    Hope you all understand but do feel free to speak up if I am doing it wrong. 🙂

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